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  1. Sweet setup! I have a similar OCD headcover obsession lol
  2. Nic

    Golfing Today?

    Just got back from a glorious "3 courses in 3 days" outing... I thought the weather would hinder us, but it turned out to be beautiful golfing weather. The fairways and greens were as nice as the views. I only played to my handicap, but I'll take that everytime.
  3. Nice setup! I like the PXGs very much... they are indeed easy to hit well.
  4. Nice setup! What a great accomplishment to build a bag full of exactly what you want! Cheers!
  5. Great sticks... nice setup!
  6. Agree... loudly audible click just when you think it's too tight.
  7. Based on some of the factors you mentioned, I would suggest looking at Ping i210, Titleist 718 AP3, Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro... all mid-handicap irons, keeping a level of workability with some forgiveness.
  8. Nic


    I admire your restraint. As the guest of your friend's boss, you showed amazing self-discipline, control, and a lot of respect for your friend. I would play a round with you any time
  9. Agree... hit from the same outdoor range where you were fitted... if your results are not comparable to when you were fitted, have a discussion with the fitter. Personally, off the mats, I'm consistent... in the actual fairway, I'm not as uniform as the range.
  10. I would get fitted for the new driver now. During the fitting, you should discuss your SS development. By the end of your session you'll have an idea of just how much a fitted new driver will positively impact your game.
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