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  1. Got down to Santa Barbara to see the in-laws and out-laws the last couple of days, and was able to get out and play the back nine at SB Muni this morning with my nephew. Cool and a bit blustery to start, but it was great fun getting out. A little soggy here and there, as it rained much of the day yesterday. Didn't play all that well with my secondary set of clubs that I keep down there, particularly the putter which is my original from when I first took up the game in the late 80's (Slot-Line that I have cut down and weighted up). Sure made me miss my L.A.B. DF 2.1.
  2. Played a par 3 short course 9 early this morning, before I had to pick up my daughter from the airport. We are supposed to get rain the rest of the week, so this was my opportunity as I'm off today. It was rather brisk (39*), but as you can see from the pic, the sun was out and the breeze was very light (made REALLY good use of my electric hand warmer). Missed a couple greens, but managed to chip those close and one putt. Didn't ever get a birdie putt to drop, as I think I had four a foot or less and another three under 2 feet, so even par on the day.
  3. Great advice given so far. Technology doesn't change all that much in drivers every year (despite what the latest marketing push would have you believe), so a five year old driver will not be dramatically shorter or dramatically less forgiving than the brand new models. For instance, the G400 Max was pushing the limits of MOI when it came out (I believe it was ~2018), so the incremental changes to get ever-closer to that limit will NOT make a world of difference as far as forgiveness. Finding fairways is MUCH more important than an extra few yards!
  4. I'll put in another vote for MTB to be added.
  5. A bit late to this party, but haven't gotten on the forum for awhile. Been using heads up since I discovered L.A.B. Golf putters a little over 2 years ago. The high MOI of the DF 2.1 makes hitting to the toe or heel side a moot point as far as the ball getting to the hole. Their tech to eliminate torque helps me get the ball rolling on my intended line, then it is only a matter of whether I've read the line correctly. Heads up gives me SO MUCH better distance control !
  6. Probably semantics, but I don't think the tags fall asleep - I think the band needs to sense them by the movement of the practice swing/stroke. I think the band "wakes up" to the tags' presence. Unless I'm confused on the technology involved, in which case I'll appreciate some further edjumucation
  7. Congrats testers. Based on the Lab Report, I went out and got a couple dozen of these, with the added bonus that Dick's had them on sale. Getting along with them pretty well, and will be interested in your feedback.
  8. Wanted to add in the comments section, that the replacement unit has not had any issues with the GPS freezing, so I now have a fully functional unit in hand.
  9. Looks like a great group of testers. Congrats folks! Looking forward to the feedback and insights.
  10. I was just over at Dick's Sporting Goods this evening, and they have the Gamers on sale, 2 for $40 that is good through 10/2.
  11. I want to know how on earth you have lost ANY tags, let alone a few? Mine have been in my clubs for years (V2 user) and never had ANY issues whatsoever? What kind of grips do you have? And have you bored out the end holes for some reason so the tags don't screw in tight?
  12. Congrats to the testers, will be interested in this one as I just ordered my upgrade from V2.
  13. What model of the fp insoles did you get?
  14. Was the first off the tee on the back side this morning (not the first one there, but the guy motioned for me to go ahead as he was still warming up), so the dashingly good looking trio of me, myself, and I strode up and hit it down the middle. He was then right behind me the whole round until 18, where he must have fallen off the horse. Pushed my drive on the 11th a bit to the right, with a sparse maple between me and the flag, I did some inadvertent arborist work and ended up short. But the attached pic will let you know that the ensuing chip was $$$, for a one-putt par. Stroked it pretty well overall, and was on every par 3 in regulation, but scared it on the way by each time, and never did convert anything for a birdie (oh well)... And my new SL2 replacement from Voice Caddie never had the GPS freeze, so that's good news !
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