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  1. My gamer as well. Excellent blend between soft & firm. Soft, without feeling as though they might twist under load. Love 'em.
  2. Update: Didn't sell. Golf Gods trying to tell me something?
  3. A friend just ordered 0211's with the gap wedge. Should have them soon. Will let you know my thoughts next weekend when he and I play again.
  4. I've owned this 1999 Scotty Newport Two TeI3 since '06. Sent it to the Scotty Custom Shop for a facelift and loved playing it for years. Still love showing it off, but recently decided to part with it. Currently on an eBay auction with a couple hours left. Part of me hopes it doesn't sell...... Enjoy....
  5. Apologies for the misidentification! Appreciate the feedback. Happy to hear you're getting along with them. Had a long conversation with a golf buddy today about the 0211's........he ordered his set today! Fairways & greens my friend!
  6. Checking back in to ask how you're getting along with your 0211's? A buddy is about to pull the trigger and thought I'd ask.
  7. Good luck with them! Looking forward to hearing what you think. Bought a set for my dad for his b-day - he's in love with them. Haven't heard anyone who's hit them say a negative word.
  8. I'm late to this thread but found your post interesting. We have similar bag setups and I just left my JPX919 Forged irons for PXG Gen 2 0311 P's, and I have to say that while I loved my Mizzys, the PXG's feel and play so much better......for ME. Understand mileage may vary from player to player, but the performance and feel just seem superior and I'm a Mizuno fan boy. Played MP32's until I wore the grooves off of them. Obviously there's no right or wrong - just found this interesting.
  9. Was able to get a set of Gen 2 0311's just before they took them out of production on Labor Day weekend. 5-PW for under $600 with the Heros discount. Just ridiculous! Hope you enjoy yours as much as I'm loving mine! Next on the list is the forged 0311 gap wedge, the 22 deg hybrid and more than likely the 0811x+ Proto driver.
  10. Totally get it and can relate. I've been a club tester for one of the major golf rags and have been on launch monitors and know my numbers pretty well. Though that was some years ago now I can still fit myself pretty well. Not sure I'm as up to snuff on all the latest shaft technologies so would still benefit from an occasional fitting, but if I see something out there I feel can work, I'll be all over it. I'm a junkie when it comes to equipment.
  11. Curious what you switched away from to get into the Proto, and what lead you away from it. I know for myself, often times there's really no reason other than, it is "time".
  12. Just hooked myself up with 0311 P's, gen 2, and talked my brother into buying a set also. The recent sale before they retired them from circulation was too good to pass on. Also just bought my dad a set of 2021 0211's.......he takes delivery next week. I'm on the hunt for a minty 0811XF Gen 2 driver........since not sold through PXG any longer. OR I may try the 0811X+ Proto - haven't hit that one yet but the price is reasonable. Willing to take the risk. With PXG's pricing becoming more reasonable, they are hard to ignore. The equipment is fantastic.
  13. Played around with several of the top non-X balls, Srixon, Bridgestone, Titleist, Snell, and have settled on the Vice Pro. The value proposition when purchasing 5 dozen and the performance is outstanding and works with my game. Hard to justify spending top dollar.
  14. Sonartec MD hybrid / rescue club. Yes, I said Sonartec. Hit it too dang well to put it out to pasture....
  15. Howdy all, Mike here. Not new to the site but seem to have drifted away of late. You know, life and all. I'm in SoMd (Northern Calvert County) and am always looking for a weekend round. I travel for good golf. No limits within reason. Some regular courses are MD National, Bulle Rock, Potomac Shores, Raspberry, Whiskey Creek, Mattaponi, Westfields, Graystone, etc., but open for anything. Always enjoy a new track. Browsing through the thread and would love to fill out a 4-some. Hit me up!
  16. Mike / Owings, Maryland This net looks great, would love to give it a test drive. Perfect timing with winter approaching. Have not used one with a launch monitor but that may be short lived as I plan to invest sometime soon. Appreciate the opportunity!
  17. Appreciate the response. I was able to pick one up in the same spec brand new for $84.00. Figured I couldn't go wrong for the price, so I'm giving it a shot. Will let you know how it works out for me. Thanks again!
  18. Thanks! If that golf gathering ever comes together in the DMV, count me in!
  19. How are you getting along with that Mizzy 3-wood? I've had my eye on that one for some time and would be interested to know if your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
  20. Hey all, my name is Mike and I'm new to the forum, but not at all new to consuming MyGolfSpy content or the game of golf. I'm 52 and still hanging onto a single digit handicap (barely). I've been playing since my mid-teens and have loved the game since the first swing. I've dedicated a lot of time to playing and understanding the game, which led me to my interest in golf equipment itself. So much so that back in 2003 I wrote to Golf Magazine, who then IMO had the best and most comprehensive club testing series available to regular people, as written by regular people, to ask how to become a tester. After numerous written "interviews" and 3 in-person "mini-tests", I was eventually welcomed into what was a very special brotherhood of a select few true equipment junkies. Through that program my knowledge and understanding of equipment grew, and my curiosity and desire to continue learning lives on. It is that desire to continue my education and knowledge base that led me to MyGolfSpy. I have been a fan since the early days and though I've watched and read countless hours of content, never joined the forums. Not sure why. Finally decided to get more involved, mainly because I have more time these days, and, why the heck not? Should have done so long ago. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you all and it wouldn't suck to find some good folks in the DMV to get a round or two in with. Would love to be considered as a club tester here as I truly enjoy the process and helping others, and love learning about new equipment, but if that never happens, so be it. I also need to upgrade half my bag so having an opportunity to test drive some new bling would be an additional bonus! Either way, I'm glad to be a part of this community. In keeping with tradition, a little about me: How long have you been playing golf? 37 years What’s your handicap or normal score? 9 hcp What do you love about golf? - What's not to love about golf? The personal challenge, good competition and most of all, the camaraderie. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I'm here because I have a full appreciation for what MyGolfSpy does, and how it does it. I do not know a spy but look forward to getting to know some members. Where are you from? What is your home course? I'm in Maryland, originally from N.J. I can't say I have a "home" course at the moment. I've been a member at a few courses over the decades, but prefer to be a free agent so I can wander and play wherever I want, whenever I want. I live near Lake Presidential so I play there more often as it's a convenient drive from home. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? For the most part, the DMV has a plethora of quality public courses to play, and an occasional round and Congressional doesn't suck (see pic in signature - I'm the fat dude), however getting in a round in under 5 hours can be a challenge, to say the least. I prefer to play super early to get out before the hackers, err, "less experienced" crowd buggers up the course. What do you do for a living? I'm a senior director of ops for a high-end residential remodeling company. How’d you pick your user name? It's a play on my last name. Get to know me and I'll explain!
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