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  1. Not a 2-door Jeep Wrangler! They don't fit with the back seat in place and barely fit with it out!
  2. I'm loving these >100° days!! Bring on the heat. Feels like home.
  3. Delivery scheduled today! Hopefully there is a nice new box of goodies waiting for me when I get home from work.
  4. yea I missed out on the early bird special too. My gmail is slow...
  5. Welcome aboard zoomie! Marine here, had to show you some 'love'.
  6. Well it took a little longer than it should have to call them (stupid life issues!!) but I finally pulled the trigger. Shane @GolfSub70 was a tremendous help and was great to talk to and listened to my ramblings. Thanks Shane. I shall soon have a new set of 699's headed my way. Can't wait. First new set of irons since the turn of the century!!
  7. I have not been to that one...yet. I see it every time we drive down that way and always say 'We should try that one out.' I'm sure its just as nice as the others.
  8. Welcome aboard @Golfgirl8350 We've got a great McMenamins here in Bothell, WA!
  9. I'm going to say my wedges. The reason is that I've had my wedges for a while now and they have served me well and I know how to hit them just how I want. I can't say the same for my other clubs. I do fine with the others but there isn't anything about them that gives me the same confidence as my wedges.
  10. I was considering/debating going with Sub70 before reading this thread but what I'm seeing here has me sold. Thanks for all the inciteful input from everyone. @GolfSub70 I will be giving you guys a call tomorrow!!
  11. Congratulations to all chosen. I'm both excited for you all and envious of you all! I look forward to the exploits.
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