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  1. Guess it all depends on what your definition of golfing is. If it's just knocking the ball forward (most of the time) then it's fairly easy. But that's not really golf, just like banging balls at TopGolf isn't golfing. For me golf is trying to move the ball forward, keep it in play and break 80 or 90. That's not so easy for most people.
  2. Got to disagree with, "golf in of itself is not difficult" It's a hard game, guess if my skill level was more on par with yours I might have a different perspective. However I do agree with expectations, I know some years back I got way too serious about having that crazy low index and ended up not having any fun and really disliking golf. I ended up not playing for 3 or 4 years and now have a different outlook and am enjoying it again.
  3. One thing to consider is that hopefully the specs are more strictly built when buying clubs from somewhere like TrueSpec than what comes directly from the manufacturer. I've had several sets directly from TM, Cally, etc that the lofts and lies weren't correct, they are probably within the tolerances that each of them builds to but for that kind of money I'd kind of like them to be on spec. So if you are concerned, you can always buy directly from Mizuno and then take to a local shop and have the lies and lofts checked and adjusted as needed.
  4. Mental aspect. When I start thinking about too many swing thoughts during the round I mess up. My best games are when my brain doesn't get involved and I just swing the club. Also just dumb mistakes, like blading short chips, leaving the ball in the sand trap stuff like that.
  5. not being a smart ass but chip the ball closer to the hole before you have to putt? I really think shortening the distance of the first putt will make a huge impact on overall putting. Now how to accomplish that isn't particularly easy.
  6. be interesting for you to get a putter fitting at Club Champion or somewhere like that and see how you react with the different style putters. For me it was a great use of $100 or whatever it cost.
  7. I'm a big believer in putter fittings. A couple years ago my wife bought me a putter fitting at Club Champion. Was a great experience and I learned a lot about my putting stroke, type of putter best for me, lie angles, loft, etc. I'm still using that same putter for 2 + years now. But you've also got to be able to get to the green reasonably so those fittings are important also.
  8. Great idea! I don't have any suggestions right now, but I'll ask around. Really nice of you to do this.
  9. It's really a great shaft. Definitely not plug and play, need to do some messing with it but overall I've been pleased and for me was worth the $$ If I had extra $ floating around, I'd like to try the 405 instead of the 505 I have since my ss has decreased somewhat just to see if there's any gain to be had. But don't know anywhere to just borrow one since I need to have it on the course and not just a fitting at TrueSpec. So guess I'm sticking with the 505, I should be really content with the performance but who knows.....
  10. For me, it's the stupid shots where my brain turns on and I start thinking before and during the swing instead of just getting up and hitting the ball. That many times results in double bogeys. I was able to drop my index around 6 strokes very quickly after some lessons including a couple of short game and aim point putting lessons. Those really make a difference for me because I'm not very long any more so I have to have good short game. But I also fouled up and switched irons earlier this year, after a fitting, and my iron play went downhill and scores went up. Got rid of them recently and am hitting the new ones much better and consistently. Time will tell. To me a combination of the right teacher (lessons), practice and playing a lot, along with the mental aspect, is what will get scores lower.
  11. going to have to agree to disagree on this. Your statement that urethane balls are "far less predictable than 2 piece low compression balls" doesn't make sense to me. Can you supply some facts, other than you like them better to support this? Our indexes are similar, actually mine is higher than yours by a couple points right now and the urethane balls seem very predictable to me. Guess different strokes for different folks.
  12. mine went the wrong way after I got fit for the Apex 21 irons. I had T200s before that and should have kept them. Apex's are off to another guy now and just got the T100S. So far hitting them much better than the Apex 21s. Hoping that will continue.
  13. I'm using the autoflex 505 but wasn't fitted professionally for it, just trial and error. This has me wondering if some professional assistance could tweak it to be even better? Finding the right place will be the challenge. TXG is just out of reach for me unfortunately. Thanks for posting that video
  14. I've done orders with them both ways. They are great at returning emails and very prompt over the phone. I highly recommend them.
  15. I was going to also mention trying some different golf balls. Not sure what you're using now though
  16. Both are great options. Order the ones you hit better or if there isn't a lot of difference, go for what you think looks best and gives you the most confidence.
  17. I'd also suggest giving Discount Dans a call. Great service and good pricing. If you can't locate them, just PM me and I will give you their contact info. I just ordered a set of T100S irons from them and saved some $$ with my specs, etc and free shipping.
  18. I'm interested but going into a work meeting. I'll PM you later this afternoon/evening.
  19. Great review. I'll agree that it takes some tinkering to get it right. I started with an M4D head and it worked nicely but way too much left. I bought a SIM2 and have settled on it. I messed with lowering the headweight but ultimately went back to the standard which on mine was 198. I've gained consistency and 10-15 yards and the feel of the driver is really good. I hit the sim2 with RevKev's ventus blue and it just isn't in the same category, at least for me. For me it's worth the investment, No plans to switch it out or do more messing with it. Just go play some golf now that rainy season is over.
  20. check with @revkev he's using a 505 in a SIM 2 MAX head. he may have some words of wisdom for you.
  21. Glad you like it and found a deal on one. It's a great shaft. For me your Ventus Blue just doesn't work anywhere near as well. Happy to loan you the SF 505.
  22. Win a major. no question about it.
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