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  1. Some good, some bad, learned some things today. Couldn't hit driver throughout the round until I put into play a more reliable setup routine. The setup routine involves lining up the clubface and body with narrow feet, take a small step with the left foot and bigger step with the right. Make sure the ball is positioned in the proper place, i am aligned square, the clubface is pointed in the right direction, etc. Without doing this, I'm not quite sure what I do, but its something not good. After proper lining up, hit good drives the remainder of the day. I did accidentally hit a drive that
  2. Really sorry for your loss @Kenny B
  3. $2000? When I was on a cruise a few years back, the pictures on my wife's digital camera all of a sudden were gone and the memory card was corrupted. She was distraught because it had all of our son's baby pictures on it and not all of them were backed up. While on the cruise ship, i had to try downloading a few applications onto my laptop to try to recover the data on the card. Took a couple tries but got everything back with a data recovery application.
  4. I have a Stewart Q-Follow on pre-order. I am expecting it to be awesome, but haven't tried it before.
  5. I finally figured out how to reliably stop the overswing and still make a proper turn and have been working on that. Posted more details about it in my ongoing thread.
  6. Had my next big breakthrough with my swing over the last few days. Had been hitting the ball like trash for a while, and I went back to my online lesson with Monte, as well as what he mentioned in the past. One of the common themes was arm overswing. My arm overswing is a problem for me because it also comes with: flat hip/shoulder turn, arms keep going back even when the body stop turning in the backswing, etc. My arms and pivot get out of sync in the downswing, and its all timing to hit the ball decently. I spent some time watching some older videos about how to know your backswin
  7. Rebooked now, but not until June 5th. That's how busy my local CC is.
  8. Disappointed that I have to reschedule my Club Champion appointment because my wife's schedule changed next week. Looks like they are completely booked until June.
  9. Besides seeing what comes out from my driver fitting next week, think i am pretty content.
  10. Congrats! Enjoy your posts and your improvement thread. I aspire to follow in your footsteps and drop my handicap like you did.
  11. I was about 2mph difference on trackman between my TSi 2 vs. SIM Max, 0.5" difference but thats not a perfect comparison of course.
  12. Ok, got my swing back thanks to Johnny Miller. Its a tip that I have seen in the past and it helps with my strike. Its not a swing change, just a swing thought and having awareness of your left shoulder and trying to return it to where it was at setup (not literally exact same position, but should be near or slightly ahead of where it was when you started).
  13. swing feels atrocious right now. probably should not swing anymore today.
  14. I would love to gain 5 mph if i can control a slightly longer driver. Right now playing a 44.5".
  15. I talked to Golfballs.com and they said I could keep it.
  16. I guess it technically counts as an order but then quickly cancelled. lol
  17. Ok, i figured it out. A few months ago, before I bought my Two Ball Ten, I had ordered this 7S from Golfballs.com, but canceled the next day and they didn't charge me. They went and canceled the order with Callaway and so they didn't get charged either. But Callaway still built it and sent it...
  18. Ok, this is a new one for me. A Stroke Lab White Hot OG #7S showed up at my door today, and I definitely did not order this. It has my name on the box and on the sheet inside the box. I don't drink or do drugs, so I didn't accidentally order it. I really have no idea why i received this.
  19. What i find interesting in looking at results between different folks in this thread is the difference between Stack Speed and eSpeed. Looks like for @BMart519 and @mr.hicksta, the difference is 8 mph. For me, it is 3 mph. I wonder if this is purely due to driver length difference (the driver length you play is an input you enter before starting) or other factors.
  20. My wife is always making fun of me and my sun hat that I have, but first of all, i am trying to impress no one, and second of all, it prevents me from getting sun burned (in addition to sunscreen)
  21. Those hot dogs, best $1.50 you could ever spend lol
  22. I for some weird reason enjoy the car buying process and usually end up with a good deal. Bought a truck in Jan, got pretty much most of the deal done via email, even though every dealer told me to come in to talk. What I did was priced out cars at different dealers based on their online prices, and found a few dealers that put up low prices online, while the large majority of dealers put up normal MSRP prices. The couple of dealers that put up the low prices were not the no haggle type, think they were just putting up low prices to get more people to buy cars from them. I sent those prices to
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