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  1. Great opportunity! i was lucky to demo a 6 iron thru their demo program.. great product! finished to order a 639cb tho cause I love cavity backs good luck to the winners! i won’t apply cause I feel I would take it from someone that may after decide to buy those if selected!
  2. Did you ever consider a Wilson Duo Pro? Is just a really good ball and in my opinion under evaluated
  3. Hi! I received my new 5 wood fairway pro from Sub70. Fantastic club... it goes as far as my Mavrik 3 wood and launch very easy. I paired it with the UST mamiya V2 Black. Sound is mute, look is really nice with a stealth mode Black Not familiar with the Srixon, but I have heard good things of it as well
  4. Wondergiulio


    The reverse sandbagger that instead of inflating the handicap to have an advantage, he deflate it so they can claim to be single digit
  5. Wondergiulio


    My real playing partner is always the course. I want to be as close possible to it.... Thus said, I can get badly affected from playing with obnoxious ‘second ball’ reverse handicap players... there is something in it that really annoys me. Viceversa my game step up when playing with good ones.
  6. Totally agree. Lots of golfers think of it as a muscle game.. ‘I hit my 7 190yds, etc’... truth is as per rules of golf nobody should ask which club we hit. Nobody shoul even care. It does not matter which club I use as far as I hit GIR....
  7. Name: Giulio, Brooklyn, NY Would like to try: TR20 460cc Swing Speed: 97-100mph
  8. Hi Spies! Just bought this shaft on EBay (Stiff) as backup to my TourAd TP5s (similar specs). My swing instructor has the 465 and I have to say the shaft is really good. I still felt it was a bit heavy for my late tennis elbow struggles so I choose to go lighter. I just re grip it and will go on the course tmw (Bethpage Red). Anyone has any experience with it?
  9. Great bag! What do you think of the driver?
  10. What you guys think of Hulk like Bryson? Honestyly, he seems ugly but I am impressed by his mobility. The guy can still turn... He is hitting 60% fairways but hitting from the rough 30yds further is still an advantage I feel. opinions?
  11. Giulio, Brooklyn, NY 13 Callaway Apex 3h, waiting to receive a Sub70 939X 4h i like versatility. I love a club I can use off the tee if I need to shape shots on doglegs, hit greens when I drive short ahahaha, helping out of the rough and still get some distance
  12. Wondergiulio


    Same here. I like the challenge of 6600/6800 not more. I play Bethpage Black a lot and there if I could I would play the yellow to make it more friendly but I keep playing the blue tees and makes all the other courses look easy
  13. Thanks for posting this! Bought 4 dozens XV immediately
  14. Congratulations guys and MGS for being so creative with testing!
  15. I have never tried. But they have good reviews as well. On the price point I have to say that Marley you need to build and finish to cost more if you include a good shaft. The shafts on your page are on the cheap side. I actually made a quote on my same iron specs and Maltby came About same price
  16. Hi, if I was you I would really look into Sub70 (www.sub70golf.com) for your new sticks. the irons they produce are top notch (I will soon write extensive review of my latest experience) and Jason (the CEO) will literally spend as much time at the phone with you to give you the right ones. Prices are incredible and you will have a new latest technology at the Price of an outdated used one. of course MGS is a big fan of their 699s, but also their game improvement model seems great. in alternative of course callaway has a great preowned site where you can truly score good deals
  17. I use a push cart because my back has always some stiffness issue, but in some courses very hilly I see guys that carry a light bag (like a slightly bigger Sunday bag) have a good pace and probably an advantage. Also on courses lie Bethpage Black with rough very thick, the pushcart kind of slow down when you unfortunately go search for your ball all over like me ahhahaha
  18. Hi! Well easy to say to just relax and play your game... In truth as we all know golf is a sport very mental and anxiety does not help. I think that match play is actually a better way to start tournaments, because if you have a bad shot and lose the hole it will not compromise the rest of the match but just that hole. You will have of course bad shots, and your opponent too, believe me. If you play with handicap, try play strategy. When you have strokes consider that a bogey is a great score, so you can just use your safe shots... But mostly just ENJOY. We r not doing this for living so let’s never forget this
  19. I think that even if probably not the best move from him, the Koran ferry tour don not need to be scared of his presence. At the end is golf and he at this stage of career is not necessarily better of any of those top guys there. so if I was playing on that tournament it would be an extra reason to do better!
  20. I am from NY, it Sunday I played Neshanic Valley. Love that course and it was in really good conditions (as always), only downside the raised edge cups... I rather play with foam in I will be back anyway!
  21. I play Snell, but found that the Wilson Duo soft is a great ball. Not crazy spinnin* around the green and amazing price...
  22. hi! actually I am in your exact situation. My gamer is the MTB black (plannin* to move to the X soon) and I have bought couple of dozen of Mizuno RB tour x. while the ball feels amazing, holds very well the wind and spin just right, it has big durability issues. Even a well stroke wedge shot would mark the cover, not to say a thin s*** or random trees. too bad because is a great ball
  23. Well, I try remember that in golf you play only against the course.... even if I have to admit that there is a first tee that always intimidate me... Bethpage Black first hole... usually everyone is watching from behind and it gives a bit of goosebumps hahaha
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