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  1. Ben, Mesa, AZ currently playing TaylorMade Millef Grind 2, 54 and 58. would love to try the 56* mid bounce
  2. Ben Davis- Mesa, AZ I have, 18 birdies as a phone app, as well as the ShotScope V2 Currently I am using the older model Garmin Approach 20
  3. Ben / Mesa, Az Not nearly enough. I usually put in 15 or so minutes in before a round, and 15-20 minutes when I go to the range. With COVID I have gotten a mat and net, but not a putting area. I usually have 1 or 2 three putts a round, but rarely one-putt I am most interested in ExPutt because I am about to have a baby, and I am hoping to use the paternity leave time to see at least one part of my game improve! But overall, I think putting matts are helpful, but too flat and too predictable. This should help really improve my putting!
  4. Spin and ball speed were better on the TS3 with the RipTide...BUT, direction was tougher to get consistent results. This is likely because it was a 10.5 degree, turned down to 9.75. That means, but Titleist standards, it was pretty open. So like the junkie-fiend gear person I am I sold the TS3 10.5 and got an 8.5 on the way (not to mention made $50 on the deal, and the new comes with a Project X HZRDUS Black Handcrafted. The plan is to turn the 8.5 up to close the face down a bit, and see what happens. I will keep you in the loop!
  5. This has been one of the best forums/chats I have found yet regarding the Rip Tide, so thank you all. Trying out two drivers still, and just put a Titleist tip on the Rip Tide black tonight to hopefully try in the TS3 tomorrow. The other combo I am trying is Cobra F9 with the Smoke Yellow with the heavy Ricki Fowler weights. I have tried both combos with the Tensei Blue, and while they feel good, spin is still really high. Part of it is likely delivery, as I am less up in my strike then I would like, but hoping these offer lower spin options for me.
  6. benrd5420


  7. I have a set of the PTx Pro Black , with the Ft. Worth HI in 4/5/6 irons. Can't say enough about the Hi's. Seriously as good or better than any hollow body for filled club out there. The irons are great too, especially for the price!
  8. benrd5420

    Evenflow camo?

    I am fairly sure it is pretty close to Even Flow Blue in that it should play mid launch, mid spin.
  9. Ben Arizona 14 Taylormade P790 145
  10. Sending you a PM, definitely interested.
  11. Golf is seeing a resurgence in my life. Having grown up around golf, and played sparingly through my twenties, the game has once again become an important part of my life. For me golf has become a refuge of self-improvement. Unlike almost any aspect of our lives, getting better as a player is something we are 100% in control of. Work, friendships, relationships, and almost anything else requires the help of others in order to be successful, but improving my game (and in turn myself) is something I am solely in control of. Working in a place that embraces innovation and technology and how it can impact our lives, along with the work I did in getting a doctorate, have led me to fully embrace the work that MyGolfSpy does. Social media and so much of the world we create for ourselves only serve to confirm our own biases, but using good repeatable data only confirms the truth. This is what MyGolfSpy gives to the golfing community, truth through data and experience. I would love to be able to contribute to this amazing community that you have built, as I continue my journey of self and game improvement through golf.
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