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  1. I had a putter fitting at Club Champion in Orlando late December and it was eye opening. I really learned a lot about my stroke and why I tend to miss putts on the left side. I was using a face balanced putter and a putter with more toe hang was much better fit for me. Also needed very low loft and some lie adjustments. It was money well spent. I'd highly recommend it. The SAM putter system is really good.
  2. I have the shaft in my M4 and really have found it to be a good performer for me. I've always gotten along well with the Diamana shafts and it seems similar to me.. I don't have any issue with the ball flight with it assuming I put a decent swing on it. Nothing will cure my bad swings that happen every so often and of course at the wrong possible times.
  3. My set of P790 irons arrived today. Beautiful irons. Thanks MGS!
  4. I switched around a year ago to the MCC+4 midsize. For me, great grips. I don't have very large hands, wear a medium glove but I find I grip the club much softer with the midsize than the regulars I used to play.
  5. Thanks very much.
  6. wondering if you'd PM me the reps contact info? I'm in Tampa area but could drive up to Orlando for a fitting. Thanks
  7. I was told mine was shipping this week. I didn't know about it until last Thursday or Friday.
  8. I’ve had my iPhone X for around 1 year and I really like it. Absolutely no complaints from me about it.
  9. I like the suggestion above about contacting your local news people and see if they’d like the story. Best wishes
  10. I play my wedges with wedge flex shafts standard length but 1 degree flatter than my irons. My irons are +1/2" and 1 degree flat. Never considered putting the same shafts in the wedges as my irons but something to consider when I replace my SM6s.
  11. I had no idea that I'd won but I got an email from Harry yesterday afternoon letting me know. I actually went and watched the YouTube video last night and sure enough my name was called out. Awesome surprise, first time I've won anything of substance. Just made my donation for 2019 a few minutes ago.
  12. For sale is a very nice condition Evnroll er8 putter with factory headcover and ballpark. Putter is 33” and weight is 370. As far as I know other specs are factory standard. Grip is a superstroke slim 3.0. Want to clear $200 after shipping and PayPal. You can check my feedback on the other golf forum (golfwrx) Thanks Putter is sold
  13. I checked Big Boys but I'm using an Evnroll putter which certainly isn't a big brand company so guess it really comes down to what works best and availability for testing. As mentioned above, small brands many times don't have decent resale value
  14. I really wanted to like the Rogue but I demo'd several and switched shafts around and never found one that I could hit consistently or that felt right to me. I ended up with an M4 and for me it's much better feeling and performing. I honestly liked my 915D2 better than any of the Rogues that I hit. I imagine if I would have had more shafts to try in the Rogue, I could have found one that worked for me but I'm just not that patient and don't have enough access to different shafts to try out.
  15. Thanks for sharing the link to the article. Really interesting. Looks like a great bag cart.
  16. I could go either way but I'm used to having numbers o the irons so it'd be a learning curve for me to switch to loft markings and I guess I'd prefer not to have to think that much for club selection. But on the other hand my wedges are marked with lofts and I'm use to that so I'd adapt if I had to.
  17. Larryd3

    I need a new ball

    Snell MTB black. Great ball and very reasonably priced.
  18. Thanks for sharing the link. Just entered. Be a great golf trip/vacation.
  19. I had a weight fall out of the back of a wedge several years ago and no questions from Ping at all. Just shipped it to them and they fixed and returned very quickly. Just great service.
  20. I just recently switched shafts to steelfiber i80s and they perform great and really do feel smooth and soft. Highly recommend them but they are kind of pricey unfortunately.
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