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  1. I was just going through golf books yesterday, getting ready to reread some over the winter--plan out what to concentrate on for 2021. Topping the list are my favorite golf books of all time: Percy Boomer, On Learning Golf (1946) Fred Shoemaker, Extraordinary Golf and Extraordinary Putting Gary Nicol and Karl Morris, The Lost Art of Playing Golf and The Lost Art of Putting I rounded out my reread list with: Golf Practice, How to Practice Golf and Take Your Range Game to the Course, by Matthew Cooke, Arick Zeigell and Zack Parker wit
  2. This was my tee shot on number 12, a 148 yard par three. The green is elevated, so we didn't get to see the ball finish. No idea how the ball ended up this close, directly behind the hole, without going in. Still, a tap in birdie.
  3. And songs like Louie Louie were seditious and worthy of FBI investigation.
  4. I am thrilled to be chosen to test the Titleist driver. Thanks MGS! I'll do my best to give a thoughtful and thorough review. I guess it's time to reread past review threads to see what information members found particularly helpful. Again, thanks to MGS.
  5. My club is tearing down a cart shed and replacing it. I talked to the workers today and asked if I could take the lock off my shed door because it had sentimental value. They looked at me like I was crazy. Perhaps I am. My father moved his cart into the shed in 1968. I took it over when he passed years ago. It's had the same lock on it all that time. Who knew Masterlocks would last over 50 years with just a little oil and WD-40.
  6. Allen Destin, Florida Big Bertha Fusion 9.2 96 Tsi2
  7. A bittersweet round of golf today. The Geriatric Golfers are a foursome that have played together for 43 years. I sub in on a regular basis when one of the group is out of town, even though I am 10 years younger than them. The group started playing a best shot about 10 years ago when one of the members had a stroke and could only chip and putt. Two weeks ago we played and one of the regulars was dragging. He was undergoing chemo. Two days later he went into the hospital and didn't come home. He passed away on Sunday. I joined the other three regulars
  8. It looks like Saturdays games in La and Al may be impacted by Hurricane Delta. Who had "October Hurricane" on their 2020 bingo card?
  9. Ultimate Junior Golfer. I slowed your video down to 25% and then timed out your swing. Backswing 2.33 seconds (at 25% speed.) Downswing .78 seconds. Multiply .78 time 3 equals 2.34. I'd say you have a 3:1 ratio right now.
  10. I think Dave is spot on above. The 3 wood is the longest club in the bag hit off the ground. I also imagine it is a club that people don't practice with very often. My 3 wood shots improved dramatically when I started hitting it on the range a couple of times during most practice sessions. I found out I would get the ball too far forward in my stance, setting up like a driver. Once I found that out, I paid more attention to ball position on the course.
  11. I heard an interview with Edel in which he talked about developing his single length irons. One point really stuck with me. He said that one of the most important impacts of single length is they have caused a discussion about iron length in general. He said some golfers fit very well into single length. Others fit better into two lengths or three lengths, for example, wedges one length, short irons slightly longer and long irons longer still, but shorter than a traditional set. Some golfers benefit from 1/4 inch progression throughout the set. When I was fit for my Edel ir
  12. I was going to plant a small garden this year, but expanded it when I figured out I wouldn't be traveling. This is today's harvest. The tomatoes have been going strong for a month and a half. The Potimarrons and the Galeux d' Eysines (cooking squash and pumpkins) are just now ready for harvest. My Musque de Provance still need a few weeks. My wife is officially tired of freezing and canning. Gallons of salsa, spaghetti sauce, kimchi, soup, and tomato paste are ready for the long winter. I had a great harvest of Cherokee Purple tomatoes--my favorite, so I'm happy.
  13. I go back to the point that "long" and "short" are relative terms. If balls or clubs are restricted, Bryson et al will still be long hitters relative to the other players. When (insert name of long hitter from the past) was bombing drives, it was exciting because he was longer than the others of his time, even though he hit it much shorter than today's players. If most players are hitting it 250, we will still marvel at the 280 yard drive. The real issue deals with absolute distance. Golf courses are designed to offer certain challenges. When absolute distance gets too gre
  14. I posted the following on another site, but it fits with this discussion: Other professional (and amateur) sports have made rule and equipment changes to counteract athletes getting bigger and stronger when the sport got out of balance--the strategy and integrity of the game was questioned. Why should golf be any different? Course are designed with certain challenges built in. Green complexes for short par fours are different from complexes for long par fours because the ball flight and stopping power of the a short iron and long iron differ. If players are regularly h
  15. I have this table saw for the farm. Very well built saw and has a nice safety feature. Makes me feel safer when working alone in a building with less than ideal cell service. My next door neighbor also bought one, but only after almost losing three fingers. So be careful out there in DIY land.
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