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  1. Trying to ingrain some simple stuff, so not swinging very hard.
  2. Yes, definitely tetherless. You just keep the remote on your belt (on your back) or on/in your back pocket.
  3. i have some stuff worth some money, but i am scared to send in some cards to get them graded. the thought of sending them in the mail made my stomach churn.
  4. I have had a Golftec fitting and it was fine. Their fitting methodology is pretty standardized, all the fitters go through the same fitting training program, so they all use the same process. One limitation is that they have have OEM-specific shafts that fit OEM-specific heads, essentially like fitting carts. So you don't have the chance to try any head/shaft combo like Club Champion would have. They use the GC2 launch monitor which doesn't provide as much info as GC Quad or Trackman, if that matters to you at all. Outside of the above, the quality of the fitting is highly dependent on t
  5. Snohomish is close by my house. I told Monte we could play at Mill Creek CC (my home course) on the 3rd day. We have a practice bunker there that absolutely no one uses.
  6. I use mine like every week for 6 months straight
  7. I feel like a heat gun is a higher risk because it doesn't concentrate the heat all in the hosel compared to a torch. Heat gun you are basically heating up hosel and head.
  8. With the follow, you can use it on follow mode or use it on remote mode. I see myself using both follow mode and remote mode depending on the terrain.
  9. Hmmm, must have used a heat gun or something instead of a torch. I don't see that happening with a torch that is targeted on the hosel unless he left the torch on for an extreme amount of time.
  10. Just curious, what length driver do you play? Trying to figure out how much speed is added on betweek stack speed and eSpeed, and one of the main factors is driver length.
  11. Yeah, looks awesome, would have loved to try one out first, but don't know anywhere near me that would have one. Taking an educated chance on this one, but all of the reviews are great.
  12. Do you experience this with any other clubs or just the driving iron? Did you get fit for it or buy off the rack or maybe used? If this issue is limited to only this club, it is possible that something is really off on the spec with the club, like you expect it to be flat, but its actually upright, things like that.
  13. Trying to get an appointment setup a few weeks out for a fitting with the regional Edel fitter. Hoping the fitting is as extensive as the David Edel fitting process I have seen online. I have never been fit for any wedges, so I have no idea what bounce will fit me. Historically, i have taken big divots, but that was more due to a flaw in my swing with lowpoint control. I've overnight turned almost into a picker (not quite that drastic, but take pretty thin divots now).
  14. Talking about divots, i went from being a turf destroying superintendent's worse nightmare, to taking thin divots. Little bit perplexed that it changed that much overnight with one swing change.
  15. Doesn't know about ALL of the club orders, but generally doesn't care.
  16. Pretty sure i didn't tell my wife about it yet, but i signed up a while ago
  17. Anyone want to join me at Monte's clinic in August in the Seattle area (Snohomish to be exact)? https://www.eventbrite.com/e/seattle-rebellion-golf-clinic-with-monte-scheinblum-tickets-139689359635
  18. I wasn't very clear. The "what I get fit into" comment was in regards to getting fit for a driver. Im all set on irons.
  19. I have an overswing addiction, but don't quite swing it back that far. Biggest thing for me is gaining body awareness. Just for body awareness purposes, film a shot where you feel like your backswing is for a half swing pitch shot. Bet you it ends up being at least a normal full backswing or even longer.
  20. Thinking about more trade shenanigans. Probably will trade in my old Mavrik Max irons + trade in bonus, get another Max LS for purposes of immediate reselling. And then use those proceeds to purchase whatever i actually get fit into.
  21. So i see a golf size/shaped box at my front door and i am like what on earth did i order. Don't think i ordered any clubs recently. Then I realized i ordered a golf umbrella...
  22. While working on getting my pressure on the right side to start the backswing, caught myself moving off the ball a bit too much and then a little bit of a slide on the downswing. Working on staying centered, but also ensure I don't get pressure to my left side too early. Overall goal is to keep arms in sync with pivot. Doing this gets me coming in shallow without the right shoulder dipping early.
  23. If I get the follow cart, i will probably use a combo of both follow and remote.
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