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  1. Wanted to add in the comments section, that the replacement unit has not had any issues with the GPS freezing, so I now have a fully functional unit in hand.
  2. Looks like a great group of testers. Congrats folks! Looking forward to the feedback and insights.
  3. I was just over at Dick's Sporting Goods this evening, and they have the Gamers on sale, 2 for $40 that is good through 10/2.
  4. I want to know how on earth you have lost ANY tags, let alone a few? Mine have been in my clubs for years (V2 user) and never had ANY issues whatsoever? What kind of grips do you have? And have you bored out the end holes for some reason so the tags don't screw in tight?
  5. Congrats to the testers, will be interested in this one as I just ordered my upgrade from V2.
  6. What model of the fp insoles did you get?
  7. Was the first off the tee on the back side this morning (not the first one there, but the guy motioned for me to go ahead as he was still warming up), so the dashingly good looking trio of me, myself, and I strode up and hit it down the middle. He was then right behind me the whole round until 18, where he must have fallen off the horse. Pushed my drive on the 11th a bit to the right, with a sparse maple between me and the flag, I did some inadvertent arborist work and ended up short. But the attached pic will let you know that the ensuing chip was $$$, for a one-putt par. Stroked it pretty well overall, and was on every par 3 in regulation, but scared it on the way by each time, and never did convert anything for a birdie (oh well)... And my new SL2 replacement from Voice Caddie never had the GPS freeze, so that's good news !
  8. Thanks for the clarification, Clayton !
  9. Donated before I was selected as a tester (Voice Caddie SL2). Once I was selected I wanted to do a really good job on the review. So I was pissed when I had two vehicles go kaput on me near the end of the testing window, and I had to spend a big chunk of time getting back on the road, instead of concentrating on the review, as intended. Got it done, and think it turned out OK, and learned a bunch while doing it, so really grateful for being selected.
  10. Yep, obviously have you mixed up with someone else, and shouldn't have relied on my aging brain, but taken a few extra moments to actually look up the test to confirm. I just moved from G400 Max that I gamed for a few years, to a TSi2 with the Tensei blue 55 reg flex shaft and found a few extra yards with the same level of forgiveness. Good luck in your quest !
  11. So you're not getting along with the TSi any longer?
  12. Good luck fellow spies. Just finished testing (Voice Caddie SL2), so time for others to get in on this one. Just moved to the TSi2 (from the G400 Max I gamed for years) so need to give that some time in the bag. Looking forward to the feedback from "the chosen" !
  13. That is probably the way you ought to go. L.A.B. is one of the few doing broomsticks.
  14. Well, if you're going to let vanity stand in the way of writing a lower number at the end of the scorecard, I can't help you.
  15. I know you started by saying you wanted the B.2 blade, so that leads me to assume you can't get past the look of the DF 2.1? I've had both, and sold my B.2 on the bay and actually made a few bucks due to good timing. The forgiveness of the higher MOI mallet won the day for me (as I could give a a$$ what it looks like if it is getting more balls to the bottom of the cup in the least amount of strokes). Most folks find the L.A.B. putters to do a great job of starting the ball on line, but that is by no means universal. I get the best distance control by actually looking at the flag (or other aim point if there is break to the putt) and letting my brain figure out how to hit it to get it there. I liken it to playing corn hole, you look at the target, not at the bag when you make the toss. The forgiveness of the DF 2.1 to either toe or heel strikes makes it virtually a non-issue if I miss the exact center of the face. For me, the tech WORKS, as I have never putted better. And now you have my 2 cents worth. P.S. do the remote video fitting they offer (as you can't beat the price of FREE). That way you'll know your specs, and can head off to the bay and find one that matches (unless you are very far off the norm, then it might take a while). As long as you keep the headcover on it when not in use, you'll be able to sell it for what you bought it for, to either put towards the purchase of a new one (if you feel the need), or move on in your search, with your wallet unscathed. That's probably 3 cents worth at this point...
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