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  1. Just in time for Christmas to spoil yourself or a loved one. Selling my Srixon, ZX7, A-4 iron set. All clubs have Nippon, Modus, 120g, Stiff shafts and Golf Pride MCC+4 Blk/Gray grips.

    Clubs are approximately 8 months old and in great shape.

    $600 shipped to your door within US. Let’s get these moved to their new home!!PP Final price drop.....let's find these a new home before I put them back in the bag. $525 shipped (within US). These are gone. Made trade locally.

    PayPal, Venmo or cash for local pickup.







  2. On 6/11/2022 at 7:58 PM, Nessism said:

    I've been using Revolvers for a number of years now and like them.  Is there anything specific that you don't like, thus the sale?  

    My latest version is starting to come apart from the inside out; the carousel is not spinning properly, and the fabric on the carousel is starting to come apart.  Anyway, I'm tempted to grab one one yours...

    Not really. I tend to switch things up often….saw a Titleist stand bag configured the way I like it and snagged it.

    Let me know if you want to pick this one up before it’s gone.

  3. Selling a like new, Bagboy, Revolver golf bag (black with blue trim and zippers). If you’re looking at this thread, you know what they cost new. Strapped it on my golf cart and played it for 10 or so rounds before going to another bag. Includes rain cover (never used).

    I’ll sell this, including shipping, for $225.00





  4. Hello,

    Just replaced these irons with a brand new set just like them. That’s how much I love them. This set is about 9 months old with lots of life left in them. Srixon ZX7 irons, A-4 irons, Nippon Modus 120 stiff flex shafts, standard length, standard lofts and 1* upright. Nearly new Golfpride MCC+4 gray standard size grips. Got these boxed up and ready to ship.

    $850 o.b.o shipped to your door. I’d like to get these moved…..so, big price drop. $700 shipped to your door!!!!

    Sold elsewhere. Lock it up mods.

    These are for sale locally as well. Thanks for looking.













  5. Hey fellas,

    Cleaning out the garage and getting the golf cart situated. 

    1.) Vessel Player III Stand Bag (Gray). 14 way top. I LOVE this bag, very high quality and gets tons of compliments….but, it just doesn’t fit my needs for a full time cart bag (I live and play in a private golf club and about 98% of my golf is played here). Got the bag for my birthday last July and put it in play for about 3 months before changing it out. Bag is flawless with the exception of the cloth material on the bottom (Shown in pics). This material is very thin and in the crease where the bottom tilts. Bag includes the cart strap cover, carry straps, lock and club cover (never used). $300 shipped. How about $250 shipped. Let’s get this in the hands of someone who will use it! SOLD

    2.) Ping G425 3 (19*) hybrid. Stock, Ping Tour, 85 gram, X flex shaft with Golf Pride MCC+4 gray grip. Approximately 4 rounds on this club. Headcover included. $150 shipped  SOLD LOCALLY

    3.) Paderson Ballistic, F30, Stiff 3W and 5W shafts with Taylormade adapters. 3W -1/2” standard length 5W -1/4” standard length. $200 Shipped or $125 each shipped

    4. ) Paderson Launch, KG65-F30, Stiff 3W and 5W shafts with Taylormade adapters. Standard 3 and 5W lengths. $200 Shipped or $125 each shipped















  6. Glad you are liking it. I'm on my second set of Srixon irons....19' Z785's w/modus 120's and now ZX7's with same shaft. I LOVE THEM!!!!! Picked up their new driving iron (20* 3 iron) last week and all I can say is wow! I've always struggled with hybrids and never felt "comfortable" as my "have to hit the fairway or green", go to club. And I needed something that I could carry about 215-220 yards to fit between my 4 iron and 5W.

    I now have 4 rounds and several range sessions under my belt with the 3 iron and it is an absolute weapon!!!! I can feather it down the fairway off the tee or I can really stand on it for more distance.....It's just stable, very forgiving and I feel like I'll never miss it left....which, is what I was after!

    Srixon is the MOST under rated club maker in the business in my opinion! It would take a lot to get me out of their irons!

  7. On 9/25/2021 at 12:48 AM, ChitownM2 said:

    I guess you should consider yourself lucky because Costco corporate and all the local stores raised the prices on these towards the end of last season and they are $27 + tax for a 4 pack now and you get nothing but the gloves in a plastic mailing envelope, certainly no packaging and no bonus poker chip.  OP is offering these at a reasonable price, especially considering he is paying shipping and paypal fees.

    Hmm….interesting. I’m in FL and have been buying them from my Costco here for a couple years. The last time I was there (a few months ago), they had the 4 packs for $19.99. 

    Anyway, GLWS…..as these truly are fantastic gloves.

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