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  1. Yeah I find that in the cold I find it so much more difficult to turn it's insane. I've played today 2 rounds and was 4 and 5 over consecutively. Maybe I'll just wait for the summer...
  2. Hey Bags, thanks! Appreciated. I've been golfing only for 2 years, and yes, I've spent probably good 120hours in those 2 years at lessons. First swing coach, then short game, now looking at more of guidance/coaching rather than 'lessons'. I can comfortably get around a new course around 15 shots over, with my best rounds last year being in the 70s. It's the consistency I lack (had a tournament in which I scored 78 on day 1 and 111 on day 2) and im worried I may have hit a wall with my current coach, hence i was looking elsewhere.
  3. Sent them an email if I can book a week with them so its worth the trip to the north.
  4. Ah damn, he stopped doing lessons now and only you can get it from the guys at his academy :-/
  5. Yeah I have considered that... There is Pete Cowen - coach to Stenson which is available and surprisingly not expensive...
  6. Ha! I actually got pretty damn good advice on Reddit (same discussion) - check which pro at my club has the best team / team that wins the most scratch stuff and go to him. Should be an idea.
  7. I mean the path of hands should be with the butt pointing at the target line all the time basically.
  8. The heel looks like it's off the mat, it's not its just the shoes that look that way. The first guy would like my club in the first pic to point towards the ground at that moment in the swing btw.
  9. 150+ rounds a year and 2-4h of coaching a week should let me pick up the pace of the stroll to at least a 6h marathon speed
  10. So, it may be a little rant-like but I want to improve as quickly as possible without going in circles so I thought I'll ask for an opinion here. Went for my first lesson - as I've started struggling with 2-5 irons for some reason, so instead of the usual 2h spent on pitching and chipping - we spent some time on going back to basics with the swing. My impact position was still pretty solid, the body works 'okish' but i wasnt happy with the contact on shots. So after a few shots the diagnosis was - I'm laying off the shaft too much. I am consciously doing it, as I've got a fad
  11. My home course is walking only.
  12. Apart from Paige and Ricky I kinda agree. Unless we call low cut tops and frat clothing stylish now.
  13. Just asked my club if I can use it. If yes - I'll have one coming next week and can make a full review.
  14. What do you mean rough? As in you're suggesting I'm not hitting the fairway every time? They're ok. But so where my old wedges tbh. Nothing to complain about. But its quite rare for me to go for a high lofted wedge in the rough anyway.
  15. Their pricing is like Apple; £1100 in UK translates to $1100 in the US. Hey, don't think you can get them without a fitting. 3 range sessions + a game, so ~600 hits or so. With the 0311 wedges I've been using them for about a year and a half; but as you can see from the last pic the club is beat up. And on that one I get about 7500-8000spin with half shot (55yards or so) and around 11k on a full 105yards. And the number have not dropped even with the wear. And with improving scores - it's hard to say. They did improve with I moved to PXG in general. But then again I'm spendin
  16. Yeah, think they always are washed at the ranges I use... The biggest pain for me was sand bunkers with a ton of stones. But I got used to living with dinged up clubs. What can you do. When they will look absolutely shite I may send them off to get refinished
  17. As in balls that are on the range and are topflite hardness? Yea.
  18. Thx. When i practice I try to strike toe and heel on purpose so i know the feelings I don't want to have ;>
  19. Thx. Still a little on the heel side. But fighting a toe strike so it's been my focus for the past few days.
  20. I've not seen anyone review those anywhere on the net so I thought I'll bite the bullet and do it myself. If you have any questions - just ask. As you know, with PXG price is a bit of an issue. Those will cost you £695-1100 in the UK per wedge. Whenever or not someone wants to pay it, afford it, sees value for money is up to the individual and I won't be discussing it here. As long as you're comfortable with being called a Sugar Daddy it's a pretty nice looking head. You can see that there has been no expense spared in making of this club. The finish is much more matte than the 031
  21. http://www.mbcgs.com ? I've used them before. It's great fun, but when playing a difficult course I'd much more appreciate someone who knows the course like the back of their hand. Also it's a loooot worse when you hit a bad shot.
  22. The new wedge is here, so there will be a comparison for sure https://www.instagram.com/p/Bduu1YNBshb Can't see them in the UK unfortunately. https://www.ezeegolf.comeven this wouldn't fix my slice.
  23. You mean the driving ones? I am currently waiting for the 0311X 2 iron, and the new 0311T milled wedges. So will post when they come to me. EDIT: And my goal is also champions tour btw
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