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  1. Time to update my official review. I now have 20 rounds played with the TSi2 since the start of the new year. When I wrote my review, I had played many rounds hitting both drivers, but only a few playing with just the TSi2. I took the Callaway out of the bag for good and have played only with the TSI2 in 2021. The more I play with this driver, the more I like it. And I liked it a lot when I posted my review. (I gave it 88 out of 100 possible points). Here are some things I’ve noticed about my play this year with the TSi2. 1. In my revi
  2. Yesterday’s round was enlightening. We started on the back and I was out of sorts. I played holes 10 through 16 in +7. I knew my perception, particularly regarding alignment, was way off. Starting on 16, I decided to be meticulous in my set up. It worked. I played the last 11 holes in +1. I guess I just needed a reminder that they are called fundamentals for a reason.
  3. I got in 9 rounds last month. We had quite a few rainy days and my main playing partner doesn’t like to play two days in a row. I feel fortunate to get in that many given the weather.
  4. My brother in law was in a situation similar to yours. He debated retiring at 62 verses 65. He ended up working to 65. He talked with the owner of the company and changes were made to his job to keep him around the extra 3years. Fewer hours, more vacation time and he got rid of a couple of projects he didn’t like working on. He took a small cut in salary the last three years. It worked well for him.
  5. My testing experience and full review are on page one of this thread.
  6. I played my first 18 of the year yesterday with the TSi2. Three drives stand out from the round. On number 9, I caught the ball way out on the toe. The ball ended up in the right side of the fairway and was pretty long. Much longer than I expected based on the feel of the contact. It was much longer than a similar strike with my old driver would have been. On 10, I put a ball in the water. I tried, and failed to draw the ball. I knew as soon as I hit it that it wasn't going to curve. User error. What surprised me was that the ball splashed about 20 yards far
  7. Humans learn fastest by feeling/experiencing differences.
  8. If we’re going to do dad jokes: How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman? Zero. Too soon?
  9. I just posted my review on the first page of the thread. Hope you enjoy.
  10. I should be posting my review in a few days. I put in one last range session today and hope to get on one or two more rounds before posting. Sorry, but I won’t have any professional videos to go with the review—you’ll have to be content with pictures from an iPhone.
  11. My course was closed for a tournament this weekend. I decided to have some fun on the range “testing” the TSi2 against one of my previous gamers: the Ping Eye 2 (cir. 1984). Here are the two contenders: When I got the Ping Eye 2, I remember thinking how big the club head looked compared to my persimmon driver. My how times have changed. It now looks miniscule next to the contemporary driver. There are no markings on the Ping shaft, only a sticker with the Ping logo and address on it. The shaft on the Ping is 1 and ½ inch shorter than the Titleist.
  12. I continue to be impressed by the forgiveness of the TSI2. When hit in the center, the ball seems to explode off the face. Nevertheless, center hits go the same distance with my old driver, the Fusion. I hit two drives today, back to back, first with the Titleist and then with the Fusion. Same swing speed, same ball speed, same carry distance and same smash factor (1.49). So I have to conclude that the center hits are maxed out tech wise. But, what really stands out is how shots hit off-center are not really punished much. I hit a couple way off the heel, and they out carried a s
  13. Michigan has a real chance to keep Ohio State out of the Big Ten championship game this year. They just need an outbreak of COVID to cancel the game.
  14. Ah yes, the 70s and music. I so miss disco.
  15. These were taken in my backyard. Each year we have one or two does raise their fawns in our yard. Last spring we had a raccoon move into our dog house with five or six little ones. We have fox on a regular basis and once had a bobcat go through. I live in a wooded area near the edge of a small town, so it's not all that uncommon for animals to wander through the yard. When my youngest son was around 14, he was dropped off by the school bus and came in the house saying there were a couple of deer in the front yard. We went out to see them and by the t
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