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  1. Robert / CFL/ Apopka Practice is year round as I live where there are only 3 seasons...Hot, Hotter, and Chilly. (Orlando) Callaway 12 ft. runway strip. Medium to Fast speed
  2. The only mention I have found for Steadfast shafts here, I want this community perspective! I too would like to hear any review or speculative opinion. Should this get it's own thread? Very Low Torque intrigued me, highly informative / convincing site too. Here is an answer to a question in their FAQ: "What makes Steadfast Shafts perform so well? What's technology? We start with premium carbon fiber that costs 10 times more than what our competitors use. This premium material (and some proprietary manufacturing processes we can’t share) allow us to create finely tuned, superlight, and effectiv
  3. Robert / Orlando, FL Cleveland: 588 RTX 52*-10* (Black) :CBX Full Face 56*-10* (Dark) :RTX 4 X-Low 60*-3* (Black Satin) Preference: 52*-Mid-10* (Tour Satin only?)
  4. Robert Orlando, FL MP 59 T100 S Time to upgrade to modern specs after reintroducing myself to the game with and striking well now my 59's.
  5. Robert / Florida 12 MP 59 (AMT Black) 165
  6. Robert / Florida (Central) 11 MP59 170 yds
  7. Have You heard of or signed up for Golfgrade? I'm unsure where I picked up this site or started receiving their emails. I thought from another web subscription as in when I select to receive contact from affiliated sponsors. It is def not from Golf Pass, Now, or the Golf Channel family. The premise is sign up and get selected to test from a wide array of golf products. The latest was sign up for testing Omni products and their own Graphene laced shafts and gain 20yds over major OEMs, any person registering to test will receive a sleeve of ProV1s. I signed up and just today received a call conf
  8. Lost me at $16 per. I did not even get to see if Purple was around there somewhere. I would pay that for a custom choose your color pattern, even the Black with a Purple paintfill over the White accents would do. Thanks for Your time, explanations and the in depth review, also the Anser analogies!
  9. A bit late but here goes..... You can stream Sky Sports Golf. IF you use a VPN and have an Android device you can check out Live net tv. Go through their site as there are many imitators in the Play Store. It's on V4.7, May the Google be with you!
  10. Robert / CFL........Good luck whoever gets in, you gonna be blown! I'm cwool, just here to hear... 10 MP59 47* / RTX Bl sat 52* / Bstone J15 56* Bl. / RTX 4 60* XLow Bl Satin(more like matte grey) Anything 100 in. Any lie, any angle, I bend shafts on roots and gouge metal on rocks if I must. BEST NEW shot wit RTX 4 60* is a straight club head drop, manipulated to any degree needed, dead into the Earth on the back of my Srixon 6gen and knowing I get another tap in if I dialed it right. ...Do work testers cuz I KNOW you can trust the 60*!
  11. Robert Apopka / Orlando I am using both the NX7 Pro I purchased with my trade in discount direct from Precision Pro and THE Garmin Z80. The PRO locks faster and the slope is accurate but for playing a new course, everybody knows, that the GPS screen overlay in the viewfinder of the Z80 leaves it in a class of its own. I'm sure the NX9 HD will look better than the digital display of the Z80 as It took some serious gettin' used to. We know the HD locks and displays (allegedly) faster than the Pro and the Pro locks faster than the Z80. What else can we figure out? What about reading gr
  12. Hi all! New account, been around since '13. I plan to be more active than previous. I've read most things daily, including comments though I've found most things stated. I appreciate all of the time and effort of MGS and the community and hope that my perspective may be of use or value. I am overcoming a tech phobia and have not done much in this social media landscape so You Guide Me! How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've played 10yrs over the last 30. Once seriously and now twice.. My handicap is that I enjoy the sport... or 11ish. Wha
  13. Robert/Central FL/11hcp. :MP59 / Project X 6.0 Wish to assist with Wilson C300 Forged / stock lightweight or AWT technology.
  14. Welcome to the forums Nihonsei :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


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