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  1. Why would you have an area with bundles of hay?
  2. A 36 handicap offering advice to a 39 handicap? Hmmmmmmmm...........
  3. I think that members at private clubs blame the less than ideal conditions on non-member outing play, instead of taking pride in the upkeep of the course.
  4. Grapevine says GG returning to Baltimore, next door to where it used to be. No time frame yet.
  5. I just got my first 32º polo shirts. They were listed as regular cut, but are very "european" in the profile. I can't imagine what the slim cut versions are like. If you have a dad bod, stay away from the slim cut.
  6. I am interested in the M1 driver head. Do you have the specs as measured by the tour van? More pics would be welcomed also. Thanks.
  7. If the grip has a flat side, it makes the wedge non-conforming. Also, a lie of greater than 80 degrees is verboten as well.
  8. It is a smaller size torx bit, a #20 instead of a 25.
  9. Also, I think he was wearing XXL shirts at 140lbs. That couldn't have helped.
  10. No offense intended, but those alignment inserts aren't even close to being square to the face.
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