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  1. I was in a similar state of mind previously...I was skeptical about the Kirkland Signature balls. That is until I finally broke down and tried them and found out that for the money they were a great ball. I'll be buying a dozen of these to try out. I mean they're only $23, I spend more than that on Starbucks in a week!
  2. Congrats Bolts. I'm just sitting over here in Seattle waiting for them to release the Kraken!!!
  3. Congrats to those selected. Can't wait to see the reviews
  4. Welcome aboard. You said you're a doc and now you're going to get tons of health questions! Be prepared.
  5. I've bought a few things off Mercari and this has always been a fear of mine when doing so. I hope it works out for you soon.
  6. Speaking as one of those "high index players", I can get on board with this completely. One of the hardest things I have learned to do, and it did take me a long time, was to relax my arms. I'm not the strongest guy out there, not the weakest either, but when I learned to stop trying to muscle the ball to 300 yards is when I started hitting more consistent and accurate balls. These are great tips! Where were you when I needed you 20 years ago?! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Welcome, my condolences on the loss of your father. I can sympathize. I have recently returned to the game after a long break. I'm trying to get my wife involved as well. She joins me for "dates" at the range. Good luck and have fun.
  8. Congratulations to those who were picked. Looking forward to the reviews.
  9. Chuck, Everett, WA I putt on the carpet in the rec room, under and around the pool table!! I've never owned a putting mat, but I've borrowed one recently and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Way better than carpet. Being that I play public courses a lot, 99.9% of the time, the slow one would be perfect for me.
  10. I just recently bought a Taylormade Spider Interactive. Haven't had a chance to play any rounds with it but I have been getting in some strokes on the putting mat.
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