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  1. kevin Gulfport Mississippi 20+ Titleist AP1 712 T200
  2. jbsdaddy

    Srixon Z-Stars

    I was playing the Q Star ball earlier in the year and had both white and yellow examples of the ball. the yellow felt different to me thatn the white, and I preferred the feel of the white. Don't know what makes them different.
  3. jbsdaddy


  4. James Mississippi (down on the coast) 20++++ Titleist 712 AP1 - 140ish
  5. I also bought the Cleveland 2135 TFI Elevado putter. Really liking this mallet. Soft feel. My wife has the Tommy Armour #3, and it's a great little putter too.
  6. I was also in this predicament. I love putting. just not very good. I hated the way mallets looked, but I decided to get over it. just two days ago I went to an Edwin watts store that had a ton of putters. looked at ping, tm, odyssey, even a used sc future 7m. fell in love with the Cleveland tfi 2135 satin elevado. the Huntington beach 11 is very similar to the elevado and it cheaper. my wife loves her tommy armour impact #3. have fun.
  7. The Cleveland Huntington Beach 8 is a blade weighing 370 g. try it. Putts great and about $100.Also the Scotty Cameron squareback. I got the Studio Select Squareback used for a little more than the Cleveland and it is also very stable.
  8. Nice write-up. I went to my local brick-and-mortar electronics store expecting to walk out with the Bose Soundlink. I, of course, had to check out every available option before buying, which led to my finding the UE Boom. I thought it sounded better that the Bose, and was a bit cheaper. The battery lasts a long time, and I like that I can buy other UE speakers and pair them up for outside or large room use. Or for putting one speaker on each corner of my golf cart just prior to being evicted from the course. Great products.
  9. First name and state: James in Mississippi Current driver/shaft: Titleist 913D2 with stock shaft Swing speed/carry: not measured/220ish handicap: depressingly high
  10. 1. James in Mississippi 2. high, medium speed 3. Titleist 913D2 10.5 4. Ping G400 Max
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