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  1. That is an amazing amount of contribution in 12 years! About 1,250 posts per year and comparatively I'm waaaaay behind your rate at 440 per year thereabouts. This post puts me at 2,202 and has me thinking I should have scampered around the forum making 19 more posts before this one to be all 2's not that numbers are everything Only 2210 hours to Kingsmill...
  2. Good morning MGSpies from downtown Buffalo in the parking spot outside the building well before sunrise with a fullish looking Moon revealing thin cloud cover and contrails on a 55⁰F Tuesday, early enough for William Orbit's Surfing on Pandora providing a kindly atmosphere for hot coffee and focused relaxing before the workday in the office begins. Hope golf is a part of your day 92
  3. Been catching up on two of my favorite sailing channels, Sailing One Life and Sailing SV Delos. Sailing One Life is an intriguing one because Gary is from Rochester NY and an engineer doing all his own work on his boat and in a refit last summer replaced whole structural panels on the boat, sealed parts of the hull and installed, repaired and fabricated a huge number of systems. His wife Brooke is his perfect companion and she is a really good sailor as is Gary evident on their Pacific crossing from the Sea of Cortez to French Polynesia on a 25 day passage. Sailing SV Delos is one of the pioneers of YouTube sailing channels and they also did the same kind of refit to Delos in the same boat yard in Puerto Penasco, Mexico as One Life and did the crossing to the Marquesas a few weeks before One Life was ready to go. They both met up again in an atoll in French Polynesia which is where the channels are currently. If you are waiting for warmer weather and unable to go to the tropics to be there yourself, as I am unable, then these channels and their really well done episodes are guaranteed to be the next best thing to being there. And their adventures while similar are strikingly different
  4. This is epic and what a fabulous family occasion! I have an eye that doesn't miss much, this is also an epic photo with the screen of the phone camera showing another perspective in the same photo.
  5. Good morning MGSpies on a dark not too chilly WNY last Monday of February with work network coming up and coffee ready to begin today's zero commute workday Good day yesterday with curling, talking about golf being sooner this year because of the mildish winter, and catching up on favorite YouTube channels about my first love sailing and those I follow whose adventures began in the Sea of Cortez and the last episode watched are already in French Polynesia, southern hemisphere and warm! Glad to read about everyone's weekends and similar hopes for warmer weather soon. Hope golf is a part of your day 93
  6. Welcome into the Forum and what a really nice way to begin! Will recommend The Good Morning Thread as a place to get a pulse check of the community we have here of like minded golf obsessed people who like me adopted the MGS Forum as a new part of the family.
  7. Thanks my brother Veteran, my efforts began with the PGA HOPE program locally is to grow a Veteran community through activities like golf and now curling to replace the loss we all felt of togetherness when we separated from service. It is not an all encompassing thing but it is a way to meet and spend time with others "like us" as our experiences do set us apart from the rest of our countrymen knowing things that can only be understood at the core depth. Such emotional lows and highs for your daughter and your family with tragedy and real joy of family happiness with promise for everyone's bright future. Like Matt @MattWillGolf is likely to do, we would love to see photos of these mazing family events if sensibility allows as this is my chosen family as it is for many of our fellow MGSpies
  8. Good morning MGSpies from another brilliantly sunny but just above 20F Sunday in WNY after a second good sleeping night hot tea helping warm the insides after taking care of the baking things from yesterday that needed an overnight (or so) soak. Curling at noon with the Veterans which has become a bright spot for the week with the "golf delayed" season in full (swing?) and finding I can curl as good as I golf. Only laughing in the conversations whilst putting the stones into the house contributing to the team effort. Last week's action. My opponent's throw. Jason @sirchunksalot that looks like a neat piece of equipment and place to keep it! Your food focus is something I admire as I never had the motivation for much more than taking care of immediate need. Robert @rkj427 sounds like our weekends are similar in many ways and cars have always been one of my fascinations. @RockerFCC best thoughts for your grand opening and success - looks like a great facility and hoping to hear you need to borrow that line from Top Gun when the you have to advise someone, "that's a negative Ghost Rider, the circuit is full." Matt @MattWillGolf can't say enough for the opportunity to be a bigger part of your son's life, as if it was possible, and so it is! So many others with goings-on filling my mind this morning and too many to mention - best place on the Forum and in life in general is right here in this thread. Hope golf is a part of your day 94
  9. Good morning MGSpies from sunny cold WNY on this Saturday hot tea for the wakeup and yes it was a long sleep last night, proof the week of new problems associated with a major system upgrade at work for the payroll system took a lot out of those whose job is to help timekeepers and supervisors ensure employees are paid correctly and on time. Topped off with a trip to Rush NY and the first WNY PGA HOPE Session of 2024, indoors on simulators and indoor putting/chipping green and visit with son for pizza dinner made for a great end to the work week. Not sure what today is going to include but the sunshine will make whatever it is better Hope golf is a part of your day 95
  10. Good morning MGSpies from dark damp WNY on this payroll Friday and with the new platform the system is on that has been troublesome all week this should be quite the adventure once the work computer sorts itself on the network but my mind is actually on the first of 6 sessions for the WNY PGA HOPE program first session of 10+ this year for the Section in Rush NY this evening and hope golf is a part of your day too 96
  11. Awesome call for the beginning of year 2! Already missing your background Jamie
  12. Good morning MGSpies on a community call and cold for summertime Thursday in WNY working from home basement today getting the network up and catching up here coffee soon to make its debut and if this week continues as it has the workday will be crazy busy, there will be lunchtime and then it will be done and time for you know hope golf is a part of your day 98
  13. Good morning MGSpies from basement central on a clear sky not frozen WNY Wednesday with milder weather in for today high of 50s then dropping daily by 10 degrees to the next freezing days no commute workday already rocking the network solving issues with the major payroll system upgrade had a great lap counter around the day yesterday including the tallest lemon meringue pie I have ever seen, as tall as it was wide, something new for a celebratory "cake" keeping tabs on everyone and the excitement and drama shared, thanks so much for including us all in your current events on this community call eve hope golf is a part of your day 99 Beep Beep
  14. Now that is a great birthday cake - had the tallest lemon meringue pie you ever saw for real Thanks to @MattF @sirchunksalot @rkj427 @Josh Parker @ParFore74x @Preeway @GolfSpy_KFT @GolfSpy_BEN @Rob Person @Michael.Sandoval33 @tdroma98 for your best wishes for my Fifty Thirteenth (or is is Thirty Thirty Third?) birthday - only just getting started as a one day per year celebration is on from now until April 23rd Edit: Easier to see the height of the pie with it sliced, and yes that is one candle (to keep the fire suppression system from making the place look like @Josh Parker's jacuzzi hot tub)
  15. Good morning MGSpies from my downtown parking spot by the office building with hot coffee and Ocelot by Emancipator on Pandora on this Tuesday when I'm claiming either Fifty Thirteen or Thirty Thirty Three for my own as many would say I'm not like many people dinner later but a full workday first. Hope golf is part of your day 100
  16. Good morning MGSpies on a sunny cold WNY holiday Monday so the work computer is not network connected and functionally inert and slept in like it was still the weekend (sorry guys working today) because it still is! Plan today is for a late brunch with son in Rochester then... not sure but perfect for a holiday Monday hope golf is a part of your day
  17. Just the numbers as of 2/18/2024 4:30 PM give or take a minute or two. The minutes number looks pretty good
  18. Love this - huge numbers guy myself and glad to know there's at least one more of us lurking around!
  19. Good morning MGSpies from wintery cold WNY on this holiday weekend middle day Sunday with Veteran curling on again after a 4 week hiatus for various reasons. Dinner plans for later. Went to a local Veteran sendoff for our beloved local pro Brian Jacobs yesterday, an hour of socializing while we took turns hitting on a bay at the local golf dome. Brian is heading to Ballen Isles Resort Golf Club in Palm Beach Garden, FL to be their first ever Director of Instruction overseeing teaching pros. Great supporter of Veteran golf making lasting memories and he will be missed here greatly. Hope golf is a part of your day 102
  20. EP genres of non-golf YouTube channels tend to be in 4 camps: Sailing (my first love before golf) - Sailing SV Delos, Sailing La Vagabonde, Sailing Ruby Rose, Sailing Doodles, Sailing Good Bad and Ugly, Calico Skies Sailing, Taylor's Travels, MJ Sailing, Sailing Nandji, Captain Rick Moore, Spear It Animal General Aviation (always wanted to fly) - Aviation 101, Baron Pilot, Mooney 201er, Premier 1 Driver, Blancolirio, Niko's Wings, DutchPilotGirl Vehicle (all kinds) related (just my kind of brain candy) - Ron Pratt, Riding Shotgun, Happiness By The Mile, Wide World of Trains, Lawrie's Mechanical Marvels, Generation Tech, Real Engineering, Fractal Universe, Millennial Farmer, Kate's Ag, Ben Elias, Docuworld Music - Aram Bedrosian, Gigi Vibes, Vince Guaraldi - and do a lot of searching by title. Nothing stops me from bait clicking on dashcams of crashes, chases, or anything about science and the universe. But everything is neglected for the most part once golf season kicks in.
  21. Good morning MGSpies on this not so early but early enough to post on Page 500 of The Good Morning Thread Saturday! Light coating of snow overnight and can commiserate with just about everything that has been posted this morning from not a lot planned to troublesome days with no idea what was causing it, to kids with funny behaviors and such. Sunshine is the bright spot of this morning hope golf is a part of your day 103
  22. Only 5 weeks until Spring and the Vernal Equinox. This was a fun kind of snow tonight letting the corgis outside.
  23. Good morning MGSpies from cold windy WNY on this Friday in real winter which has pretty much missed us until now (I know January snow, that was just, ok winter too) but it is c o l d although I think @ParFore74x has us beat and remembering my one winter in Kansas I know that cold. liking the new computer now the permissions, defaults, accesses, programs, everything is working like the old one did, getting on the network so far is also easier so heading into the workday with optimism on the no commute agenda enjoyed the community call last night, was much more spirited and that as Jamie said marked the annual mark so it is now beginning its 2nd year! Hope golf is a part of your day! 104
  24. I know the feeling, reminds me of trying to decide to commit to the Queenstown Harbor trip. And here is the guy who put that last straw in the balance that tipped it towards GOTTA GO! on the Queenstown Harbor trip No doubt about it, just gotta decide and you know there is only one real answer. Besides, we really do want to witness the technique now made famous by the expert and King of the False Turn (and even doing all that feel bad not being able to play as well as you do )(not really)
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