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  1. with our Tesla, if we charge it up to 100% the regen breaking doesn't work for awhile until the battery goes down some, think 95% is a good spot to charge to for a long trip. I usually charge mine to 80% every few days or when it gets below 200 mile range. Seems I read somewhere to not always charge the batteries to maximum as it lessens their life or something like that......
  2. Really late to this thread but we picked up a very low mileage 2021 Tesla S LD+ 6 months or so ago. Really a great car. We had a 2021 Tesla Y (short range) that we'd bought new a year before we got the S but wanted longer range. We actually got $6K more than we paid trading in the Y thru Vroom. Really happy we upgraded to the S and having the around 400+ mile range is great.
  3. We were very fortunate here in Oldsmar, (little north of Clearwater) no damage in our area that I've seen other than tree limbs. Still really windy today so will hold off putting things back outside until tomorrow. So very sorry for the folks in the Naples, Ft Myers area, they got the brunt of Ian. Heard from @revkevlast evening and they were doing fine in St Pete.
  4. Selling a very nice condition DF 2.1. 34” 70 lie angle and 3 loft. Asking $310 obo shipped FedEx in cont US. $275 $250 SOLD
  5. I'll agree with this. Great guy to do business with. Really fast shipping and exactly as advertised.
  6. I'm potentially interested in 4 or 5 dozen of the white ones assuming no logs. Also where in FL are you?
  7. Our Saturday group is administered on golf genius software so we require a GHIN handicap. If your group wants to use GHIN you're kind of stuck. Doesn't seem like enough $$ to cause a stink over but that's just me.
  8. I only hit around 10-12 shots on the range for my warm-up. Like Dave mentioned above, unlimited range balls are included in our membership. I hit some putts on practice green and time permitting will hit a few chips there also. Question for others, why do some people practice chipping and putting with range balls instead of with their typical gamer balls? That I don't understand at all. Anyways, back to the original question, if I'm playing, the range is a quick warm-up session, it's not a time to work on changes, etc.
  9. I just got back from my bucket list trip to Pebble. We played Spyglass, Pebble and Spanish Bay and I used the same caddy for all 3 rounds. Definitely was worth the money, just from the local knowledge, green reading, shot placement etc. Made a great experience even better and I know I scored better due to Paddy the Caddy. I'd highly recommend using a caddy for any special rounds such as mine at Pebble. I've had caddies at other courses such as Bluejack outside of Houston, Champions in Houston, etc and have always enjoyed it and benefited.
  10. That’d be the one person I’d never take lessons from. Just inappropriate and rude.
  11. I hit maybe 10 short iron shots on the short range and then some putts and possibly some chips.
  12. Don't care on the shafts but on the grips, prefer logo down or the TV 360 grips with no logo, then not an issue at all. Now the trick is if you have logo down on a driver and change the settings, the logo moves around on many of them, I don't remember the ones that don't move but I know TMs grip orientation changes. Mine is off line and doesn't really bother me a bit. I'm not looking at the grip when I'm swinging a club. so guess my answer ultimately is I don't care.
  13. normally I can go a couple rounds without losing a ball. But on a bad day, it can be a couple lost. Our 2 courses have lots of trouble areas so errant shots can get you into trouble quickly.
  14. Why not take the irons back to Club Champion for another fitting and see if they can beat what you've got? Fitting there isn't that much $$ until you start buying clubs from them.
  15. Honestly, I'd find a new teacher. I wouldn't commit to more than 1 or 2 lessons with the new teacher to be sure you are comfortable with them.
  16. The DDH balls, I remember playing them when I was a kid, not sure if was before or after college, so probably in the 80s for those.
  17. Possibly different lie angles of the putters? Made a difference for me during my putter fitting a couple years ago.
  18. I'm going with some guys in June. We're booked at the Spanish Bay. Think it saved us a decent amount of $$. Overall really expensive trip but a bucket list item for sure. We're playing PB, Spy Glass and Spanish Bay and then the Hay (9 hole that Tiger redesigned couple years ago).
  19. The club I belong to allows private carts but there is a monthly or annual trail fee, your choice, and have to have insurance and the cart has to be approved by the head pro. They don't allow the long stretched ones on the course and have to use conforming tires, stuff like that. Our trail fee isn't all that much less than the price of cart plan so really my personal cart is just a convenience thing for me and my wife. But we really like having it. I forgot to add that if our cart down for repairs or if my wife and I both playing but at different times, we can still use a club owned cart for no extra charge.
  20. I did mine at Club Champion a couple years and it was eye opening. (ok, sorry about the PUN from your eye exam example) Anyways, I learned a lot about my stroke and what type of putter, loft, lie, etc worked best with my stroke. Overall really improved my putting and have been using the same putter since then. So for me, definitely worth the $100 or whatever it cost. Good luck, have fun and enjoy it.
  21. golf sucks but we keep on doing it because we get hooked and can't walk away. Actually some days I feel like it does suck but I know I can do better so I keep on working at it. Really a personal pressure to do the best I can at it.
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