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  1. I can tell you that on the simulator the r11s was the first driver that went further than my r580, which I bought when they first came out. At that time my swing speed was 108 and I had a Grafalloy Blue x shaft. I've since moved up to an M3 440 driver and my spin rate is around 2500, and but moved to a Stiff instead of X shaft since my swing speed is now around 98 to 100. Bad news is that I'm 65 now instead of 45 so I'm hitting it 20 yards shorter than I used to, I seem to lose about 5 yds a year since I turned 60
  2. I recently bought an nx7 precesion pro and I really like it. Hi owever, I've had problems finding pins with many trees in the background. Has anyone else had this issue ? Thanks
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