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  1. Holy Cow! I got 19th which is definitely my highest so far! Congrats to all the winners and MGS for putting these great contests together!
  2. I never pick them up. I've filled too many ball pouches with balls I'll never use and weighed down by bag unnecessarily. I just leave them all now and play my ball that I know. Side note though: never take a ball out of the water. Golf balls are naturally hygroscopic which means that they absorb water from the environment around them. There's just too much science that shows that even balls that have just sat in water for a relatively short amount of time are significantly affected. My advice, if you're low on balls, don't care what you play, and find a clean one in the fairway or rough that looks like it was just lost that day, by all means take it if you're gonna use it. Leave all the others though.
  3. I'm really loving the Srixon Z-Star. Might be just a tad over your budget at $40 a dozen or less, but they go on sale a lot (just came off a buy one get one free sale) and really perform for me as good or better than a Titleist ProV. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion.
  4. I haven't got the chance to play the Snells yet, but I really like the standard Z-Star into wind. It performs really well compared to other balls I've tested and should have a tad lower ballflight than the XV. So the standard Z-Star gets my personal recommendation.
  5. The Wilson blades will more than likely be my next set. They are stunning!
  6. Golf Ball H2H #3: Srixon Z-Star vs. Taylormade TP5x In true head-to-head fashion, for this test I put the winners of the first two tests against each other. The Srixon Z-Star beat out its sister ball, the Z-Star XV, and the Taylormade TP5x took on the industry-leading Titleist ProV1x and emerged victorious. Now it's time to see which of these two winners can hold it's ground when pitted against each other. Most Noticeable Differences: TP5x is obviously a firmer ball and felt much better off the driver. Z-Star was fantastic into the wind and on approach shots into greens Other Notes: The distance comparison on this was actually much closer than I anticipated. The TP5x feels better off the driver (where I couldn't really feel how well or poor I was hitting the Z-Star due to it's softness) and actually goes farther when I'm hitting well, but the Z-Star goes surprisingly far as well. To be completely honest, I was actually hitting the ball better while using the Z-Star while swinging just OK with the TP5x, but the Z-Star actually held it's ground as far as distance is concerned and I wasn't able to tell too much of a difference between the two on this occasion. I was, however, hitting the Z-Star much straighter and was much more consistent with it. Like I said, it could've just been the day, but that's how they were performing for me when I tested them under the same conditions. The spin is another interesting comparison with these two. While I was getting plenty of spin with the TP5x (enough to where I would be totally satisfied gaming this ball), the Z-Star spin was incredible. I was holding greens from 200+ yards out with it! I had every confidence with the Z-Star to to play an aggressive game into and around the greens, and it really payed off in terms of GIR and scoring opportunities. When chipping, there was actually less of a difference and I was impressed with how both balls performed. The Z-Star is a softer feeling ball, if that's something you're into, but doesn't matter much to me personally. It was a very windy day when I conducted this test and this is where the Srixon Z-Star really shined. The TP5x, as noted in a previous test, is pretty good into the wind, but the Z-Star was outstanding! The flight was true, not letting the wind push it around on crosswinds and into the wind no ballooning and a piercing ballflight. It was an absolute dream! This is something that I kept noticing again and again during the course of this test and the ball kept wowing me the entire time. When putting, I honestly didn't feel much of a difference. If I really concentrated on it, I could tell the Z-Star was softer, but there was nothing really in it as the TP5x is pretty soft for an "x" model ball. There really wasn't much in it for me. Consistency was the another big difference I was seeing between the balls in this test. I was throwing darts with the Z-Star and hitting all my targets (even surprising myself on a number of shots) while it felt like I had absolutely no control at all over the TP5x. The TP5x was all over the place for me that day; it would go a long way but I could never get it going in the right direction or with the right shot shape. Could it be that the 5 layers where just too much for my game right now? Maybe, but all I can say for sure is that the Z-Star and I were clicking and I have the numbers to show for it. Lastly, both of these balls are top quality balls. Both feel and perform as a top-tier, premium ball should and I would be more than happy gaming either of these models. Both were good in terms of durability with the Z-Star taking the to seat. The TP5x did well except for one small scuff resulting from a direct hit on a tree, but nothing to cause me to take it out of play. The Z-Star, on the other hand, was an absolute tank of a ball! After 9 holes, this ball looked brand new, even after suffering its own bout with trees, rocks, etc. The Srixon Z-Star's durability is the absolute best of any ball I have ever used. Overall: The clear winner here for me has to be the Srixon Z-Star! Pretty much across the board (except for preferring the firmer feel of the TP5x off the driver) the Z-Star has outperformed the TP5x on this test. I didn't really sacrifice any distance by using the Z-Star, while gaining so much control, a great ballflight, amazing spin, and overall just an outstanding performance. The Z-Star gives me everything I could possibly ask for in a ball and I'm loving it so far!
  7. My point is, they are not serious options that compete with the field. For instance, why did you buy a Cleveland putter and wedge instead of a Wilson? Or Callaway woods and wedge? Or a Cobra driver? Because the Wilson options in the same categories don't compare. If they did, people (and Tour players) would use them and tout them as quality products. The only clubs the 5 whole Wilson staffers are using that are actually Wilson clubs are the irons and the wedges. NOT ONE Wilson staffer is using a Wilson wood (driver or fairways). The few people that get payed to play Wilson won't even touch their woods. That make the clubs a joke in my book. I agree the D7 was a step in the right direction, but once again it's not a result of a TV show. The Cortex was a gimmick. A driver produced from a "Golf Channel show to show design and make it fun" is the definition of a gimmick, which was my point. Not that every club they produce is a gimmick. The other clubs they produce just don't perform or compare to industry leaders and that's where they need to invest their resources if they want to compete and be taken seriously again.
  8. Gimmicky because the driver doesn't perform. If Wilson put the same amount of resources as they did in a TV show into a dedicated R&D team who put as much research, development, and effort into their other clubs as they do their irons, they would be able to produce a quality product that performs as good as the best today. Wilson's irons are a good product and people know that and consider them a serious option and product, but all their other offerings are a joke. If Wilson wants "visibility" they will put up a product that compares to or beats your Taylormade, Callaway, or Titleist clubs. People will notice then.
  9. I don’t think Wilson are back, but I do think they are coming back. They make some top quality irons no doubt and make a decent enough ball. If they would just focus their resources into serious, quality products across the board (drivers, woods, wedges, putters) instead of gimmicky, cheaper products, I think they could easily be a serious player in the equipment world again.
  10. Yeah man, the 10 handicap comes from terrible inconsistency, which is really my primary focus this season (getting a consistent ballstrike and flight, hence trying to nail down a good ball to use consistently). Plus, like I said, the tees were a little forward and the wind was helping a bit, so I really got one out there on that hole. But yeah, I do have a higher swing speed and I really like a firmer ball and the TP5x has really been working for me and my game so far. I'm gonna continue to test the Srixon Z-Star XV because they are quality balls and a little cheaper. I've been looking at the Bridgestone Tour BX and really want to try it but can never really find them for a good price. I think the cheapest I found is on Amazon and I haven't gotten around to ordering any yet with all the sells going on at the moment with other balls. The only others I might try on the back end of the testing is the Maxfli Tours and Snell MTB-X because they seem to be working for some others here and are also some cheaper options.
  11. Just a quick update on the ball testing: I'm really digging the TP5x at the moment. Drove a green with it (actually over the green as it was on the back fringe) on a 300+ par 4 (scorecard said it was 359 yards, but I think it was playing a little shorter that day with the wind helping a bit). I'm loving it off the driver and haven't had any complaints with it around the greens yet, so it's definitely proving to be a strong competitor in my tests so far! I'm curious to see if anything can beat it out as I test some of the Srixons further. I'm continuing to test a bit with the ProV1(x) and they're definitely good balls, but for me and my game I'm seeing similar or better performance from other, cheaper options (well pretty much everything is cheaper right?). I'm just not seeing a dramatic improvement in my game or the consistency or quality of the ball with the Titleist to justify the cost. I'll probably also be throwing in the Bridgestone Tour BXS in this test just to give it a try and possibly the standard TP5 as well as giving the Maxfli Tour balls a try. I want to make sure to give everything I can a decent test before I clean out the bag and settle on one as the definitive gamer for the next couple years. The next head to head review is on it's way!
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