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  1. But you already know how. You "con"vinced her to marry YOU, of all people. LOL
  2. Been here since Feb 12, and still a recruit. But, I'll get it done soon. Much more time on my hands these days. See? We have something in common besides Golf. LOL
  3. Two weeks ago, I couldn't see the grass in my backyard. Everything is closed and it will stay that way for a while, I'm affraid. Putting in my carpeted basement. Use my Dr Warren's Swing Fan outside. Can't use the wedges, the grass is too wet and muddy. Bought a bike at Costco last week, it's a Northrock hybrid CTM. It comes with quick release front and rear wheels and seat post. I thief proofed it. It seems that I will be cycling for a while.
  4. That I believe...Been there, seen it. LOL
  5. Been here only a few days. Been somewhere else since 2008 until a member there suggested MGS, if I wanted to talk Golf and R-E-L-A-X while I'm at it. I have a rare health condition... I am allergic to hypocrisy. I get a kick out of people bragging, I actually envy what I call "the better people", (without malice) but I have an aversion to Sneaky Two Faced. Thank you BIGSTU Glad to see you here Tolmij
  6. When I bought my first computer, I had also caught the Chronic Golf Bug, and winter was around the corner. I found a Golf Forum on line and they asked for a screen name. It caught me by surprise and started looking around while thinking. I bought my comp. from MDG Electronics. That was the easy part. The empty boxes were still laying around the basement. I didn't want to give the impression that I am a boxer since I'd been into Karate most of my life. (mdgboxes) I also didn't want to be a smarta$$ by adding 3 X, so I added two. There you have it: mdgboxx
  7. Been somewhere else since 2008, until a member on there pointed me in this direction. Happy to be here Happy Birthday MSG
  8. And THAT, right there, is the beauty of playing a different kind of Golf. The secret is to never use your wedge. It's much safer to punch an 8 iron or more. Think of it more like bowling...Especially par 3s Bouncing off a frozen water hazard is a classic. A no-insert putter is also the ultimate tool. I would also keep 4 balls in my inside pocket and rotate on every hole. Dunlop SoLo and Precept Lady were the best. I contacted PING about sub-zero temps, and here is what they replied: If you ever loose a Fine Tuning Insert in your PING club, for whatever reason, we will replace it (FTI) at no cost to you whatsoever. I was playing S-58 irons at the time. My winter driver was a Srixon W-506 and the Srixon FWs are still in the bag to this day.
  9. At the *International 2000* they would close after the first "permanent" snowfall, which is around mid/late December and then, in mid March, they will bring a snowblower for the fairways and a plow for the greens. The course is frozen solid, so, no damage.
  10. To those who asked how or why, I would reply: "It's a different kind of Golf" Aside from being a lunatic, what else could I answer?
  11. I have played in -4 F temps with 10-15 mph wind gusts. I live on the Montreal South-Shore. I was a member at the International 2000 GC, in Lacolle, Qc. It prides itself of being the first to open and the last to close in Quebec. It is located 3 miles from the Champlain US border crossing. In 2007, I played my last 36 holes on Jan. 7th, 2008. I was back on the course on March 16....I was 62 yrs/o at the time.
  12. LOL, I have seen close to 60 on a 9 hole course. I have seen a legit 67 when I caddied for our club pro in a tournament. I have never been lower than 8 hdc.
  13. I have a HiO to my credit. I like saying: If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all If it wasn't for TV, I'd never see a score of 60.
  14. Put lipstick on a Pig---It's still a Pig

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