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  1. Congrats! When I signed up for this one, I was going to comment that I likely had access to a hitting bay at home. We were under contract for a property down the road. Alas, the septic inspection yielded total replacement. Seller balked so we cancelled This would have been pretty neat though.
  2. Blew a 39 with a 7 on the par 4 9th. Blew a 40 with a 7 on the par 4 9th. Blew a 41 with a 7 on the par 4 9th. 42 still a great score for me, especially the way my game has been. 6 pars
  3. I love them. 1) my first true fitted set. I booked an appointment w Titleist fitter at our course, hit off grass outside with trackman, got into a few shafts. He started me with a T300 but after 1 shot (which went amazing) I asked "what about a T2/T1 combo?" And he was on board. Though we based it off hitting a t200 7i. I did get to try the T100 PW and hit it just fine. 2) the T100 are bent 1° strong to blend with the T200. Through email I inquired about T100-s, because the lofts are closer to T200 than T100 and the fitter said something about the tungsten weighting I didn't quite understand, but I trusted him. It worked out. My gaps are right on. The only drawback is that the soles now have 1° less bounce, and the T100 soles are stupid-thin to begin with. For this test, I had signed up for t150. I was super torn between T150 and T200. I would totally recommend trying T200/T150 split set if it's anything like what I have now.
  4. It's rad that you all have the option to mix the sets. I'm currently playing 2021 t200 5,6,7 and t100 8,9,PW.
  5. No line. My ADHD and OCD brain would blow a gasket trying to align 1 inch with 10ft. I'm doing my best currently to shorten my routine and suck at golf a little faster
  6. Assuming here, but I would believe you need to know how many strokes you get each hole. If you shoot par gross and you get 1 stroke that hole =net birdie
  7. I need to take these for lie adjustment, trim, and re grip. These things are butter knives, but the soles have more mass than my T100 irons. They're super fun. The 6-4i do have perimeter weighting but it's so minimal.
  8. Last effort here: does anyone know where to find replacement parts for Tourtrek pushcarts? My tourtrek 360 is awesome, but the scorecard holder door broke off when removing it from my car I enjoyed the convenience of having the scorecard on the handlebars and that trunk for random things. Dicks customer svc chat said they couldn't find any info and to try the stores. Maybe they have a boneyard in the back
  9. I had asked, what's a "technical two putt"? Then re read it, and found the answer within. Since I can't figure out how to delete this response: What's a technical two putt?
  10. Congrats guys! I didn't realize this test had been kicked off.
  11. Shaft arrived while I was away so I finally unboxed last nite. Packed very well inside a cardboard tube, inside a box. The adapter/shaft alignment was a goof aligned to +1D instead of-1D as requested: However, I installed it, and decided it's fine. Can't wait to see if it generates any riptides
  12. Rooting for Rickie for sure. Does anyone know if his water bottle has an Instagram?
  13. Project X Evenflow Riptide CB 6.0 60g, Cobra adapter, Tour Velvet Plus4 mid grip. Should be here in a couple weeks.
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