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  1. Glad you were able to self-diagnose and get back on track !
  2. Boy, that big sumb!tch hasn't missed any meals !!! Discretion is definitely the better part of valor in this case. I'll just hit this provisional from WAY over here...
  3. Played the back nine, and got a bit of a later tee time than usual (called later than usual to reserve). Pitched in for a birdie on par three 13th from about 35' after a short tee shot. On 17 I hit the best 4wood I may have ever hit, and made the green (usually short on this hole, and have only parred it a couple of times before), then sank the 30 footer for a birdie ! 18 is a 558 yard par 5 on which I am notoriously short, good drive and flushed another couple of 4 woods to get just short and right of the green; chipped to 5' and made the put for a very satisfying par (as it's
  4. Lucky the damn thing didn't come loose at a most inopportune time (i.e. heading toward some immovable and scratch-inducing object) while the screw was out.
  5. Thanks to all for your kind birthday wishes. I had a great day commemorating another trip around the sun !
  6. Thanks mate ! Appreciate it.
  7. That certainly seems to be backed up by the data: Dropping 3 putts per round, tripling your one putts, and almost cutting your 3 putts in half. NICE !
  8. This week we're forecast to have lows in the mid 40's and highs tickling 80, with a high of 86 on Thursday. It was glorious this morning for a quick nine with a 7:21 start time - 44* at the start, and 62* at the finish. The nice weather tax is worth it right now
  9. SS does NOT use sound. You can take one or a hundred practice swings. It simply tracks the distance from where you hit that club, to where you hit the next shot (either that same club or another).
  10. L.A.B. tips the standard KBS shafts more than most manufacturers, so they are VERY stable. Since I play mine at 33" I personally didn't go for an upgraded shaft, as I thought there would be very minimal return on the additional investment. YMMV since you're on the longer end of the length spectrum. All comes down to what your golf budget is, and if you don't want to leave any possible improvement on the table. Will you say, "WHAT IF?" What I do know is this is the absolute best putter I've ever had, based on getting more balls to rattle in the bottom of the cup in the fewest strokes p
  11. If your spec is anywhere near their stock options, you can get one for $399, and since putting is ~40% of your scoring that has the chance to be the most impactful change you can make to your bag. Stock options are 33", 34", or 35", with a lie angle of 67*, 69* or 71*.
  12. When I did my remote fitting, they said I set up at 69* but came through the stroke at 68.5*. Since the stock putters come in two lie angles (either 69* or 71*) closest to your spec, send them a remote fitting video and ask for their recommendation on which way to go. You may only be off by half a degree, and you'd have to have pretty darn astute hands to be able to feel a half degree. That way you can get in the game for $399.
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