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  1. Ben, Arizona Handicap: 15 Current irons in Play: Ben Hogan PTx The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 145 yards
  2. Ben / Arizona 15 Vokey SM7 - 50F and 56S Green side check up.
  3. Ben Mesa, AZ I do not have a rangefinder, but I currently use the Shot Scope V2 watch for a GPS
  4. Ben Davis Mesa, AZ 16 Mizuno MP H5 I would you like to test Prowler VT
  5. Ben / Arizona Ping Sigma G Tyne Right hand I would love to see how it compares to the Tyne, as they are similar in shape. I previously had the Impact #2 and never got good results, so would be excited to see how much better this one is
  6. Ben Mesa, AZ 100-105 mph driver, HCP 18 3 wood (CBX 15*) / 5 wood (Ping G400 17.5*) / 4 hybrid (Ping G 22*) Right Handed
  7. Ben Arizona Ping Sigma G Tyne It is in the middle for me. It is rarely my weakest point, but also not often my strength.
  8. Ben Davis, Mesa, Arizona, 45-50 rounds per year Social Media: Facebook, Twitter (@drbenjamindavis), Instagram (BensInTheDesert), SnapChat (bensinthesnapch) Handicap: 18 Current Set: Ping g400 SFT 10* driver, Tour Edge CBX 15* 3 wood, Ping SFT 17.5* 5 wood, Ping G 22* hybrid, Srixon 565 5-7iron, 785 8-GW, Cleveland RTX 3 wedges Desired set: King F9 One Length For what it is worth I have been feverishly working on my game for the past year since coming back to golf. On the range 3 times a week, and took more than 10 strokes off my Handicap over the past few months. I would be excited to take my game to the next level with Cobra!
  9. Ben - Mesa, AZ 18 HCP / 100-105 swing speed Ping G400 SFT Epic Flash
  10. Ben Davis, Arizona 18 HCP, 98 - 105 mph on average Ping G400 SFT, 10* Stiff shaft I would like to test the Ping G410 SFT model. What I am hearing so far is that the bias correction is much more profound on the newer model, so I am excited to try them against each other.
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