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  1. The condos have washer and dryer. That's probably going to be a hardware store run because ace is the place where none of my golfballs go. Forgot to post, arrived at the Cheatham Annex for my couple nights of peace and quiet plus having a 9 hole course 100 yards away from my tent, it's a good track with small greens and only a couple are still like playing plinko. +9 today
  2. Good morning MGSpies from southern PA on I-70 taking a break after a good 6 hour cruise in the peaceful dark of night, lots more traffic passing by than when I pulled off 2 hours ago. Yesterday was get ready day with afternoon sleep not helped by rain ending early afternoon (because rain always makes me sleepy) but the plan came together. No work until a week from tomorrow, it's time for golf and chances are it's going to be every day until the end of the meetup. Hope golf is a part of your day! 1
  3. Packing is done. Vehicle is ready. Starting the overnight drive which is my favorite time of traveling in hours of darkness. Rest easy everyone, I've got the watch. 1.5
  4. Starting the overnight drive which is my favorite time of traveling in hours of darkness. Will check in later on The Good Morning Thread. Rest easy everyone, I've got the watch. 1.5
  5. Good morning MGSpies from a wet summer warm WNY on this Monday Memorial Day, a Federal Holiday in the US to recognize our countrymen who fell serving the nation, though as Veterans we know that all such devoted warriors to their own national commitment served equally valiantly for their families and communities, the willingness to give one's life for others is not limited to the warriors but today our country pauses to remember our fallen. I have a large patch on my tribute jacket that says "a nation that fails to remember it's protectors will itself become forgotten." Yesterday the PGA HOPE Session remembered our brothers, the men and women who went on before us that our Pros also joined in the moment. Pack and load day for the Maryland trip, like @rkj427 my wheels turn southward this evening for a couple days vacation before "the event" begins. Safe travels everyone for wherever you are going, and those heading to Kingsmill, see you by Thursday. And hope golf is a part of your day! 2
  6. PGA HOPE session #4 today at Southern Meadow GC in Rush NY where I was doing my usual volunteer as a Graduate Mentor, helping out in whatever way is needed plus helping the Veterans keep it light and helping the new-to-golf guys (all men in this group). Towards the end they were stepping off the range tee boxes feeling well exercised after starting with putting (with a competition), chipping, irons on the tee boxes, then drivers. So since I had noticed they had been hitting for a while, grabbed my Smoke Max D and had just enough time to hit a few (perhaps) but first shot went like an angel off the clubface, straight with barely a draw, didn't see exactly how far it went because even in the bright sunshine I can see to about 170 before I just know it went thataway. That was it, one good drive, lots of eyes watched it go. Kenny Rogers's The Gambler says it all, gotta know when to hold them and when to fold them. That was good
  7. Good morning MGSpies from a foggy WNY on this Memorial Day weekend Sunday with coffee just about ready for the mug and thermos - heading to Rochester area for session 4 of the HOPE program with fellow Veterans, a fitting tribute to those who are no longer with us for not returning from fields of conflict regardless of year for the same cause, as we focus on living better with golf as the venue for longer healthier life in body and spirit. Thoughts are will everyone trusting that the all powerful will bless everyone with this life we have been given, and hope golf is a part of your day! 3
  8. I just hope they will give me a chance when they first see my "cooler bag" to look inside to see more that 8 dozen experienced golf balls in there... and that's probably the only thing "cool" about it. Just hoping I don't need to use all of them, but someone might need a few extras (keep that in mind everyone)
  9. Good morning MGSpies from sunny got that summer early morning sunrise feeling here in WNY on this Memorial Day Saturday when many will be blessed with freedoms of living in a world with choices and the liberties of a chosen way of life thankful for those who made it possible without the knowing what those who paid with their lives did when they sacrificed everything because those freedom and liberty had to be paid for in a cruel world where the majority of humans live under oppression without choices. My choices included making sure the world continues to have a society of freedom and choice and with God's grace I continue to live while others who made the same decision did not live past the moment when they gave all in the Valley of Death. This weekend is when living Veterans return to the memories in the Valley and those who didn't emerge again with us. Embrace the darkness and be the light for all who valiantly went forth in the spirit of freedom and liberty to affirm it is right and good for our families and friends and all those who know life is better when everyone has choices and is treated as equals in every way possible. It is why golf is a powerful activity and recreation for Veterans because everything about the sport is a choice each one of us makes with every part of the game, hobby, and obsession. Hope golf is a part of your day! 4
  10. Woah! Just saw a lot of pretty stuff people made on the What Have You Built Recently thread. The only thing that came to mind that I have built is what I have made for this Kingsmill outing: A big Pack of Lies! That's right, about 100 of them for every round of golf and my ball is going to land on every one of them. See what I did there?! yeah I couldn't post this there... Might need to make some more
  11. Good morning MGSpies from the beautiful northern reaches of this land just south of the Great White North in WNY on this last Friday before the adventure south one more workday to get through with a zero commute and coffee soon in hand, already on the network with a skeleton crew online so far great community call yesterday enroute to the HOPE session with glimpses of the Northern Neighbor's land across the waterways and hope for me is to get the mulch yard projects done before Monday's forecasted weather arrives so golf is likely not on my near term activity forecast. Hope golf is a part of your day! 5
  12. I think Ryan has some great photos of the Max there! I had a few minutes at the PGA HOPE session tonight to get a few of the club head.
  13. Good morning MGSpies from the dawn after the rains passed through so it's muggy in WNY this Community Call day - work computer going onto the network for a zero commute workday was able to get mulch down on the biggest backyard garden after dinner last night once the heavy rain and thunderstorms rolled through at the end of yesterday's workday and the local police blotter said one house caught fire from a lightning strike. HOPE session 4 at NFCC this evening so will be on the road again for the call this afternoon, lots of things going in the mind now about packing for next week, hope golf is a part of your day 6
  14. Yup and you know he's on the distribution list for who in in which condo so... Agreed - and we both know if anyone knows what a slice fade and straight draw hook is, it's YB
  15. Good morning MGSpies from the summer is here finally in WNY on this middle of the week before vacation officially is underway, work computer is still sorting out its network connection but coffee is good for the no-commute workday - inertia was well in effect yesterday as no golf other than forum and no yardwork other than seeing it was still there got done but did actually get out for the school vote - today will probably be more of the same but those 30 bags of red mulch are not going to put themselves down. All the best for @Kenny B and Martha starting the arrival clock for the meetup, safe travels and miles under the frame, etc. The trip began for most of us I think with the actual intention for load planning and packing. All the best for those with personal and other concerns mentioned and not. Hope golf is a part of your day 7
  16. Good morning MGSpies from an already light enough for streetlights to be going off downtown Buffalo for the in the office workday. Enjoying my private lounge in the vehicle by the office building with Emancipator's All Through The Night on Pandora and coffee still just able to sip thinking about Jason's @sirchunksalot packing golf bag for the adventure, my trip begins exactly one week from now. Had to drive a document to my son in Rochester yesterday after work so got to eat dinner with him but golf was preempted and next opportunity is after work today. Hope golf is a part of your day 8
  17. A Wise Village Idiot Military Intelligence You can go ahead and stop right there. Or a favorite from my daughter when she was 2 years old: "Dad, why can't you hear quiet people?"
  18. The Max D was out on course again yesterday and true to the axiom, the club is only as good as the golfer swinging it and contrary to the amazing play on Friday in the rain, the Sunday in the sun suffered from a great deal of user error. The balls that were hit well performed well. The balls that were not hit well will not be mentioned any further (and a couple were never to be seen again). Just one of those rounds. Next rounds should be this week
  19. 9 days and counting!!! And some of us will be there sooner!
  20. 9 days and counting!!! And some of us will be there sooner!
  21. Good morning MGSpies from summer has arrived in this neck of the woods at least until Wednesday WNY where 80s are forecast today through Wednesday for this final week of work and preparation before the adventure to MD begins. Had a chance to play 9 after the HOPE session yesterday, son came down to meet me for a clubhouse cheeseburger then on the course. Some good hits, some not so good hits, very wet on all low to no slope areas so everyone was walking but greens were fast but somewhat plinko with aeration probably a couple weeks ago. Still the grass was cut at home in the evening and other things done that pleased MyGolfSpouse for a peaceful evening. Hope golf is a part of your day! 9
  22. @rkj427 Robert, my own departure is 8 days tomorrow, leaving morning after Memorial Day and using routes other than interstates as much as possible to see America on the 2-lane highways as travel used to be and avoiding major metropolitan areas. Taking advantage of a near to Williamsburg campground for what will likely be my only opportunity this year to set up camp for a slower pace lead-in to the meetup. It's been over 10 years I have been using my gear for camping as Scout Dad and as guest of Brian Jacobs Golf supported Veterans Classic annual events when we stayed on his property and were treated to golf in the Rochester area. Campground is on a facility that also has a 9-hole golf course so I'm hoping for an easy warm up round before joining other early arrivals for MGS HQ visit later in the day. Keeping it vague so @Yellow Ball is unlikely to drop in. Will break camp early Thursday for early arrival at RNK tee times then on to the resort for a Lazy River kind of evening if conditions permit. Looking forward to opportunities that a flexible state of mind allows.
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