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  1. To me they will always be fairway woods--in deference to the history and traditions of the game, just as my irons will always be irons. Now, where did I leave my mashie?
  2. I played the Cobra forged F7 one length for two seasons. I recently switched to the Edel single length irons. I also use cobra single length hybrids. Two big thumbs up on the switch to single length.
  3. Interesting take on a small car. I'm 60. Most of the time I drive a Ford F150. But in the Florida winters, I drive a Mini Cooper, 6 speed manual. I think my golf cart is bigger than the car. I don't have any problems getting in and out of the car.
  4. When viewing golf on TV, I like it when they leave the pin in. Even with a high-def TV, I sometimes have trouble picking up the hole as a the ball is on its way. With the pin in, I get a better idea about the putt when it is farther from the hole. On short putts, it doesn’t matter, unless the camera angle odscures the hole.
  5. A couple of thing to consider: There are plain golf carts, like the ones people are used to renting at courses. And there are modified carts designed for golf and street use. If your wife wants a cart for running around the development, a modified cart might be better. My parents had an electric cart in Mesa. They sold it and went to gas. The summer heat in Arizona was hard on batteries and they needed to be replace every couple of years. My parents were in Arizona only in the winter, so the cart would sit for my months at a time. I don’t know if carts used year round are similarly affected. I have a Club Car that I bought new in 1992 and it has been reliable. I keep thinking about replacing it, but it runs well, so why replace it.
  6. Greetings from Southwest Iowa and Northwest Florida.
  7. I'm a plus handicap when it comes to photography. My main interest in photography is to shoot large format cameras (8x10 up to 20x24) and contact print the film to create handcrafted platinum and palladium prints. I enjoy controlling every step of the process, from selecting the correct watercolor paper to experimenting with the mixture of platinum and palladium to get the exact tones I want for an image. I enjoy the process of hand coating the paper using a watercolor brush and custom emulsion. I do some wet plate photography and also work in albumen and gum over platinum. Most of my work is in rural scenes around my home town in Iowa. But I also do model work. Humm. Maybe I should think about getting hickory clubs and gutta percha balls?
  8. Re UCF: https://sports.theonion.com/ucf-deserves-a-shot-to-be-utterly-destroyed-in-the-coll-1831232725
  9. One of the best lessons I ever had was on learning to swing the club. This was many, many years ago. My instructor had a tennis ball on a rope attached to a golf grip. I had to make the ball swing without jerking the ball back or kinking the rope. Once I got the basic swing motion down, my instructor had me hold the grip with tennis ball and a club together and swing them in sync. Here is a video of the same basic set up:
  10. One more video on the throwing analogy:
  11. We had my wife's family over for Christmas today. 40+ people, and not everyone could make it this year. I'm stuffed. I don't know if I can take three more days of this. I may need bigger pants.
  12. No, no, no, no and no. Don't be bummed by this lesson. Get excited! Jump up and down. Scream for joy. Throwing the ball should be a revelation. The problem is you missed the lesson from this drill. The drill is not about what your body can do, but what your mind can do. You can throw a ball or stone because you have a clear intent to throw it to a target. Your mind tells your body how to move without you having to direct the action "taxing position by micro position." Your mind is free to throw the ball. You are not micro managing it with throw/swing thoughts. This is your moment. Seize it. Let go of the constant and endless search to find the perfect golf swing. As Adam Young says, "Get obsessed with the task, not the technique." Free your mind from swing thoughts, body positions, club positions, face positions, weight shift, etc. To gain control, you have to give up control. You can do it, and you can do it the next time you go out. Throw your clubs. That's right, throw clubs at the target. Here is a video to take you through the entire process. http://www.golfwrx.com/473794/watch-how-to-throw-the-club-to-create-more-lag-and-distance/ Here is another. http://www.golfwrx.com/532902/watch-the-right-way-to-start-the-downswing/ Again, the point is not that your body is capable of doing these moves. It is that you eliminate technical thoughts, positions, and having your mind focused on your body parts. If you do that, you can learn a that the swing is a fluid motion. Stop over thinking golf: Embrace the freedom of learning to swing the club without conscious thought and direction. Your swing will improve dramatically once you let go. Then move on and try a few drills to learn the swing as a whole, not in parts, for example the feet together drill and waking drill. I'm excited for you!
  13. Schedule together time. Set a date night, get a baby sitter and do something fun as a couple. Agree with your spouse that she should have her alone time. What she does is up to her. You are in charge of child care. Agree with your spouse that you should have your alone time. What you do is up to you. She is in charge of child care. Schedule your golf for times so that playing is as little of a burden on your wife as you can make it. Get up early and out of the house before your child wakes up or during nap time. When you get back from the course, give her a big kiss and say thank you. And mean it. Do nice things for her. For example, next time she's tired and grumpy or feeling overwhelmed, go run a hot bubble bath. Don't forget the Epsom salts. Light candles in the bathroom. Cut a cucumber and put on a plate near the tub (for her to use to rejuvenate her eyes). Put on some soft music. Pour her a glass of wine and lead her to the tub. While she's in the tub, do the laundry. (I've been happily married for 37 years. And I play a lot of golf.)
  14. I use two ball sleeves just wider than the putter head and then putt over a coin a foot or two in front of the ball.
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