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  1. @SimonBazas We clearly need a "Most Wanted Tee" test.
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to combine the superspeed training protocol and the orange whip training? Would they compliment each other or somehow counteract? Would it be wise to use both on the same day or to alternate? I guess the overall goal would be to get the speed improvements from the superspped and the tempo/balance benefits of the orange whip.
  3. I'm due for a new hybrid as my current one is the only club in my set with a regular shaft as I've transitioned everything else to stiff. I similarly like the idea of the one length hybrid to add some stability and forgiveness to those longer shots. I was wondering if you found it harder to hit your 5 and 6 iron after using a shorter hybrid and if you saw a noticeable difference between the launch/distance/spin of the hybrid and your 5 iron that are probably similar lofts?
  4. I was under the impression that "Low Spin" Drivers were meant for better players (who typically have higher swing speeds) so I was surprised to see the Ping G410 LST as the runner up in the slow swing speed category. Similarly the Callaway Mavrik Subs (Max and Zero) were ranked in the top 5 and significantly outperformed the regular Callaway Mavrik at slow swing speeds. Do I have the wrong understanding of who "Low Spin" drivers are for? Don't a lot of tour players use those models? What am I missing about the benefit/goal of the low spin technology?
  5. Do you have a favorite course to play in Corpus? I make it down to the coast a few times a summer and have played Palmilla (RIP 18 hole course), Oso Beach, North Shore and CCCC.
  6. Has anyone else played the most golf of their life recently? I've been fortunate enough for that to be the case over the past two months. Courses around me (San Antonio, TX) started with social-distancing protocols, then were walking-only (my favorite rounds of the year so far), then closed for a week and then went back to just social-distancing protocols. As a result there was basically always golf to play and nothing else to do and nowhere else to go so I've gotten out almost weekly when normally I only get 1 or 2 rounds in a month.
  7. Took longer than expected but I finally got the tools to start working on this. I got a 4 lb hammer and 3" anvil/vise from Harbor Freight and 1/8" Letter and Number sets from Young Bros. I decided to start practicing with the stamping promise by making some ball markers. I got a ton of 1" punched aluminum disks that are a waste product from my work and started getting used to the stamping process. I used double-sided tape to hold the marker down to the anvil. This definitely helped to keep it stationary as I swung the hammer. I was surprised at how difficult it is to get a clean strike on the first blow. Here are two examples of my early trials. I'd consider the one on the left decent but not as clean of imprints as I'm hoping for (especially the W's, which I'm finding to be a tough letter to stamp). The one on the right shows what a series of poor, errant strikes gets you. Anyone have any advice on how to ensure a solid strike with the first swing? I think I'm nervous about mis-hitting it and then don't swing hard enough and then don't get a good stamp... sounds like my golf game off the tee...
  8. @JBalocik also those wedges look amazing, I like the creativity in the words, symbols and paint job
  9. @JBalocik What double-sided tape would you recommend? I have seen some that advertise as permanent and that concerns me if it will be hard to pull apart or leave a residue.
  10. I've found the OW to be most beneficial while doing step-swings as I can feel where the club is as my weight is moving forward. It helps me to realize that my weight should be moving forward while the club is still going back.
  11. @TR1PTIK thanks for the input. What do you find most beneficial from the stats you keep? I've seen stat tracking sheets with different distances broken out and can see the benefit. It seems like tracking outcomes from each shot like that would give you more information about why you made a particular score on each given hole as opposed to the whole round in general. That is, more of a micro view compared to the macro view my stats currently provide. This would be more similar to a strokes gained type calculation because you could see how you perform in different facets of the game (driving, approach, greenside, recovery, putting, etc.) or from particular yardages or with particular clubs. Overall that would probably be more beneficial to improving your game because you could more readily identify strengths and weaknesses. I get the impression this is what tech like Game Golf and Arccos are trying to provide but I have not tried either of them. I wear a Garmin S60 Approach GPS watch while playing and it keeps score and some stats (putts, drive accuracy, penalties) as well as club tracking if I input which club I used after each shot. The best part about the club tracking is that it gives me my true average distance for each club. The downside is that it doesn't provide much in the way of analysis of the effectiveness of each club.
  12. I've been doing some at-home analysis of my stats for the past 16 months and wanted to share in the hopes that you might be able to provide some ideas or insight into what else could be done with this information. After every round I input date, score, round index, number of: birdies, pars, bogeys, doubles, triples, putts, GIRs and fairway percentage into a google drive sheet. I then update scatter plots that show score vs.: birdies, pars, bogeys, double, triples, GIRs, putts and FIR and a separate set that shows round index vs each of those stats. My initial goal was to see how each of these stats correlated with my score/index and to see if I could use this information to improve my game. Here's a summary chart of my findings: I'm not a stats wiz per se, but did take a class in college and know my way around excel/google drive. For the uninitiated, the R-squared of a regression tells you how much the two variables correlate. The highest possible R-squared value, 1.0, would indicate that two variables correlate perfectly and the lowest possible value, 0.0, would indicate the two variables do not correlate at all. For the sake of simplifying the analysis I used a second degree polynomial regression and the following correlation ranges: 1.0-0.7 Strong, 0.7-0.4 Medium, 0.4-0.2 Small, 0.2-0.0 None. Some insights from the data: 1. First of all, I was surprised that none of the stat categories had a "strong" correlation to my score/index. This makes me wonder if there is something else that does correlate well or if the score/index is just influenced by too many different variables for one to really shine through. 2. I rarely make birdies (4 total over 30 rounds of golf) so it makes sense that they would have no correlation with my scores. 3. Because birdies are so rare, pars are essentially the lowest score I make on a hole. It therefore makes sense to me that these have the second highest correlation to my score/index. The highest correlation belongs to triples, likely because they represent the highest possible score on a give hole. Its not rocket science to know more of the lowest score and less of the highest score lowers your overall score/index but its good to see the data back it up. 4. There is hardly any correlation between score/index and bogeys or doubles. This is likely because it matters less how many of each I make as opposed to what they "would" have been. By that I mean on any given day I could score well with a lot of bogeys if they otherwise "would" have been doubles or I could score poorly with a lot of bogeys if they otherwise "would" have been pars. The same goes for doubles that "would" have been bogeys or triples. 5. All else being equal having less putts should mean a lower score but number of putts doesn't tell the story of how you got to the green. I am much more likely to three-putt after a GIR because I am typically starting farther from the hole. Likewise I am more likely to one-putt when I've chipped it close which usually means I missed the green so an extra stroke had to be taken. For this reason it makes sense to me that putts have a small correlation on score/index. However, I can't explain why the putts would better correlate to index (borderline medium correlation) compared to score. See below for more on this. 6. I would have expected GIR to correlate most with score/index and am surprised at how little it does. My only explanation here is that as with birdies, I don't have many GIRs overall so the impact they can have is limited. Similar to putts there is also a disparity between the correlation between score (borderline medium) and index (none) that I can't explain. I am also confused by why the disparity between the two stats is reversed from putts to GIR. The only semblance of explanation I can think of is that I was lucky enough to St. Andrews this past year and their oversized greens produced outlier numbers by increasing both my number of putts and GIRs. However, this was only two rounds out of 30 (both produced slightly better than average scores and indices), is the data that sensitive? 7. There is absolutely no correlation between FIR and score/index, this is the clearest answer of all the stats. This is backed up by recent Shot Scope data that farther is better than straighter (assuming both are in bounds). I think I'd be most curious to see if other people find similar correlation (or lack thereof) between their stats and score/index, what might change based on handicap, and what other analysis could be done with this or similar data?
  13. For the full swing gate I was thinking of something along the lines of Eyeline Golf's Speed Trap 2.0. Durability would definitely be a consideration, maybe it would be best for practice swings- "grooving a feeling"- as opposed to hitting shots.
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