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  1. Yup and you know he's on the distribution list for who in in which condo so... Agreed - and we both know if anyone knows what a slice fade and straight draw hook is, it's YB
  2. Good morning MGSpies from the summer is here finally in WNY on this middle of the week before vacation officially is underway, work computer is still sorting out its network connection but coffee is good for the no-commute workday - inertia was well in effect yesterday as no golf other than forum and no yardwork other than seeing it was still there got done but did actually get out for the school vote - today will probably be more of the same but those 30 bags of red mulch are not going to put themselves down. All the best for @Kenny B and Martha starting the arrival clock for the meetup, safe travels and miles under the frame, etc. The trip began for most of us I think with the actual intention for load planning and packing. All the best for those with personal and other concerns mentioned and not. Hope golf is a part of your day 7
  3. Good morning MGSpies from an already light enough for streetlights to be going off downtown Buffalo for the in the office workday. Enjoying my private lounge in the vehicle by the office building with Emancipator's All Through The Night on Pandora and coffee still just able to sip thinking about Jason's @sirchunksalot packing golf bag for the adventure, my trip begins exactly one week from now. Had to drive a document to my son in Rochester yesterday after work so got to eat dinner with him but golf was preempted and next opportunity is after work today. Hope golf is a part of your day 8
  4. A Wise Village Idiot Military Intelligence You can go ahead and stop right there. Or a favorite from my daughter when she was 2 years old: "Dad, why can't you hear quiet people?"
  5. The Max D was out on course again yesterday and true to the axiom, the club is only as good as the golfer swinging it and contrary to the amazing play on Friday in the rain, the Sunday in the sun suffered from a great deal of user error. The balls that were hit well performed well. The balls that were not hit well will not be mentioned any further (and a couple were never to be seen again). Just one of those rounds. Next rounds should be this week
  6. 9 days and counting!!! And some of us will be there sooner!
  7. 9 days and counting!!! And some of us will be there sooner!
  8. Good morning MGSpies from summer has arrived in this neck of the woods at least until Wednesday WNY where 80s are forecast today through Wednesday for this final week of work and preparation before the adventure to MD begins. Had a chance to play 9 after the HOPE session yesterday, son came down to meet me for a clubhouse cheeseburger then on the course. Some good hits, some not so good hits, very wet on all low to no slope areas so everyone was walking but greens were fast but somewhat plinko with aeration probably a couple weeks ago. Still the grass was cut at home in the evening and other things done that pleased MyGolfSpouse for a peaceful evening. Hope golf is a part of your day! 9
  9. @rkj427 Robert, my own departure is 8 days tomorrow, leaving morning after Memorial Day and using routes other than interstates as much as possible to see America on the 2-lane highways as travel used to be and avoiding major metropolitan areas. Taking advantage of a near to Williamsburg campground for what will likely be my only opportunity this year to set up camp for a slower pace lead-in to the meetup. It's been over 10 years I have been using my gear for camping as Scout Dad and as guest of Brian Jacobs Golf supported Veterans Classic annual events when we stayed on his property and were treated to golf in the Rochester area. Campground is on a facility that also has a 9-hole golf course so I'm hoping for an easy warm up round before joining other early arrivals for MGS HQ visit later in the day. Keeping it vague so @Yellow Ball is unlikely to drop in. Will break camp early Thursday for early arrival at RNK tee times then on to the resort for a Lazy River kind of evening if conditions permit. Looking forward to opportunities that a flexible state of mind allows.
  10. Date 05/17/2024 Course Name Cazenovia Park GC Gross Score 97 Course Handicap 16 Gross Strokes over/under par 25 Net Score to Par 9 Net Score 81 Net Birdies or better Longest Drive Longest drive 178 yards. Net birdies 3 Slope 108 Rating 34.0 Differential 13.6
  11. Good morning MGSpies and Happy Birthday Rob @Golfspy_CG2 from as nice a morning here in WNY as Rob @rkj427 is having in his neck of the woods as summer does seem to have found its way to the northern eastern states on this last Sunday before Memorial Day weekend. Getting ready to head to Rochester area for session 3 of the PGA HOPE program and son is to arrive as we are finishing for our first 9 hole round for 2024, now that his college academia is behind him. Hope golf is a part of your day! 10
  12. Found a moment to catch up on the most recent testing with Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max D. It happened yesterday at my regular course after persistent rains arrived in the area. Yes I am one of the few who did venture to the course for a round in the rain and conversations were lively with the others who enjoy it apparently as much as I do! The rain was not too heavy and winds were light so the umbrella on the Clicgear cart and cover on the golf bag made for some very pleasant and solitary golf. Overall, it was an example of how I play better in rain than I have done with the fair weather 9's this season. SwingU app has been showing me numbers between 50 and 55 after 9, and Friday the app showed a 47. I actually had par on both par 3 holes bogies on both par 5, and doubles on all but one par 4. The setup under the umbrella where I hang the putter so it is easy access with drying towel. It is not a perfect solution for putter accessibility but keeps putter cover dry and it is necessary to push the umbrella spring load up when it sags under the putter weight however hand holding on to the putter grip with the umbrella shaft keeps everything steady and actually makes it easier to push the cart. Smoke Max D stroked some really nice drives that meets one of my requirements, for it to supplant my gamer in the bag by hitting farther than the gamer and my 19 degree Tommy Armour fairway hybrid which tends to hit longer than the gamer. The longest drive so far was 178 yards off the par 5 4th tee box and the fairways were lush and wet. Max D hit well on Tees 1, 2 (both par 4) and on 4, 5 (both par 5). But when I pulled the club out at the 6th tee, I felt a rattle as I did my pre-swing routine. Investigating I noticed the adjustment sleeves on the shaft where the head is attached had play and the head was loose. With no tool to tighten it, the Smoke was covered and returned to its snug dry place in the golf bag. The Teeless Driver once again had a moment to shine but its performance was as dreary as the weather. I should do a write up of my experience with that club now I have had it for the year, passed on to me after its official forum test by none other than Mr. @Yellow Ball himself in what I believe was a magnanimous gesture. Sooooo, if anyone who is going to the Kingsmill meetup would like to be the next foster parent of the Teeless Driver, the handoff will come with best wishes its performance in the hands of its next MGSpy. Thank goodness my Tommy Armour 19 degree fairway hybrid still outdistances all other clubs in my bag, as a stand in driver off the tee box and holes 8, 9 (both par 4) it played well with all long ball hitting and did most of the distance work off tee box and fairway. That club has a secure place in my golf bag Enter the new tool, a size 25 star bit in my hex driver handle to travel with the Smoke driver to ensure no further testing delays due to a loosening club head. With the driving range earlier this week of approx 70 balls, the 22 hits at the OnCore HQ, and 8 9-hole rounds of 7 drives (not used on the two par 3 holes) for about 56 hits, the club head lasted about 150 ball hits before the head became noticeably loose requiring maintenance. Planning to get a round in at Southern Meadows GC after the PGA HOPE session tomorrow. That will be about 11:30 Steve @bens197 if you want to come out for a round, or anyone else in the Rochester area who wants to share a 9 hole round. My son is likely going to be playing too so at least one of us will get a drive in the 200+ distance
  13. Good morning MGSpies on an overcast to start Saturday here in WNY - first job getting a bearing axle seal as the last part necessary for small trailer repair, then hauling mulch for the yard before the HD sale is off. Golf yesterday was in the rain with very few who also think golf in the rain is a good idea. So far this year 9 holes have been between 50 and 55 but yesterday hit 47 reaching par 5 greens in 4, that has not happened since 2023. Time to see where the day takes me and hope golf is a part of your day 11
  14. No plans right now but thinking of getting in an early 9 holes at Southern Meadows before the HOPE session on Sunday, will have to check with Mike Clawson to see what the earliest is on his course. Might be opportunity to play the afternoon at Genesee Valley GC... Thanks for starting my mind up, had so many competing things distracting me from the most important thing in life. That is golf of course!
  15. Good morning MGSpies from an overcast and humid cool (feels warm) WNY on this Friday with work computer negotiating a connection to the network on a no commute workday. Coffee is almost ready to help with the heaviest workload of every 2-week cycle. Last night was PGA HOPE session 3 and NFCC and just an amazing night in sunshine thanks to local effect on the south shore of Lake Ontario for the daily heating buildups that were all gone before arriving home after sunset. Today looks like rain starting about lunchtime so there should be plenty of opportunity on the course for at least 9 today and possibly 18 to get one up on the Forum Virtual Tour for this week. Hope golf is a part of your day 12
  16. Good morning MGSpies on a zero commute workday with computer going onto the network and coffee just about ready, no golf again yesterday as mens leagues were starting on both courses my season pass is good for early on Wednesday afternoons, will have to get with work supervisors to see if a recurring hour of annual leave can be used on Wednesdays to be able to play before the leagues begin Community Call this afternoon at 4pm US East Coast timezone will be enroute to session 3 PGA HOPE at Niagara Frontier CC, hope to see/hear many of MGSpy friends on and hope golf is a part of your day 13
  17. Steve you hit the nail on the head, when I do have the opportunity to play in the last 2 weeks, it has either been rain that even I will not play in or some conflict like son graduating college, vehicle repair with limited time before a long trip, cutting grass between rains when golf would be the other option. You know the usual trade-offs that make us northerners easier to sway into going south during colder months. But it also makes a nice segue into yesterday. It was a gorgeous looking day until I was driving home from downtown Buffalo, heading towards the southeast. It was impossible to miss seeing rapidly growing weather that was creating an anvil head cloud top with dark clouds below where sunlight cannot penetrate far enough to make the clouds glow. Weather radar had its colorful precipitation just southeast of where a favorite par 3 course with very nice driving range is located between Orchard Park and East Aurora. 70 balls were supposed to be in the large basket and all 70 flew north over the downhill range with colored poles and targets at marked distances. More drives went straight or with a fade than either pulled left or turned more like a slice, usually the result of the club touching mat before ball. Something huge for me at a range is the rapidity of hitting 70 balls. Yesterday mother nature was dowsing the countryside behind me and I had to deal with the physical and mental effects of hitting on the range. Physically the session is the equivalent of 10 (ten) 9-hole rounds of drives. I usually play that much over 2 weeks with driver for 7 holes each round. Mentally I don't care to stand on a faux turf mat with a rubber tee of noodle properties and bounding walls in front of me and behind me in my stance. All that to consider while also attempting to make a video the practice. It just did not turn out well as you can see by no video or photos of actual practice.
  18. I used to use 6 purple dots in a hexagon with one extra dot on opposite sides that made a diamond and while great to spot took more time than I cared for. Always between the makers mark and alignment mark. Decided to switch it for a logo I created during my transition briefings at military retirement when it was said to brand yourself to make something memorable. I played with my initials and once I went from using upper to lower case letters, I found they stacked nicely into this form. Best part it takes about as long to draw as 2 or 3 dots, still a purple sharpie between makers mark and alignment mark. And the turning the ball mentioned before is preferable to keep the Sharpie marker ink from transferring to the club face. I usually present my ball mark at the first tee with new people and it is amazing how many will tell me some time after that round that they had seen the balls I lost (though I have yet to get one they've found given back to me lol)
  19. 1. Cut Number Will Be = 2 over (+2) 74 2. PGA Club Professional will finish with the best score = Michael Block Now everyone knows what not to pick! LOL
  20. Good morning MGSpies from a warm overcast Wednesday here in WNY getting the network online for today's rendition of workday in the basement command bunker with a zero commute, coffee almost ready in the upstairs canteen. Went to hit a 70 ball bucket yesterday adding ground level Smoke in the Max D variety to the afternoon storm that passed just to the south and east of the driving range. Intending to play 9 holes golf after work at the course today. What I could not help notice was the mental aspect of being on a hitting mat with a medium or long flexible tee that just did not feel right under my feet and the boundary walls in the hitting bay (that I knew were too far away to get in the way) added a mental part to yesterday's ball launching experience, more later in the testing thread. Hope golf is a part of your day! 14
  21. Good morning MGSpies from an early dawn in downtown Buffalo enjoying a quiet moment with coffee in the mug and Tycho's Division on Pandora. Yesterday ended up being a day for taming the lush lawn that this spring's rain has watered into abundance yet could only do half of the backyard as it hadn't dried enough to keep the mower from bogging down. Going to try for 9 holes on the way home or minimum of a bucket of balls to put some Smoke in WNY and capture the action on the thread in my signature below. All the best to everyone in everything you do and hope golf is part of your day 15
  22. Good morning MGSpies from an already light in the sky Monday here in WNY with plenty of sunshine in the heart from the events since mid-last week until this morning that included those involving son's RIT graduation, successful vehicle repair on the driveway, PGA HOPE session and awesome Mothers Day celebrations in multiple homes (and yes everyone was wished a happy mothers day ) Can't help join in Jason's @sirchunksalot growing excitement with planning for the meetup and refining my own packing list. Today is back to basement central zero commute for this workday with computer linking into network and thinking of 9 holes golf after work. Hope golf is a part of your day! 16 EDIT: (as my readback was apparently incomplete this morning) Adding in a welcome to @JessicaMarko for the good choice or remarkable good fortune of making a first post here in The Good Morning Thread where this awesome bunch of golf obsessed kindred spirits likes to touch base regularly in what is arguably the busiest continuous thread in the forum, and hope you find everyone to be the kind of people you would choose as friends as I have. Welcome in!
  23. Date 05/08/2024 Course Name Cazenovia Park GC Gross Score 105 Course Handicap 16 Gross Strokes over/under par 17 Net Score to Par 1 Net Score 89 Net Birdies or better 0 Longest Drive 0 Longest drive 178 all net pars. Rating 68.0 Slope 108
  24. UPDATE for you Robert @rkj427 The offending wheel bearing has been replaced and original front bearings will continue service as they have and replacements will be returned as unnecessary. I did rotate that hub before dumping it into the trash bin and perceived nothing unusual in its unloaded state, so the discovery of no bearing noise this morning was a joy indeed. The EP prime mover is road trip ready. 17
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