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  1. You pose a very good question, yet difficult question to answer without knowing your putting tendencies; stance, grip, arc or no arc, position of eyes, shoulder turn, no shoulder turn and distance from the ball.

    If your new and high handicapper.....my recommendation would be take lessons from a reputable instructor (full swing and putting lesson). Because.......if your putting sucks now due to one or many of the things listed above and you get fitted for "that" putting style.....you will quickly regret it and have the wrong putter as you progress and begin making a better putting stroke. Example - it's a known fact in the putting instruction world that the line share of golfers are using putters too short for them.

    However, to answer your question.....Edel makes great putters and many people I know have gone through their fitting program and are enjoying their putters.

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  2. Why does anyone collect anything? Putters, Cars, Thimbles, Old Radio's!?! To each their own. However, I'd have to speculate that a lot of golfers or proclaimed "Putter Collector's" collection usually begin because of their tireless search for their "magic" stick and they simply start stacking up in the garage. Case in point.....I have a buddy who is a very good single digit golfer. However, he's always tinkering with putters.....I wouldn't be shocked if he has over 12 expensive putters of different shapes and brands.

    For me, I've dabbled in collecting SC putters and accessories. I do it because I like it and I absolutely love the game of golf. A lot of guys have sports memorabilia in the "man" caves or offices.....why not golf related?

    I don't collect run of the mill putters.....but, I own, or have owned multiple Circle T, limited release putters (My girls). If you know the market, know what you are doing, you can actually make a few bucks here or there or at worst break even buying and selling SC putters. I purchased a SC CT 009 putter in 2008 for $1900. Gamed it up until a few years ago and sold it last year for $2500. Not a bad ROI for a used putter. My current gamer is a CT X5 that I'm confident will make a few bucks if I ever decide to sell it. Right now, it's NOT going anywhere. As, putting is one of my strong suits in the game and I absolutely love it!

  3. 1 hour ago, LeftyRM7 said:

    I don’t have the Jaws but I assume they are Lamkin UTx grips. I’ve owned many Callaway wedges, all have come with some variety of the Lamkin UTx. I’d check out Lamkins website.

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    Lefty is correct....but, the medium blue color is proprietary to the jaws wedges. They will sell them....as, I did so when dealing with Callaway w/a defective set of apex irons. I liked the grip and talked them into a full set so all sticks matched. 

    You might try calling Callaway. 

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  4. Hey Fellas,

    This is a sad and humbling day for me.....I'm offering for sale a nearly new set (my christmas gift from wife) of Miura MC-501's, with Custom white/black Accra ICWT 2.0-95i stiff shafts for sale. Clubs are like new except for a few bag chatter marks (tried my damndest to keep these fresh...short of putting iron covers on). Standard length, standard lofts, 2 degrees upright. New Golf Pride Standard MCC+4's Gray.

    I ordered these 2 weeks before Christmas from a reputable fitter/builder in the Jacksonville, FL area after a fitting and then waited about a month and a half for the custom shafts to arrive from Accra. Custom ferules and all!! These are the best looking set of Irons I've personally ever seen. So.....have had them in the bag for about a month and a half. 

    However, as much as it pains me to say this....I'm just not consistent enough to play these. When my swing is on....these are absolute money and feel like butter! But, these days, my swing is not always where it needs to be. After a miserable showing at a club tourney this past weekend, I've decided to move toward a more forgiving club to compensate for my mistakes.

    If you are looking at these.......you "know" what they cost!! These are the Ferrari's of the golf world.











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  5. 4 hours ago, greggarner said:

    I used to work at a course that hosted a TOUR stop and Monday/Tuesday it was VERY common for the Tour Trucks to have 5, 8, even 10 drivers lined up for a player, all with the exact same specs. The pro would hit all of them and then pick the one to put in their bag. I got to talk with the reps a couple times and they said it was pretty simple: there are too many variables to ensure that identical drivers are, in fact, identical and tour pros could tell the difference.

    Granted, that was 18 years ago, but still. Wouldn't surprise me if there was still some truth to this...

    Yep. I’ve heard the same thing from several sources. My replacement head is certainly better than the one replaced. I’ve got 2-9 hole rounds in with the new head. Knocking on wood...but, I’ve hit most of the fairways and drives are definitely longer and dispersion is better! My confidence level is at an all time high with the boom stick. 

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  6. Just a quick update. Filled out warranty information page on 3/10 regarding my busted SIM. Received email from TM stating they were sending out a replacement head on 3/11 and received new head on 3/18. Fortunately for me, I was on vacation all last week so didn’t miss not having a driver. The best news is I played 9 holes yesterday with the new head and hit 6/7 fairways. All drives were very long and straight. Don’t know what it is, but, this head just feels better and seems to be hotter than the old one. 

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  7. I was fitted into a set of Accra graphite iron shafts in December and I’m 50 and still swing my driver at 115 mph. I switched because I hit a lot of range balls and was starting to get joint pain in my shoulder, arms and hands (mainly fingers). We hit off the mats a lot at my club (don’t ask me, they can’t seem to keep grass alive on the range).

    If you are properly fit into them.....I don’t think you’ll regret it. Today’s graphite shafts are way better and different than they were 10-20 years ago. Just take a look at the LPGA tour (probably the closest comparison to male amateur golfers in terms of swing speeds, etc)....there’s a LOT of ladies playing graphite iron shafts. They wouldn’t be playing them if steel was “always” better.

    I love mine.....my dispersion and distance (meaning I hit them the actual yardage intended more often) have improved. Can’t beat the feeling when you flush one!


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  8. 14 minutes ago, Rtracymog said:

    That stinks man! As far as the signature updating, there are actually 2 spots that you update. I had the same issue and I was apparently updating the wrong one 🤷‍♂️ It’s been a while, so I don’t remember exactly what to do, but check through all the options and you will find it.

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    You were right! Fixed it. Thanks

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  9. First off.....this is not a bash against TM (the truth is most of these new, thin, hot faced drivers today will explode at some point at high swing speeds and repetition) and I have no doubt they will step up to the plate with a brand spanking new head like they did last time.

    My last driver (M6), exploded on the tee box this time last year. After impact, the bottom composite piece blew off the bottom of the driver. 

    Today, my current gamer (Sim MAX) nearly blew the top off. Heard a slight difference in tone at impact on my 2nd to last drive....but, didn’t think much of it. Thought I missed it a bit toe high. My last drive of the day, there was a “major” difference in sound. Looked down at driver and noticed the top composite portion of the head had blown open. Almost like a can of coke that’s been in the fridge too long!

    Interestingly, my 2nd to last drives with both drivers were absolute rockets....long and straight!

    The good news.....TM’s CS is pretty top notch and I’m certain I’ll have a “brand-new” driver head on my front porch upon my return from vacation.


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  10. Hello everyone,

    Selling my favorite set of irons to date. Had them about a year and have shot at least a dozen of my lowest scores in my 40 years of golf. But.....was fitted over the holidays for a set of Miura's.

    Irons are Srixon Z785's....4-P and an A Zforged. All irons are in very good shape with lots of life left to play. Typical bag chatter from riding on a cart their whole life. The P wedge is by far the worst condition of the set, as it sees the most action on the course and on the practice tee. All have Modus Tour 120, stiff shafts with GP MCC +4 Grey grips. Standard loft, lie and lengths.

    Also selling matching set of Bridgestone Tour B, XW-1 wedges....54* & 58*. Both are standard loft, lie and lengths, with GP MCC +4 Grey grips and Modus Tour 105 Stiff shafts.

    Both wedges $100 shipped.









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  11. Never owned or considered owning one.....but, I do pick one up from time to time at PGA Superstore to roll a few putts. I've made everything I looked at several times in store. There's no denying it rolls the ball nice and would probably help some golfers. For me....I just can't get over how big the head is.

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