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  1. Interesting that when I looked at the Community map my marker was missing. I could not add a marker either. But when I went and clicked on the map and tried to set a marker it asked if I wanted to update my information and VOILA! my marker was back, my username back in the right column Cast of Characters, number of markers updated, geometric shape on the search map included my end of Lake Erie location, etc. Everyone - If you have not checked your Community Map marker you should go in and reactivate it, looks like things might be hidden (or not).
  2. And 5 o'clock! no need for that AM PM detail
  3. EasyPutter


  4. Welcome into the MGS forum and what a score for your first post. The Good Morning Thread has plenty of action with regular and long time contributors and they are friends of the kind I would choose if I was out looking for friends, and don't have to because they are already here. Outdoor golf is around the corner for us in the northern parts of the US and our northern neighbors, can measure it in weeks and days now
  5. Good morning from an overcast but not frozen WNY on this Friday hot coffee keeping the inside as warm as can be while Mother Nature sorts herself outside, it's forecast to be a typical wet and windy end of March in these parts. No problems getting on @Rickp and logging in to MGS though yesterday (as I always do before any online meeting) a restart to be ready for the MGS Community call late midday and on the restart the laptop indicated it was doing something like a CHKDSK that took about a half hour and I must say it's speed this morning is exponentially faster Hope golf is a part of your day
  6. Squeezed in 10 but only 5 counted as after 5pm winner for the shortest appearance to date
  7. Those really are the best of times. Brings more joy than you will ever know, perhaps you have an idea
  8. Good morning and glad to see you chose the Good Morning Thread to join in our friendly group. I think you will find this a worthwhile addition to your day and find the people who contribute here and throughout the MGS forum to be the kind of people who you would choose to have as friends. That is why I am involved here. Welcome in
  9. You could beat @Getoffmylawn at having the shortest drop-in to contribute
  10. Sounds like we are on the same life plan and my HR keeps letting me know about retirement seminars but there is more reason to keep going than to pull the pin and start the beginning of the last third of life - so much left to do and good bloodline, expecting to get to triple digits. Good morning from a wet WNY on this MGS Community Call Thursday, impending downpours (if predicted weather radar is on point) should help wash all remaining road salt off everything. Hot coffee keeping me company with memories of yesterday's first round on course filling every moment, hope your day has golf a part of it more than just MGS forum
  11. First outdoor 9 hole round (any round) since November 12th last day before closedown of last course open in WNY, March 22 had some great shots, a couple good holes and only 1 lost ball. I could gloat that I shot below my age but a 60 for 9 holes isn't anything to cheer about, maybe I shouldn't even mention it All kidding aside, rough start to 2023 but it was golf, it was fabulous to be on course, and joined 3 other kind hearted men for a most respectful and enjoyable round. Game is definitely ON and destined for better rounds to come 53F, slow greens, persistent westerly winds, complete overcast, will definitely take this over every day of the year before this so far. Lots of tree damage on the course from the heavy snow storms that rolled through about every 3 weeks since Thanksgiving.
  12. Good morning from a still dark WNY @Lacassem your photo is a nice preview to what is coming very soon as the terminator sweeps across our time zone. This middle of the week has a dentist appointment and Caz Park GC is open today for the one day hole in the weather and will fit nicely between appt and dinnertime. With the real prospect of outdoor golf on 3/22/2023 in Western NY, the hot mug of coffee and its on-deck thermos threesome is a great start to a day with golf in it
  13. Happy Birthday @twyatt700 @Steven Stuebner @JRMadison @Toby @deh @abadabode @Patrick Wade @luisfernandezgolfer @AJCKUJHAWK @YMike322 @CJBear @BThompson @bgraham48 @Olly Foster @Mvd313 hope golf is a part of your day!
  14. Good morning on a not yet golf warm WNY Tuesday with a hot mug of Wegman's Breakfast Blend freshly opened and steaming in the mug two more waiting in the thermos to get to lunchtime. Wakened with realization in 2 months I need to be walking 4 miles carrying a Standard for two days of the PGA Championship so I better start getting my steps in and not wait until it happens pushing Clicgear and golf bag around the course so that is going to begin with at least 2 miles after work today. Hope golf is part of your day
  15. Hey you've got all those skills running your tight little ship and this is well-oiled! And you know that Topgolf is flat out FUN! And you have that Edgy Spirit. FORE!!!
  16. You are still wearing a belt though, I hope, if you need one (oh the horror)
  17. This is where I have a problem with the broad category of "bucket hat" because (until now) I never thought I had seen a hat that looked like a bucket to earn the moniker. Now I have seen a real bucket hat. People call my broad brim hat a bucket hat and that grinds my gears. It is like calling a T-Top Trans Am a convertible. Two completely different genre thrown into one category, might as well call all golfers who have money in the game Pros.
  18. My finance role is federal agency payroll so not as cavalier, you remember how in service it was always "Mission First!" but always take care of your people.
  19. Good morning on a last of the freezing weather if the forecasters have it right WNY Monday, plenty breezy but opportunity this afternoon to get the road salt off the vehicle before it, well it is not going to freeze again so water on the driveway won't be an issue. Hot coffee in the mug with a couple backups in the thermos, sitting in the captain's seat in front of my 5 screens to launch into the finance world once again, the start of an awesome day
  20. Not troublemakers but SWMBO "encourages" me to keep my clubs in my vehicle. Experience with tinted windows and in earlier life station wagons, my SUV has privacy glass and the golfbag rests completely in the space between the backseat and backdoor and covered so peeping eyes detect nothing. With my Clicgear in a rolling bag and shoes, umbrellas, towels, balls, and sundries tucked in, I always have what I need for golf when I get to golf, even on an impulse. Experience with tinting started when I put a thermometer in my second black station wagon and saw temp of 157F in summer sunshine, reduced to 145F with back windows down an inch, I installed limousine black tinting legally (only back door windows and around the back) and interior temp never got above 107F windows closed and parking the back to the sun it was cooler yet. Current vehicle privacy glass has the same sunlight stopping properties minimizing what passes through the glass to warm interior surfaces. I also from habit park front away from the sun. Thinking of adding Vent Shades I saw at a Pep Boys yesterday for this summer, maybe with end of the month paycheck. Still warnings about hot clubs parting when used requires precautions: windows down as soon as the vehicle starts to dump the hot air, closed as soon as air conditioning comes through the dash vents to exhaust at the back of vehicle where the cabin exhaust vent is located and arriving at the course, backdoors and lift door open and a leisurely setup of push cart/loading onto golf cart, rain cover off and putting the whole bag into shade while getting shoes on, paying for round/checking in, talking smack talk with everyone (who does that right?) and to date no clubhead has left the shaft and ferules have stayed put. Interesting points about grips though, thinking about getting new ones, maybe.
  21. How can you tell? I'll let myself out...
  22. You know how some people are when they get half baked or get too crispy or burnt. So you're thinking they might be referred to as the Sausage Boyz? I hope not, not sure I could take having to think of that name every time it gets posted.
  23. Good morning from a blustery 23F/-5C WNY morning, forecast no longer has 30's for highs after today's forecast 31F and later in the week high is supposed to reach 55F/13C, now we need to get the kites out for all this wind, mpg yesterday on the way to Rochester was 4 higher than usual traveling with the wind, coming back wasn't as good and snow showers kept reducing visibility. Halfway back roads became snow covered where trees and such were not blocking the blowing snow and drifts were growing into the driving lanes and it was cool after dark driving into Star Wars hyperspace. Hot chocolate in the mug for the "mountain chalet" wintery morning and porridge is next. Cable guy coming tomorrow for a service not done since before pandemic and chance to reduce the accumulation in my basement office. Might be best to not open the boxes before dumping them in the trash bin. Hope golf has a significant part of your day!
  24. It's 5 o'clock somewhere! Nobody ever specified PM or AM
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