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  1. First one off this morning and played in a tidy 2.5 hours walking. Went 39/40 for a 79 on my usual course. Started off really well with only a dumb club selection on the second hole resulting in my lone bogey in the first right holes. Then doubled the ninth and had to hold on to close under 80. Driver started off nice on the first nine but got erratic on the second. Also this course has about 5 tee shots where driver is not an option and really have to use a hybrid and I hit one of them good. The rest not so much, though funny the two par threes on the front were long with pins in the b
  2. You're welcome, just watched a bunch of youtube videos lately so the head is full of a bunch of stuff for now. Probably forget it soon enough.
  3. That is one busy stretch right there. Just soak it all in. My wife and I are expecting our third this fall, it all goes so fast.
  4. Good point and I know the quad measures the speed on the club face so it tends to read swing a bit faster than trackman on drivers, woods, and hybrids where trackman is measure the speed at the center of mass which is behind the club faces in those clubs, with irons the readings are much more similar. Not to get the thread too off topic.
  5. The BXS is actually softer and one of the softest balls played on tour so should have not issues getting the performance out of it.
  6. Good luck on the progress and I will be sure to follow along. As a side note I think the marketing team missed an opportunity to add the name a 4th time on that club, now how will I know what this thing is called!
  7. I have not had a chance to test the club but I will just add that there is no illegal smash factor. Just most drivers on trackman tend to have a smash around 1.5, but on GC Quad its more like 1.45 to 1.40. This is because of how club head speed is measured between the two systems which results in a lower club head speed reading but similar ball speeds so hence the higher smash factor. A hybrid is not as big as a driver but it a bit larger so it likely reads that club head a bit slow, and even a bit slower than the SIM Max leading to the change in smash factor. As such to compare the clubs I wo
  8. Yes I have been cutting them back since the move to level 3 to just two on the non-dominant to keep some flexibility and still keep the speed up but don't want those swings to be the ones that use my energy.
  9. Same thing for me, at least with the driver that faster back and through transition works. For the irons not so much but for the driver it works well for me.
  10. Watching morning and just noticed Scottie Scheffler does a two finger overlap grip, both the pinky and the ring finger of the right hand on top of the left one. Not sure I have ever seen that before, obviously it works for him.
  11. Was able to get out to the range yesterday for the first time really since getting going on the super speed training and it was a great session. Did some shaft testing but with both the average swing speed was at 108/7 with an in control ball flight. Also got some ball speeds in the low 150s up to 154 which was great to see. Of course this was only on the PRGR monitor so might not be perfect but for comparisons it will do. Felt good to have a nice predictable ball flight figured out with the new speed. Also started up Level 3 super speed this week and was happy to have only lost a very mi
  12. This reminds me of some of the other replay reviews in other sports. Like hockey trying to see if a skate was a millimeter of the ice too early for offsides. If its that hard to see then lets all just move on, there was no real advantage.
  13. So far just really good go at it but when I do still have great contact and good dispersion. At least today, hopefully it can last a little while.
  14. Rose had a great start but always tough to go back to back like that. Likely come back to the field s bit, but if not and no one else moves up could get a wide lead, though I wouldn't bet on it. Tough to runaway from such a good field.
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