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  1. Just wondering what other clubs are doing for the weekly Men's night league. Ours alternates every week between regular golf and 2 man scramble, boring but easy. We use a HC adjusted points system roughly based on FEDEX CUP, so top team gets 500pts/300/200 etc.. We are also divided into four divisions based on teams Handicap. Personally I'd like to just be in divisions and forget about HC adjustments.
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  3. Nick Stockford, New Brunswick Canada Cocorover ( Twitter and Instagram) 19 index (95 mph with driver) Ping Karsten irons, Mizuno JPX driver, Taylormade rocketballz stage 2 3 wood, cobra mashie 4 hybrid. Conventional iron length
  4. Nick New Brunswick Canada 18.00 PING Karsten CFS regular i210
  5. 1.Nick 2. New Brunswick Canada 3. 19.7 4. notes on scorecard/ golf Canada app
  6. - Nick - New Brunswick - Ping Karsten/CFS regular/black dot - 165 yards
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