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  1. Scott Musson Chapel Hill, NC Handicap 14 Current putter Odyssey DF550 would love to test the Anser 2. I'm looking for a new putter, play about 100 rounds per year, and would love to give this a ride! Thanks
  2. Handicap 13 8-Iron: 150 Currently play TaylorMade P-790, Oban shafts
  3. Chapel Hill, NC 12 Handicap Currently playing TaylorMade p790 Irons Would like to test the PTX Pro-Icon Combo w/UiHi
  4. Wade Hampton is on the bucket list, but it's tough to get on! I'm always on the lookout for a connection there.....
  5. I assumed it had been discussed, and I dug through some of the new review posts, but lots of information on the 2018 thread!! Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Has anyone tried the SuperSpeed training system, not using a launch monitor but just going through the protocol? I'm curious about results, either perceived or actual. Thanks
  7. I wear the Adidas Adipower 4orged S shoe in the summer and really like it. Most comfortable shoes I have. It gets pretty hot in NC in mid-summer and my feet are comfortable.
  8. I have a TaylorMade cart / stand bag I use regularly with my push cart, and like just fine. But I'm considering adding a lightweight carry bag, for those days when I play 9 holes and want to strap it on my back rather than push. Recommendations? My home course is somewhat hilly, so I'm looking for weight optimization and decent club organization. Thanks
  9. I live in NC, and try to play as often and as varied courses as possible. I love my home course, but variety is fun too. Fairly familiar with the Pinehurst area and the courses available there. What other courses would you rate highly in NC? Thanks in advance
  10. !00% agreed with this. Using the clubs that you're hitting well to make a score is the purpose of the game. In my mind, you are working to improve (also a goal of every round), and I would score the rounds....
  11. I'd be surprised if you didn't break 90 on your home course now. The mental breakthrough is the key - obviously you're striking the ball well enough to shoot the score! Congrats!
  12. The difference in the Oban and my previous lightweight graphite shafts is night and day. I don't have spin numbers, but will message my clubfitter to see if he can send them. I'd highly recommend them - definitely taken strokes off my game.
  13. Will do ASAP. I have to clean them first!!!!!
  14. Driver: TaylorMade M3 driver, Fujikara Atmos Red 6 R Shaft 3-Wood: TaylorMade M3 Hybrids: TaylorMade GAPR Hi, GAPR Mid Irons: TaylorMade p-790, Oban Shafts (5-A) Wedges: Cleveland RTX 56 and 60. Oban Shafts Putter: Odyssey DF-550 Ball: Pro V1x (although I'm currently trying the Snell MTB-X
  15. i've been using Arccos for some time now, and it has pluses and minuses. Nothing is perfect I guess. I don't love the phone in the pocket and my fiance absolutely hates it - can't wait for the link to ship. The customer service is fantastic - every question I've ever had, or issue with a sensor, has been resolved quickly and without cost or question. I think they will continue to improve and evolve as technology gets more sophisticated. Overall, I'm a fan....
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