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  1. Golf is seeing a resurgence in my life. Having grown up around golf, and played sparingly through my twenties, the game has once again become an important part of my life. For me golf has become a refuge of self-improvement. Unlike almost any aspect of our lives, getting better as a player is something we are 100% in control of. Work, friendships, relationships, and almost anything else requires the help of others in order to be successful, but improving my game (and in turn myself) is something I am solely in control of. Working in a place that embraces innovation and technology and how it can impact our lives, along with the work I did in getting a doctorate, have led me to fully embrace the work that MyGolfSpy does. Social media and so much of the world we create for ourselves only serve to confirm our own biases, but using good repeatable data only confirms the truth. This is what MyGolfSpy gives to the golfing community, truth through data and experience. I would love to be able to contribute to this amazing community that you have built, as I continue my journey of self and game improvement through golf.
  2. Ben, Arizona Handicap: 15 Current irons in Play: Ben Hogan PTx The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 145 yards
  3. Ben / Arizona 15 Vokey SM7 - 50F and 56S Green side check up.
  4. Ben Mesa, AZ I do not have a rangefinder, but I currently use the Shot Scope V2 watch for a GPS
  5. Ben Davis Mesa, AZ 16 Mizuno MP H5 I would you like to test Prowler VT
  6. Ben / Arizona Ping Sigma G Tyne Right hand I would love to see how it compares to the Tyne, as they are similar in shape. I previously had the Impact #2 and never got good results, so would be excited to see how much better this one is
  7. Ben Mesa, AZ 100-105 mph driver, HCP 18 3 wood (CBX 15*) / 5 wood (Ping G400 17.5*) / 4 hybrid (Ping G 22*) Right Handed
  8. Ben Arizona Ping Sigma G Tyne It is in the middle for me. It is rarely my weakest point, but also not often my strength.
  9. Ben Davis, Mesa, Arizona, 45-50 rounds per year Social Media: Facebook, Twitter (@drbenjamindavis), Instagram (BensInTheDesert), SnapChat (bensinthesnapch) Handicap: 18 Current Set: Ping g400 SFT 10* driver, Tour Edge CBX 15* 3 wood, Ping SFT 17.5* 5 wood, Ping G 22* hybrid, Srixon 565 5-7iron, 785 8-GW, Cleveland RTX 3 wedges Desired set: King F9 One Length For what it is worth I have been feverishly working on my game for the past year since coming back to golf. On the range 3 times a week, and took more than 10 strokes off my Handicap over the past few months. I would be excited to take my game to the next level with Cobra!
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