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  1. So many changes that went ASHTRAY? a-hyuk hyuk
  2. When i first read, i had assumed they were a nut butter granola bar thing... which i would have hated, because opening up a peanut butter granola bar in the heat is not grip-friendly! This looks interesting though. Funny story - I did a cycle race around the cape peninsula in South Africa, and there was one stretch where baboons were running around the road picking up all the discarded energy packets and trying to scrape out the leftovers with a stick! I would have loved to stick around and watch the baboons all hopped up on energy gel!
  3. Arccos should track those stats. I'd like a little blue ribbon saying "fewest bladed wedges" once in a while.
  4. #1 at my home track is a par 4 with water long and left of the green. I couldn't tell you how many sand/gap wedges have made their way into that water.. LOL How does it go again? "Nice drive, nice five"
  5. Now where's the thread for excellent tee shots, horrible follow-up shots, and still making par?
  6. Here's a funny one i had the other day. Yanked my tee shot, almost to the neighbouring green. Chopped off pitching wedge to 60 ft, two putt par. What a game we play
  7. As a fellow wide-footer, I'd definitely go with the Adidas. The fact that you can get them in a wide foot as well is a major selling point for me. I have two pairs of the 360's and a pair of PPF's. Now - I have an abnormally wide foot toward the toe end. 27 years of ski boots and hockey skates have deformed my feet a fair bit. I have two pairs of 360s in wide, and a pair of PPF spikeless. The ADI PPF shoes are borderline and took some breaking in, but someone just requiring a wider toe box, without really buggered up feet, I'd say the Adidas in regular width would be swell! Then there is the added bonus of being able to order the Boost 360's in a wide option - which is again the most comfortable shoe on the planet imho. Looks like you made the right choice though, as I'm a little late to the party lol
  8. Upgraded to a PING Vault 2.0 Anser last season. I don't see myself changing any time soon, it doesn't let me down when I put a good stroke on it! I have been looking at getting a Vault 2.0 ZB, just because I like the shape and I want to have one. not necessarily to replace my gamer. They're just so pretty!
  9. I would totally join an MGS running group. It would add some accountability to my good intentions.. lol
  10. he forgot to mention the 90mph tail wind
  11. Mmdanz

    TP5 Pix?

    I bought a box and really liked playing with them. I don't use a line for my putts though. I like the spin feedback on greenside shots, you can see what the ball is doing, and I think it is good for practice. same with putting, you get a nice visual from an end over end roll, and a squirrely roll is easy to see.
  12. Congratulations on surviving the round and achieving your goal! Very much looking forward to the pictures!
  13. sid meier's sim golf was the BEST!!
  14. I used to have bums go through my recycling for empties, so they could go turn them in at the bottle depot. They would also go through the bed of my truck. They stopped after I started vaulting over my balcony and chasing them down the street in my knickers shouting "GET THE **** AWAY FROM MY ****!!" I definitely understand the feeling of privacy violation with the shipping labels on those. especially if he does not remove your name and such before he decides to ship them internationally.
  15. So.. Does the neighbourhood/municipality not have roadside recycling? You just throw your boxes in the garbage? Are there reasonably convenient places to take your cardboard for recycling? Honest questions from a confused Canadian. If there are accessible options for getting rid of your boxes that would solve the problem pretty quick. I second the Billy Madison approach, otherwise.
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