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  1. Sure, was meant to take some pictures and will do later. Can't compare it to the pings, as I haven't used them. Scotties I didn't like, cause as you said - ball was coming off the face like the club had loft. Evnroll I've had the 2 and 7. And they're great putters. Especially the 2 (I also had PXG mustang) as I love the shapes. But I couldn't really see the technology working for me when it came to stats. But their feel is great. However the sound wasn't to my liking. So PXG stayed in the bag.
  2. I mean my v4 got wet in the rain, they said it's water resistant, not waterproof. I didn't get how it's meant to resist the rain. But it didn't. And so to the bin it went.
  3. Those are retired now. I just managed to squeeze 500 rounds in 2.5years :-) And with their release cycle being ~3 years - yes I guess most people will stay in the latest which is not a bad thing when it comes to being loyal to a brand
  4. I collect watches as a besides-golf-hobby. And DLC there is pretty widely used in the top end brands (think Rolex, AP, Hublot) as it never fades/discolours and it's the strongest/most resilient steel coating you can have. It's very durable. Extremely. But even that - on a $50/60k watch scratches. The solution that AP and Panerai took is ceramic cases. There is also ceramic coating (alu oxide at high temperatures creating a ceramic coating layer) but I don't have the resources to test it tho from material engineering side it should hold up:)
  5. I've had the wedges in darkenss and the problem is - hitting on a range from a matt. Will all the sand and dirt it's like taking sandpaper to the top line, it was annoying me so much that i got the satin ones after only a couple of weeks.
  6. Haha thanks! a year and a bit ago I couldnt hit the ball from 70 yards in. So that became my biggest focus Now it doesnt always land 2ft from the flag, but more often than not it's either a 2 putt or a chip and a put The more I practice the luckier I get - Gary Player.
  7. Yeah, so I've got a new set of 0311 already (got it about 3 weeks ago) as I've had a new fitting for the gen2 but wanted to get the feel of the club so when the gen2 will be here I'll be ready to take some competitions on :-) This wedge is the milled one. Forgot to mention it, as my original 54 got really badly battered. I'm playing a 50/53/56/59 setup and this one is my most battered one. I'll upload the pic of the old one when i find it somewhere! And yes, more 0311T wedges incoming as the spin is insane, and the grooves feel illegal Hah thanks! Yeah, they're looking pretty well cons
  8. The only thing that got absolutely battered is my wedges. Im trying to find the picture of the 54 I know I have somewhere, cause the club itself went away to live with 'an aunt in the country side up state'.
  9. 500 rounds of golf is a hell of a lot for most people. Playing more/less once a week that's ~10 years of playing. PXG is a controversial brand. The price point is up there, and most people will never want to justify spending -a-driver-price- per iron. Anyway, I've been lucky enough to hit 500 rounds with the clubs and wanted to show how the super-soft steel holds up. Some clubs better than others Onto the pics:
  10. If bushnell wont fix it, you have a dud unfortunately my friend
  11. On the 8th of March a box arrived at my house with a new putter. I loved my original Gunboat, but the footprint of it was annoying me in the bag. It was annoying as hell. You can see it here how 'long' it was and it was popping out, and it was even more pronounced when using the cart bag. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPTSvTlhOwG/ But as I am in the end the Putting Pirate I was very reluctant to change my money maker. Those are the stats from my original that are a pretty good representation of its performance over 18 and 9 holes. It's a club I can definitely rely on
  12. It's the AD or the Kiyoshi. I mean ... I hit my driver about twice a round anyway. If that The AD costs me a lot of distance, but it's accurate as hell. The well struck Kiyoshi is a beast and you can feel it kick like a mule.
  13. I've been fitted for all of them at one point or another :-) The oban is in one of my drivers now, the other will probably be the mj-5s...
  14. Yeah will see my fitter tomorrow. But I do love experimenting. Went from e6 to c8 SWs on my driver this year alone [emoji23]
  15. You make a great point. But I already have them all. The question is - which to play :-( or should I glue them together and game an uber Transformers-like-shaft
  16. So as everyone knows we're obviously smarter than fitters [emoji23][emoji23] so they can say one thing and after 2 weeks we will do something different [emoji23] I'm playing a 207g pxg 0811x in 12 degrees... Which shaft would you pick with it and why? Those are my options!
  17. So I bought some prov1 and prov1x. After moving from a super soft ball and occasional volvik its a learning curve to find out how much more pronounced the draws and fades became with a V1. Flight off the tee is pretty similar tho as I have a tendency of quite low and penetrating bullet. 130 yards in - that's where I see most of the difference as the second bounce on the green is a heavy bite usually with a lot of backspin. Now that's my swing fault, and I'm still learning to control the spin as it sometimes happens that I hit it pin high and it rolls back all the way off the green. But
  18. Yeah they should be good. Apparently they will be here around the release date so will make sure to compare the two. @Stroker :-D :-D Im afraid with their fitting process it's pointless to play with someone elses sticks :-(
  19. So... A month and the gen2's will be here!
  20. I mean they are the same clubs I've had before, just changed shafts and grips And they don't have the custom finish yet. New set of the Gen2 is coming to me in about a month so will post a lot of pictures then!
  21. So as we're heading into the 'lets play golf' months but it's still bloody freezing I got myself a new jacket. Price £250 as of the time of reviewing. I love my GG IFC-1 Gilet (reviewed here) but sometimes it's too cold to play sleeveless so I thought - I'll get myself the vest with sleeves. It's the 2018 version of the Bruce that I liked a lot, but it has some happily welcome upgrades. It's good looking enough that I dont mind popping to a pub while wearing it. The zips don't catch the material anymore (!) and it has the all important pocket! Which was the main reason I upgraded
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