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  1. Stop putting in the hole on practice green. Get your speed and break read dialed. Find a flat putt from big toe to big toe, little toe to little toe. Lag putt back to your bag or where you left your wedges or the fringe towards your cart. My course is faster on practice green then on course and with more break. Get out of your head and onto improving by looking at what's next. Have you ever walked and tripped a bit and tripped again after(while not inebriated)? Because you subconsciously thought of your next step and not the the one way back that you stumbled on. Hang out in the clubhouse until you can tee off alone in between slow groups. I carry two balls and drop to re-hit when I really want a miracle shot to work(mostly crazy fades). You are a miracle, believe in your next stroke. I haven't two putted in 3 weeks, haven't played in four weeks, when I go out Friday I know I haven't missed a putt since July though putting is not any concern for me.(my apologies) Feel free to criticize, I'm on meds for that too! Please create a routine and stick it everytime. I take longer lining up recently but don't hold up the game due to makes and tap ins. Also have you bellied a ball with a wedge leading edge? It creates great roll, direction, and speed control. The leading edge of a hovering 60° will make a pro of you, at least a quasi-pro mid single digit am! Edit for I flipped a coin to post. I'm brain damaged...
  2. Good luck man, I subscribed and will check in some times. Glad your gettin' into it full swing! 120 to 100 is easy, I think (never started at >120. 115 to 105 to 95 is easier. 95 to 85 is where I spent the most money in my healthy addiction but learned the most 150yds and more like 50 yds in and the tv short game shots. 85 to 75 must be harder b/c I'm not yet consistent. 71 was my best ever after 4 under through 9. That ish is stressful! Most important, upholding etiquette and respect for the hallowed grounds. Fill your ddivots please and for the god of love, repair your pitchmarks and 1 or 2 more that some douchelords left behind! Bonus karma for learning how to fix them properly. That should be required to know if one's fit for golf before being fitted for golf gear! Tip the beer cart girl-beer cart girls rule-, have an occasional lunch in the clubhouse, and always thank the grounds crew you come across "for all what y'all do"!
  3. Congrats to Brickshire for the win! AZMasters for the runner up! And the 4 tied at for third at -16, good luck on the tie breaker!!! I finished at 33rd with -9, more disappointed in a few picks than my standing. And we all probably could have been a couple more under if not for the closing putts on 18! (lol?) Thanks MGS for making it happen!
  4. First timer MGS pool, Happy times. Here's to great golf and good luck to all with your top 4!
  5. Thanks, what size are you in Linksoul then?
  6. Nihonsei

    Maxfli Tour

    Have you played a Srixon vs the BXS? A 24ct box for $65 dropped today only Z Star and XV, no Diamond. Srix and Golfballs . com emails and the box design (not color) and descriptions say they are '22 models. I'm now leaning also gettin' some Maxflis after this thread though, anybody say Pro or X are updated and properly evolved Revolutions???
  7. It's worth the effort to find a fitter / builder that wants you to have the best fit equipment your shellin' out for! I would find someone at a club. https://www.mizunousa.com/us/store-locator?region=Golf It's worth a trip if necessary, with another person even, plan accordingly to make the best of it! Even for a small fee if not purchasing, you deserve full attention and feedback.....find it! Be Well/Stay Safe/Stay Happy!!!
  8. Yeah but Mizuno didn't pay for the plastic surgery. No injections here or with Ping.
  9. I'm certain that other sports professionals would have valid disagreement. I respect that it's my hardest sport endeavor I've attempted since trying to hit a two foot breaking ball in my youth but still, the hardest? Maybe as a static sport? I do Love being outdoors and find my own personal golfer Happiness in Your personal enjoyment of this aspect and the fact that we get rounds with younger and much older alike while sharing the environment while not so much sharing any score range. Golf Is Grand!!! Beyond Payne Stewart, one I have admired(since B4 '99 in a damp uphill on my CRT), nobody else has died specifically for the game, or have been paralyzed. I do note that You've said hardest and Not most dangerous. Though if You are one of these guys, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Formula_One_fatalities . You may find risk in the equation of hard... Now if we had grip changers every 4 to 9 holes(depending on course length), the game may become more difficult in terms of professional time?
  10. There is a course with a cliff on one of the bases in San Antonio. It was my first taste of Texas golf for a flatland fL boy. There is a cliff at the turn before a wild uphiller, I mean stories worth of terrain. My Pops was retired Airman. That was b4 TPC in Bastrop with opposing 9s, another in Bastrop w/ a few river holes, and all the glorious terrain found all over Texas. It's been 2 decades, my apologies for absence of names and to myself for not living in Texas. Say Hi to Salt Lick Grill at Grissmill and the Pappas Bros.!!!
  11. Robert / CFL/ Apopka Practice is year round as I live where there are only 3 seasons...Hot, Hotter, and Chilly. (Orlando) Callaway 12 ft. runway strip. Medium to Fast speed
  12. The only mention I have found for Steadfast shafts here, I want this community perspective! I too would like to hear any review or speculative opinion. Should this get it's own thread? Very Low Torque intrigued me, highly informative / convincing site too. Here is an answer to a question in their FAQ: "What makes Steadfast Shafts perform so well? What's technology? We start with premium carbon fiber that costs 10 times more than what our competitors use. This premium material (and some proprietary manufacturing processes we can’t share) allow us to create finely tuned, superlight, and effectively “spineless” shafts with less than 1 degree of torque (twisting) that deliver the most distance and accuracy for YOUR swing (fast, medium or slow)…and you get these performance gains regardless of how you adjust your driver." "We offer a 30-DAY SATISFACTION / FLEX GUARANTEE"....."We offer a 3-YEAR PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE"..... "And we offer a LIFETIME PRODUCT GUARANTEE: If your shaft ever breaks, we will replace it for you at no charge and with no questions asked." i put one in the cart but am hesitant to purchase. At $99 with w/ adapter and grip installed, is this too god to be true? Sounds like a "Unicorn" for sure and with little financial risk. Anybody think this is an introductory price and will go up once a good word gets out? Steadfastgolf DOT Com .....VERY INTERESTING!!! We believe everyone should able to benefit from -- and afford -- the performance gains that come from playing premium golf shafts.
  13. Robert / Orlando, FL Cleveland: 588 RTX 52*-10* (Black) :CBX Full Face 56*-10* (Dark) :RTX 4 X-Low 60*-3* (Black Satin) Preference: 52*-Mid-10* (Tour Satin only?)
  14. Robert Orlando, FL MP 59 T100 S Time to upgrade to modern specs after reintroducing myself to the game with and striking well now my 59's.
  15. Robert / Florida 12 MP 59 (AMT Black) 165
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