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  1. Bubba is walking home from the bar late one night and sees the outline of a woman in the shadows. "Twenty dollars," she whispers. Bubba had never been with a hooker before and decides, what the hell, it's only twenty bucks. So, he goes into the bushes and joins her. They're “engaged” for a few minutes when all of a sudden, a light flashes on them. It is a police officer. "What's going on here?" asks the officer. "I'm making love to my wife!" Bubba answers, sounding annoyed. "Oh, I'm sorry," says the cop, "I didn't know." "Well, neither did I, 'til ya shined that light in her face."
  2. Good morning MGSpies from a humid overcast WNY for this Friday, first one in August and so much on the plate. Work as usual in the zero commute mode then 5pm tee time today, the weekend and next week have me looking how to fit in everything needed to prepare for and be present where it makes a difference but you will have to keep checking in daily to see what it is as it unfolds hope golf is a part of your day and weekend come on weekend!!!
  3. Looks awesome on your awesome Sun Mountain bag. Does that cart bag have the Smart Straps for securing to the golf cart? I saw SM has started putting them on more of their cart bags than just the C130 though that looks very much like a C130, not seeing the badging on that photo.
  4. I have been using Brave or Duck Duck Go as browsers for years and by design they block ads, using an Android now but I really don't know anything about the experience the rest of you are having with ads on MGS Forum
  5. Good morning MGSpies on an overcast morning in the Miami of the North, WNY for this Community Call first Thursday of August hot coffee on the no-commute day keeping the mind active (not focused though ) coming off a fast and good round yesterday afternoon played without a glove due to a back-of-the-hand rash that needs to not be fitted into a glove fitted to the way the pros wear them posted in the MGS Forum Virtual Tournament making 3 rounds so far, posted this week. Hope golf is a part of your day
  6. Speaking of playing gloveless, I put on one of the well worn Sussex gloves end of last week as the Range Rooster was getting worn and a club had turned in my grip. The still fresh Sussex was safely in the vehicle and I noticed after done for the day the back of my glove hand was looking like it had a rash. I put a hand cream on it which doesn't seem to be the right thing, cortizone will be next. So to make play today tolerable I went without a glove, first time for going gloveless since I learned to golf when I turned 50. And after a few cautious and concerning swing/hits that made it certain I needed to grip the club tighter, my front 9 was a 48 which is good on a good day and the back 9 came in at a 43 for a 91 for the day, a lower score for me and 3 under handicap. I noticed my calouses were feeling enhanced which is a minor discomfort but now I know when a glove is not something I can wear it does not at all prevent me from having a good round. That's all and thanks for reading my somewhat rambling tale of today in Derek's golfland.
  7. Date 08/02/2023 Course Name Elma Meadows Golf Course Gross Score 91 Course Handicap 24 Gross Strokes over/under par 21 Net Score to Par -3 Net Score 67 Net Birdies or better 8 Longest Drive 182 Social front 9 played 48 as a threesome with regular partner and a tag along who caught up to us on the 3rd tee. Finished front 9 in 95 minutes. I continued the back 9 alone and played quickly focused on my setup and course management turning in a 43 in 70 minutes, couldn't believe when rolling up to the vehicle with a 4:10 tee time I was all done before 7pm.
  8. Good morning MGSpies from an overcast but low chance of precip Wednesday in WNY hot coffee too hot to sip but smells great on this zero commute morning with 4:00 Tee time so there is golf for me later today, hope golf is in your day too
  9. No question the songs written for radio especially AM radio were so rife for blasting the tunes when heading to the Cross Country Team practice a couple towns over for the open land and steep hills of the Tonawanda Escarpment running from just east of Buffalo to the Rochester area to build strength and endurance - cruising together with 5 other teens in 1970's vintage Buicks and Oldsmobiles and one Camaro before eardrums were suffering from the volume cranking from 6x9 rear deck speakers with 20oz coils connected to 100watt power boosters. I seem to remember Elton John's Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting helped the accelerator get the Delta 88 well over posted speed limits.
  10. Date 08/01/2023 Course Name Elma Meadows Golf Course Gross Score 100 Course Handicap 24 Gross Strokes over/under par 30 Net Score to Par 6 Net Score 76 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 179 Some good shots, some not so good shots, could really use a shot, make it a double next tee time tomorrow, oh tea would be good
  11. Good morning MGSpies from downtown Buffalo on a peaceful clear sky in the parking spot on this in-the-office Tuesday with hot coffee and Davol 's Ride on Pandora 3:40 tee time after work, hope golf is a part of your day
  12. Date 07/31/2023 Course Name Elma Meadows Golf Course Gross Score 97 Course Handicap 24 Gross Strokes over/under par 27 Net Score to Par 3 Net Score 73 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 155 Couple of meltdown holes and one par 3 hole I got TWO PARS! Why does golf feel more like a marriage than like dating? Not that I remember dating very well anymore, was in a different millenia.
  13. 1. What does MGS Forum mean to you? MGS Forum means I have a connection to like minded people who enjoy golf in more ways than just playing the game. It is sharing ideas and enjoying vicariously the adventures not only in people's golf activities but their lives in general. 2. What has been your favorite thread of 2023? The Good Morning Thread has been my go-to now since the first day it appeared. That thread is like a pulse of the segment of the Forum who has made it their daily check in as well. 3. What testing opportunities have you followed the most? I enjoy testing so the Red Rooster Sussex glove is the one I paid most attention to - I am here more for the social aspect of the Forum and learning how others are experiencing the same product I am testing has the greatest interest for me. 4. If you were to explain the MGS Forum to someone who never heard about it what would you say? The MGS Forum is a great online site to meet like minded golfers who are just like you and me, we post not just how our golf day went but also other things about golf, sometimes PGA Pools or posting our own scores into the MGS Forum Virtual Tournament as a way to see how our golf for the week compares to each other. And if you get involved in the Forum with a good profile filled out with photo, and you contribute to the forum with lots of posts there are opportunities to put in for and get chosen to test whatever product needs testing, and if you test it you get to keep it. 5. Of the new "features" what have you enjoyed the most (ie: MGS Virtual Tour, Community Calls, Live Q&As, Classifieds) MGS Virtual Tour, Community Calls, The Good Morning Thread, Happy Birthday Thread, How Did You Play, and new social threads like the After Hours Spy Saloon 6. What brought you to join the MGS Forum? The 2018 MGS Pushcart Test Results when I was looking for my one-and-done best push cart to be one that would last my golf life.
  14. Good morning my fellow MGSpies on a glorious summer Monday ready for a sit in the command chair and navigate the electronic workplace as welcome change from yesterday's MG Midget adventure. Started early and finished mid-afternoon. Photo was about 10:00 and everything set up for light westerly breeze and about 4 minutes later a rogue gust from the east flipped the sun protection and set the stage for a less comfortable parking lot garage. Wheels were off for bleeding the brakes after the master cylinder change that took until just after noon to work out how to swap it out, then brakes did not want to bleed so the adventure will continue! 5:10 tee time so there is golf for me today, hope golf is part of your day too!
  15. Good morning afternoon evening MGSpies from a tired WNY Buffalo guy who had no golf in his day, up too early for a Sunday, breakfast with son at his Rochester apartment and spent the next 6 hours replacing a master cylinder on son's project car - never expected this kind of enjoyment with him as I had zero help from the offspring when they were growing up when my vehicles were undergoing driveway maintenance, and the chance to pass along a lifetime of skills honed under the tutelage of my father's guidance now has a chance of making it to the next generation. Finally home and the parts of the garage transported in the utility trailer are put away, time for ice cream and something else well earned Be calm my MGSpy brother, it could be you have the great fortune of having a MyGolfSpouse supporting your endeavors on the course giving her peace of mind (knowing where you are, knowing nobody undesirable is with you, knowing she has a few hours to get things done without having to keep an eye on you, it's all good)
  16. Have you by any chance started to notice anything familiar about how those critters look? Could be they're getting weary of all the relocating nice though to share animals, no better to say to neighbors, "Thinking of you!"
  17. Now if you want modern Western done in an off planet setting, you can't go wrong with Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity. TBH I really don't fit any of these characters, but they are all really well played. Best show that was cut half way through it's first season - the movie was the result of fan support two years after the season cancelled telling the season opener with a different twist, much like how Douglas Adams would write The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy a different way each time he penned the book, radio play, movie, etc.
  18. Date 07/28/2023 Course Name Elma Meadows Golf Course Gross Score 95 Course Handicap 24 Gross Strokes over/under par 25 Net Score to Par 1 Net Score 71 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 178 Hole 1 was a brilliant drive, awesome on in 2 that looked close to pin but on closer inspection was 30+ feet uphill with right break towards the end, and sank it for birdie - meaning for once in my golf life my score at some point on the card was below par for the round!
  19. Sorry couldn't wait around for you to finish whatever it was you were writing about. Nice emoji
  20. Thank you Robert, I have had birdies before although not many. What I realized about this one, as it was the first hole of the day, it was my first time ever having an under-par score on a scorecard at any point of time during a golf round. That "Numbers Guy" thing again That is why I captured the SwingU app screen after recording the hole score.
  21. Ok, not 24 hours old and I'm already way behind. Been out of the mainstream since deployment, combat stress has a weird way of surfacing sometimes so I don't tempt it to awaken. Will look into Deadwood, sounds like a good one. Until then just consider me to be one of these two fellows.
  22. Good Saturday morning from an it's going to be storming midday WNY Hot coffee refreshed from the already ground bag, sorry for your troubles @Hobert and yesterday's round started off with an amazing 1st tee shot, 2nd onto the green, and a 30+ foot uphill with right break 1 putt birdie for my first ever under par score on a golf course (cured by a double on the second hole should have been on in 3 but a wide left of the green stole that opportunity. Pitch on and 2-putt "normal for me" golf.) All family time this weekend and tee times next week so hope golf is a part of your day
  23. Good morning MGSpies on a warm humid WNY Friday hot coffee smells good still too hot to touch, thinking about missing the Community Call yesterday because of golf (how ironic) and it sounds like it was a great time, missed seeing everyone. 4:10 tee again today heading into the weekend hope golf is a part of your day! EDIT Sent this and this popped up How cool is that?! Not sure what rank is ! but an increase is an increase
  24. Date 07/27/2023 Course Name Elma Meadows Golf Course Gross Score 98 Course Handicap 25 Gross Strokes over/under par 26 Net Score to Par 1 Net Score 73 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 199 Missed the Community Call but got another round in for the Virtual Tour, gotta keep my points going to stay at the top half of the leader board. No lost balls to day but switched from OnCore Elixir to OnCore Avant half way through to no real advantage or disadvantage.
  25. Couldn't make it work with getting to the first tee. Looking forward to next week!
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