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  1. HI, I played a Shamble Tournament at Stonehouse in Toano, Virginia on Saturday November 6. They have struggled with reviews from previous ownership and a poor relaunch with bad greens. They have installed a "shade tolerant" bermuda grass on the greens. The greens are much better and just need some seasoning and continued care and they should be even better. They seem to be investing in the course and amenities. The course design is interesting and challenging, but very negotiable if you plan your shots. The greens fees seem a bit high, but that is probably good to help keep play at a level that gives the greens time to completely set. I recommend giving them a try and giving them feedback once you have played. This course helps create an amazing collection of very different courses in the New Kent and surrounding areas in Virginia. Area Courses: You could plan a golf vacation to rural New Kent, enjoy the wineries and play 6 very different courses. Brookwood Golf Club The Club at Viniterra Royal New Kent Brickshire Kiskiack Stonehouse
  2. They are both noticeably softer the the ProV1 and 1x. I will take them back out for a spin next week for more data collection.
  3. I define check up on a chip as it lands, takes a forward bounce or two and stops in a predictable manner. On longer shots, it is all about landing and staying within a foot or so of landing location (consistency is the key). Of course, this also has to take into account the ability to control the spin so the ball doesn't spin back too much. With the #3 ball, I was able to stop a 188 yard shot within 1 foot. On my home course (very receptive bent greens), that is my desired outcome. I can't wait to try these on some very firm championship bermuda greens.
  4. This would be great! I have been wanting to get one to help dial in distances, etc. A chance to review one would be amazing.
  5. Hi All, Here is my first post regarding the Titleist Ball Test. I took the six balls (3 #3s and 3 #4s) out for testing and here are my initial thoughts. Greenside Chipping: Both balls are very soft. I like the feel. While I was on the course, I really felt confident and had good results with both balls. The #3 ball seemed to have a little more "check" to it. On Course: 40-120 yd Wedges: Both balls are very soft. They both checked nicely, it seemed like the #3 ball checked up a tad tighter (within 1 foot) where the #4 was within 1-2 ft. My sample size is too small to have a definitive result. Lower shots had a nice pitch and run, I felt like well struck balls could be controlled nicely. Longer Iron shots (170-210). They both are still soft feeling, especially when well struck. The #3 ball seemed to have a little higher flight and definitely checked up and spun back. The #4 had a little more carry. Neither ball seemed to have as much shape as a ProV1 would normally have for me, but that could change the next time I am out. I need more shots to compare distance to ProV1 and Snell Black. I didn't hit anything longer than 210, as I didn't want to risk losing anything until I have the opportunity to better evaluate. I have to stress that this was a small sample size on a hot, humid Virginia day. Also, I hit the #3 first each time on this round. I will switch to the #4 first next outing. I am keeping full notes and will create a full report as soon as I am able to get ample shots at each distance.
  6. Evnroll putter is on my "bucket" list for clubs to try. I am game to try graphite. If it improves my play, I will game it!!
  7. I'm just excited to use this opportunity to slow down, test the balls and maybe even improve my "game" with the added focus of taking notes, etc.
  8. Tee height is critical. I had a bad driver head and one of the things I tried was lowering the tee height. As soon as I got my replacement head and teed the ball up higher, my length and accuracy both got better.
  9. I prefer the Snell MTB Black. I have tried the Bridgestone Tour BX. My typical "game" swing speed is about 108-110. The driver that just cracked sounded and "acted" weird from the first ball. I am thinking that I just had a "luck of the draw" bad head with that one. Ping is sending a replacement.
  10. I had two G400 LSTs crack and the G410 LST that Ping sent just got a hairline fracture on the toe side of the face. They have been good about replacing, but it is a bit concerning.
  11. Gratton/Quinton, VA iPhone XS Max Outdoors Net about 50%, Range 50%
  12. Gratton / Quinton, VA I have not used a hitting net. If I get a net (I already have a mat), I would invest in a LM for me and my three young sons.
  13. Gratton Quinton, VA Ping G410 LST 9HC Swing Speed: 110 TSi3 9 degree
  14. Just put a set of 3 T20 Wedges into my bag with DG S400 shafts to complement my new MP20s. So far, I am really liking the new wedges and irons. The wedges feel really nice on "touch" shots around the green.
  15. Gratton Stephens: Quinton, VA I typically practice putting 3-5 times per week approximately 30 minutes per session and play 2-3 times per week (weather permitting). I average less than one three putt per two rounds. Tech that gives analytical feedback that is instantly digestible and actionable is great. I have used the Tomi Pro system in the past and have a putting green in my basement along with my Mitchell fitting shop that includes a digital putting loft and lie machine. I am especially interested in how the "slope and speed" feature works on the Exputt. I would be able to make adjustments to my putter loft and lie using the information from the Exputt to test how well the Exputt can help dial in a putter. If the Exputt is truly "Hassle Free" and delivers accurate feedback, this would be a terrific addition to any serious golfer's routine. If desired, I could likely recruit several players of various skills and use the system to analyze and hopefully help them improve (who doesn't like free analysis..LOL). I don't randomly ask to act as a Tester, but this particular test is one that I feel well equipped to give feedback. Happy Independence Day!
  16. Mizuno T20: I am really enjoying my MP20s, so I met with my Mizuno fitter (Mulligans in Richmond VA) and we fit me for 3 T20s Satin finish. Jay (the fitter) took ample time to let me hit multiple wedge configurations using a lie board and fitting tape while hitting outdoors. We went with S Grind 50/07, M Grind 54/12 and C Grind 59/09 to create diversity in the grinds. I have a shop, so I can tweak the 54's grind a little if needed, but we did our best to fit based on the prevalent conditions in my home area. I was carrying a 52/56/60 set gapping, so it will be interesting how these work. I am hitting my MP20s with DG X100s, so we matched them up with DG S400 for shaft weight to help keep the swing weight reasonable (all my clubs are plus 3/4"). I will post a "review" when I get them and put them in play.
  17. Any Mizuno fitter should have the optimizer. I would question why they don't have it.
  18. The more I play the MP20s, the better I like them.
  19. LOL.... I remember my first fitting with my MP57s and the even better feeling with the new MP 20s.
  20. I am eager to try a review, I bet it would be awesome!
  21. LOL, I can't in good conscience as I just got new clubs and typically prefer 1" longer. I wouldn't want to take an opportunity from someone who could really benefit. I will keep my eyes peeled for other review opportunities.
  22. UPDATE: Mizuno MP20 Performance After a couple rounds, I "got in the dirt" at the range and made a swing tweak that "unlocked" my MP 20s. I played two rounds at an old school layout course only using irons, wedges and putter to force me to use all of my new irons. I am even happier with the MP20s now after putting in the work. My misses are staying in play and I am flushing a higher percentage of my shots. I am excited to get out an play them again as soon as possible. I know these aren't for everyone, but encourage everyone to get fit and find clubs that make you want to get better while helping you enjoy the challenge that is golf. These clubs are inspiring me to work to play better and I am having a blast in the process.
  23. Blessings to our active and retired service members and their families.
  24. Played my Mizuno MP20s for the first time today in a club tournament. I was trying to be a little "too smooth" on the first 8 holes. After that I got a rhythm and they feel really good. I didn't have a good scoring day due to some bad luck and a few mistakes, but I am very happy with how the MP20s performed. My "over draws" were not there today and missed shots stayed on line. I am very impressed coming from MP 57s at the tighter dispersion and I am getting the same distance.
  25. I just got a set of MP20s today. I hit them on the range and they are in my bag for a tournament tomorrow. They feel great! I was playing MP57s that were about 13 or so years old. I will report back on how they play vs. my old set tomorrow.
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