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  1. I will start at the Top of the Bag and work my way down. Driver- I currently am using a Mavrik Sub Zero w/ Kinetixx Ballistic Shaft. I love this shaft, it has been my favorite shaft I have played although i would love to test out the Kinetixx Velocity shaft and the LAGolf shafts. The Mavrik I would have to say I am not totally in love with. It is not the most forgiving driver but when I center punch one it is the longest driver I have personally played.( Other than Long drive clubs). NO 3 WOOD For where I Live and where I play I use my 3 wood only about 1 or 2 times a year so I replaced it with a 2 iron. 2 IRON- Mizuno MP-20 HMB w/ Nippon TOUR 130 X stiff Shaft. I have a love/hate relationship with this club. I want to try and get a graphite shaft for it but as of now I have a steel shaft which in my Opinion makes it a little tougher to hit. When I hit it good it can be a great alternative to a 3 wood or a driver. I cant get it to about 250+ on solid contact and good conditions. I do struggle to consistently hit this club solid. This is partially the player and then also I believe I need a different shaft. This has great potential of being a driver replacement for tight fairways or dog legs. 3 IRON(UTILITY IRON)- COBRA King Utility iron w/ Kinetixx Ballistic 90G shaft. This is probably my favorite club in the top of my bag. This is an awesome fairway finder and other situations club. It is much more forgiving then my 2 iron and It feels and flies great. This is surprisingly workable and useful in the rough also. 4-PW Miura TC-201 w/ project X 7.0. I enjoy these irons. I bought these more so out of curiosity of what Miura's were like to play. I would say the TC-201 plays closer to a Blade than a cavity back which is what they take on the looks of. All I have ever heard is they are butter. So I wanted to see for myself. As much as I enjoy these clubs, they are not exactly what I thought they would be, they are butter at times but they are also hard to hit. My expectations were higher then the reality of them. That is not to say the don't feel great and play great. I would personally be open to selling these and testing out other irons, but I still enjoy playing these clubs and the looks of them don't hurt either. To Compare before this I had AP2's and I loved those clubs but the curiosity of what Muira's were like got to me and I had to try them. WEDGES- VOKEY SM8(50,56,60)-- I cannot say enough how much I enjoy playing vokey wedges. I personally will ever have a hard time changing to something else. I bought some taylormade hi-toes to try out and ended up selling them after 1 range session because I did not like the weight and the feel of them. I think vokeys are the best wedges you can get but there are some wedges I have not tried. PUTTER- 33' Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5, this is my favorite putter I have used. It feels soft off the face and feels heavy enough in my hands to give me confidence in my putting stroke. ACCESORIES Other things I have in my bag that I enjoy and the 2 tour towels from Legion Golf, Right now I use Asher gloves if I don't use those Taylor made makes a glove I like. I usually use Titleist prov1x balls. I have a precision pro NX9 which I enjoy using I am not sure if it is much of a con but the button on top is almost too easy to press but other than that it is very nice to use at a great price. I personally use a sun mountain pathfinder 4 push cart and I love using it. It makes walking much better than lugging clubs on your back and not having to pay for a cart or ride in a cart. I also buy Dormie workshop headcovers. High quality head covers but it comes in a little bit pricey for a headcover. I like the designs and things Dormie comes out with.
  2. A dream of mine which I would love to make a reality, is to have a place in my area to be able to hit all year long. and be able to hit whenever I can(any hour I am free). Maybe I am in the minority in this category but I love to practice and just hit balls on the range and improve my swing. This as of that last year and a half( a child later and another on the way) has been happening very little. Between working at work or working around the house, helping with the kids or helping the wife with whatever she needs, the golf practice has been lacking. Looking into my schedule there is a time frame that would be perfect to be able to get away for an hour or 2 that I could practice. Only issue currently is weather in Ohio is not the best and it is dark when my window is open to practice. My solution...a lit night range or a nice place to hit indoors(DOME or simulator) year round would be great. The closest place to be able to do this is currently about 30-40 minutes away. being in the country/ a rural area it is tough to say whether or not it would last or be profitable to build one. My question for the mygolfspy fam is if anyone else has any wisdom on building a driving range/Lit range/ year round facility? or any other things they do to keep their game sharp all year round, or at night when that is the only time they can? I have land that I could potentially build a range but for me to be able to I have to prove that it is worth it or profitable. As of now that is a big unknown being out in the country.
  3. Briton Dalton,Ohio I use to walk for league nights, then last year bought a push cart and loved it. I walk every time I play in league which is 90% of my rounds I got the sun mountain pathfinder 4 for Christmas 2 years ago
  4. All tech glitches get fixed pretty quickly and all it takes is an update. Battery life was an issue before I sold it but they had a firmware/software update to fix it and make it more efficient. As far as I understood you can plug it and to a wall and charge it while using it. i only used it on the range outdoors where there is no power close. I loved the machine and felt like it helped me dial in my numbers for each club in a way that i have not done before and with any swing changes or club changes i could get it dialed in pretty quickly.
  5. The only real issues I had they had made updates and fixed the software to improve it. which they are constantly doing but like i said i sold the unit before fully testing it indoors and its full capabilities.
  6. I actually ended up selling the unit. Never got a chance to hit indoors. I sold it more for financial reasons, It was an awesome unit and wish i could of kept using it but I did not use it enough to validate keeping it.
  7. Briton/Dalton, Ohio Yes i am Right handed 1st choice 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram X-Stiff 2nd choice Driving Iron - UiHi 18* - KBS Tour V X-Stiff 7 Yes I play a mizuno HMB mp 20 2 iron currently and I do not have a 3 wood or a club in between my 2 iron and my 4 iron right now.
  8. When I used mine on an outdoor range, it was surprisingly accurate on shot shape. It has a 3d function so you can see it on your tablet or iphone and i would of said it was not too far off from what i was seeing.
  9. Briton Dalton,Ohio Callaway Mavrik 7 120 Tsi2 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. 7 Handicap from Dalton, Ohio Miura TC-201 and 8-iron distance is 180-190 I cannot say I know anything about these clubs or this company. I have never done any research on them nor heard anyone talk about them. So I do not know anything about them which is what interests me about them.
  11. I have a mevo+ and I have now used it 4 or 5 times. I can give you some pros and cons but I still have a lot to learn and figure out on it. To start I have only used it outside at a driving range, so I have not seen how it works inside or into a net yet. Pros: It seems to be pretty accurate and set up is easy. It has essentially any stats you would need and you can record your swing from whatever device you are using. It really helped me dial in my numbers on distance and on swing speed/ball speed. This is kinda both pro and con.... the price. it is an expensive unit but for the price and compared to how expensive the higher end ones are it looks like a very fair price. Cons: The battery last about an hour but to me when it gets to be low battery it does not work as well. It does not pick up shots every time like when it is full battery. If you are using the app on your phone I suggest a portable battery charger because it kills your battery. If you use something else like an ipad you need a hot spot or a Wi-Fi to be on for it to work.(Unless I totally missed how to make it work without Wi-Fi) It also showed me how terribly inconsistent of a ball striker I am....... Like I said I am new to using it and I learn something new every time I use it. another tip is to change the sleep timer in the settings the first time you set up the session to something longer than 30 seconds. I set it to the max of 120 seconds just so I don't have to worry about it going to sleep in the middle of a swing, and I don't have to feel rushed, i can take my time hitting the balls. The accuracy on the numbers it gives you are obviously not going to be as accurate as the higher end models but I would say this little machine does pretty well for its price point. I have a pretty high swing speed, so I was nervous it may throw it off when i use driver or my long drive driver but it catches the speeds of everything. If you guys have questions about it specifically let me know and I can try and answer them to the best of my ability.
  12. Briton /Dalton, Ohio Desired to Test: 440 Swing Speed:122-125 MPH
  13. First name: Briton State of Residence: Ohio Handicap : 7 Current Hybrid in Play: I do not have one, looking for a gap filler for between my 4 iron and 3 wood. What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid: Looking for a club to fill the gap and I am able to hit well off the tee, and be able to keep it in the fairway.
  14. I personally would say Jason Day but he was not an option so I just chose Arnie. A respectable Legend. I like Jack also, hardworking athlete that has a knack for business and is an Ohio Boy.
  15. 7 Handicap-Dalton, Ohio IG: bgerby7 Depending on weather here in Ohio, i could get anywhere from 1-3 rounds a week Currently Playing Titleist TS3 driver and 3 wood, AP2 irons and transitioning to Muira TC-201's, Sm8 wedges, and Scotty cameron newport 2.5 Driver: SZ tour length matte black/white w/x-stiff low spin shaft 3wood:SZ tour Fairway w/ x-stiff low spin shaft king utility black 2-3 iron with x-stiff shaft king forged tec irons nippon ns pro modus3tour 130 x stiff king mim wedges(50,56,60) same shaft as irons.
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