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  1. Does anyone have any info about when the Ball Lab results will be available? I am liking the 2020 Chrome Soft, but don't want to buy multiple dozen if they do not fare better than last year. I have heard it referenced on the podcast, but was just curious.
  2. I replace about every 4-5 years. Exception is my last set of irons (Titleist 716 AP1s) I only kept for one season, but that was mainly due to what I feel was an incorrect fitting. Not a reflection on the clubs themselves bc I have always been a Titleist guy, but I was fit by an assistant club pro into a shaft that was way to stiff for me. Over that winter I checked into getting them reshafted and that have would cost damn near as much as a new set so I traded them and got the Rogue Pro irons. I have always like Callaway woods, but this is the first set of their irons I have ever owned. I like them fairly well, but have decided I am gonna get this year and next out of them and then get something new fall of 21. I plan to go into the buying process next time around with a little more of an open mind instead of thinking "I like brand X and Y, lets see what they currently have out"
  3. I would love to test. I am not very happy with my current bag (Callaway Org 14). 1. Located outside Nashville, TN 2. Current bag is a Callaway Org 14 3. The things I look for most in a cart bag are, 14 way full length dividers, a stable base that is somewhat resistant to tipping(my current largest complaint about the Org 14), storage (not only in volume, but how smartly is it laid out? I like to keep things organized), a base and strap system that will not slide around on a cart, my other biggest complaint about the Org 14 is that there is a little too much wiggle room in the cart strap slots which results in me having to tighten the strap to a point that it compresses the putter well which makes it hard to get my putter out sometimes.
  4. I am currently trying to decide between balls. When testing on course is it better to use one ball for an entire round and then the other ball the next round, or bounce back and forth between balls during the same round? I have been bouncing back and forth and hitting a shot with each ball on short-mid shots when time allows. I have already determined that there is not a lot of difference off the tee, plus I always see that testing a ball should start on the green and move back towards the tee.
  5. Is that report on top pulled from Arccos? I am about to start using it and would love data in that type of report format.
  6. I recently discovered my old Power Bilt Citation Driver in my parents garage. It is the model of the pic attached (the pic is from the internet), but it is the right model. The shaft was broken and the head was tarnished pretty bad. It appears to just be cosmetic. Does anyone know of anyone that restores persimmon drivers? I live in Nashville and don't mind having to ship it off. Also, it will need to be reshafted, but it has the nylon string around the neck where a ferrule would normally be so the reshaft may be a bit more detailed than normal. Anyone have any experience with these?
  7. Hopefully it will have swing path and face open/closed readings. I would love to be able to get this info in a personal launch monitor.
  8. I had a pair of DryJoys a few years ago that did this, but they were the lace up variety. I think it was related to how tight I tied them and the type of laces. I ties them a bit less tight and used unwaxed laces and it went away.
  9. I am all in on pleats. Both due to age and being a larger person..lol. If we can bring back pleats and get rid of flat bill hats I would be thrilled.
  10. Nice. Thoughts on the SIM Hybrid? I need a new one to replace 4 iron and will probably either go with the SIM or Mavrik
  11. I have some cobra irons on order with Arccos. I have talked to several people that use Arccos through an Apple watch and say they don't have to carry their phone. I plan to try that.
  12. I watched the one from the Dominican Republic this past Monday. I know it is edited for drama, but ever time I watch that show I just pray that I don't get paired with anyone that behaves that way on the course. I am competitive too, but some of these guys would make it suck for everyone.
  13. I had this same issue after a recovery from a surgery a few years ago. I have sciatica, but it turns out that I also have really tight hamstrings. Luckily my wife is a PT and we did some hamstring work and I no longer have the issue.
  14. Hmm...interesting idea since I just ordered a driver tartan headcover from Seamus. I am super pumped about it even thought it will be a month before it comes since they are focusing on PPE.
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