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  1. So, first round I took them to; a little 9 hole par 3 course with a longest hole around 180 so perfectly designed for irons. And it was bad :-D I was fanning the face right open, i played the worst round around there ever So I walked it again. And then again and it started becoming better. I went to the range, few hundred balls later went to sleep. Next day I played my course - and the irons were on fire. It was windy as hell and first 2 holes I teed off with an iron just to get the feel of them (tho the range felt amazing) and I managed to break my distance records for my 7 and 8 iro
  2. It's settling in the bag slowly :-) will do comparison after getting some more stats on it. After playing 36 yesterday seems like the original gunboat performs better. Need to give it some time :-)
  3. That's the exact theory. Mind you - still a theory. Doesn't work like that 100% of the time. I know people with the exact opposite effect.
  4. I went from carrying 2i up to now having 15, 17, 19 degree hybrids and then 23 degree 5 iron. I deliver stupidly low dynamic loft so most of the time I'd hit 7 iron with 10 degrees of DL, so low irons didnt work at all. Love the new setup now.
  5. Sooo, after playing for 2 years with my 0311s I decided to get re-fitted. Surprisingly after only playing for 2 years and being fitted for clubs at the very start (was struggling to hit the ball) vs now (play pretty much every day with the odd low 70s round) a lot of my spec stayed the same. https://www.instagram.com/p/BgGV99MBDj0 The 2 biggest changes were the swingweight (went from d6 to d3) as my swing smoothen out a lot, and the balance point. Went from the Project X LZ 5.5 115g tipped to KBS Tour C taper lite 100 S. Distance was exactly the same on both. On the new shaft I g
  6. Yeah. However golf in the UK is usually a lot cheaper.
  7. I'm a member of a club in a private course very close to central London, the yearly fee is 4400GBP / $6200 for unlimited golf. We also don't have carts at all, and the course is walking only. Joining you also need to purchase shares in the club (24000GBP / 33500USD) that you have to hold. Oh, and pass a ton of interviews (took me 4 months to join). Have people write letters of recommendation and character references. The process was EXTREMELY annoying when I was joining. Now as a member I appreciate it
  8. Hmmm, wonder if they'll ever make it work with the apple watch instead of the chunky device.
  9. I like them too. I am however unhappy with their sizing, as I also bought their WPS jacket and it was tiiiiight It gets the job done for sure, and at more than half the price it's a great buy. But if money is no issue - GG has a small edge.
  10. A disclaimer - I love a good gilet. Most of the time I wear a base layer, some mid-warm stuff + a gilet. It keeps you warm, it's a great top layer, it restricts movement less than a jacket, and you can still put your waterproofs over it. November - March I tend to wear them 9/10 times while playing so I thought I'll share my thoughts as to what and why. I've had quite a few from Nike, through UA to Ralph Lauren and Boss. First one I was using A LOT was a Galvin Green Insula. It was basically a comfortable fleece. But it was getting soaked within seconds when it was even a little dr
  11. Oh, and an FYI - they're $100 in the UK (or £78)
  12. So, just ordered the glove and will review it
  13. And no :-) If it was some super high tech glove helping your wrists and hands with grip, dampening vibration then maybe. For a normal glove. No
  14. I know I know. I want to reiterate that I'm not offended. I really don't care what others think and it never really affected me. But there is a lot of people that are less fortunate, and more self conscious. I guess what I wanted to say is to remember that comments, jokes, 'playful banter' may affect people on course, and off it too. It's like with Paige Spiranac. I'm not a fan, but it doesn't justify calling her stupid or wishing her bad. We should be spreading love in every direction and try to grow the game to as many as possible regardless of who they are. I used to make sarcasti
  15. Not really. There are places for both end of the spectrum. I would feel really uncomfortable tho if someone got called 'stupid' or 'with a complex' for playing cheap equipment the same way it bothers me when people are being called that for playing expensive one.
  16. One? Really? Anyway, maybe they're jokes, maybe they're not. Just can come across as excluding people. Thats all.
  17. Sorry, didn't mean to direct it at you. But if you read the other comments I'm sure you will understand what I meant. Ok, so a little disclaimer - I'm a massive gear addict. When it comes to most things. I collect watches, have more photo equipment than most shops would carry, clothes, gadgets, electronics, you name it and it's probably in my apt. So, I only started playing golf 2 years ago. My first set were callaways big berthas, that I've purchased on advice from my teaching pro. He said 'whatever you do, dont buy forged clubs' but after a few weeks I've hit Miuras that one of
  18. I don't even think it's justifying price for performance. It's like with watches. You can buy a $200 casio or a $200,000 patek and both will tell time (with casio usually being more accurate ). If someone want's a patek, just let them have it. It's just that reading those posts - there is a lot of snarky comments that people probably post in gist, but it's not funny, or in good taste. The community here is a very nice one. Unless it comes to PXG :-) And it seems to be a common thing nowadays. I play them. And I'm a mediocre player at best. I was joining a club in December, and I
  19. Well... No. Not sure how many of those you've owned but I did a fair few. Best example is Aston Martin or being a re branded car with tuning. Anyway. If people want to pay for it, and play golf - we should be happy. There is more people playing golf. Not to hate on someone just cause he uses pxg.
  20. Are we also hating on porsche, bentley, ferrari owners? I mean, I don't mind but just want to know where the wind blows.
  21. Wow so much hate In the whole thread. Cmon guys. Keep yourself to a higher standard.
  22. The guys that read putts like they're in the playoff at the open? Yeah we got them too. But it's less frustrating than being stuck behind someone that moves 30yards at a time, and wants to play out / putt out every hole at 9am on a Saturday. If it's a beer & cigars round it's fine but usually I get frustrated a little. Especially as we have to walk so it ends up being a lot of standing around and getting tired
  23. So I like to take my time. Especially walking on a course, walking to my next shot. Having said that - we played 3h24mins today as a 4ball. My club has solved the 'slow play' problem pretty well. Especially as we have 1300 members - there are allocated slots based on your hcp. Maximum is 22 (higher will bar you from the course), if you're over 16 you cant play weekends before 12:30 etc... Works well and you know what to expect.
  24. So I've been playing for ~2 years but I've been playing and practicing a hell of a lot. My stock shot is high fade. I can hit a punch shot without a problem, and even a 'stinger' whenever I need to go between trees, i can 'slice' on target too if I need to go around stuff. I can't hit a draw. I mean I can, but its inconsistent and usually doesn't give me any advantage from my point of view. But I guess I'm not good enough yet for it.
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