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  1. Ohhhhh okay gotcha. Thank you for clearing that up for me.
  2. It's surprising to me how many people in this pole wear spikes. Must be where I play, I haven't seen spikes around sense the 90s!
  3. Same here. For those who use the range to practice v/s warm up, it's a completely different experience. The track I frequent (Cross Creek in SoCal) got new range balls and I'd imagine it's quite an investment for a public course. However from here out I will go completely out of my way to get to this range. Win, win for both parties.
  4. It's psychological for me. If I am hitting it straight off the tee, I feel a little more auto pilot approaching the green - leading to more room in my brain to focus on scoring lol. So, ya I feel it's important to be hitting fairways off the tee. After all, you don't get too much room for error, left or right with that club.
  5. Awesome 009! Are you Hector? What's the story with this thing? I love it.
  6. Tied up for the week, but this looks like a sweet track, especially for the price. Surprised you didn't get any hits not this. Hope ya found someone to join ya.
  7. Having not read what everyone's said, I would say half hour lessons are fine. You don't want too many thoughts streaming in at once. That said, sure you can go to a range or local track for a half hour lesson but what you end up with, in my opinion are "golf tips". You don't get the full benefit of working with that pro over a period of time. I would say get evaluated by someone first, in a studio and come up with a plan - long or short term. Strength and injury prevention as well. There's a lot of technology out there, you might as well take advantage of it if you can. It should get you to where you know what to practice on rather than just beating balls, waisting your time. And depending on how much work you put into it, I would say you'll see a huge difference in less than a year. ....all my opinion from experience. Edit: Okay went back and read some comments. Pretty much saying what I have. Good luck OP, sounds like you got this.
  8. Haha this funny. Is it that there aren't marshalls any more? Are they only employed by private clubs? Anyway, I've defiantly noticed the zombie, types, oblivious to what's going on around them, let alone behind them. They also share the mentality that their round will be disrupted if they let you through. Sorta like the dh In the fast lane on the freeway. "Ima tax payer driver". So, yeah the solution, I guess, is to go around them, middle finger out. Kidding. Then there's the other type. These rockstars zip by you, while you're on the green and proceed to tee off . They're awesome, until they realize there's a group right in front of them. "Eff it, they're going for it." This is probably the twosome with a speaker, who have now created an awkward situation as they drive off while you pull up to the tee box. My solution would be to have the starter as well as messages, signs and a plane flying over prompting you to let faster players through. There's a balance to this though and it can be tricky for some, especially when they're faced with multiple groups in front of them.
  9. You're right. I was reffering to the 14's as sort-of Vintage. We're in trouble when AP's are considered vintage. Gulp
  10. Raises hand. My current gamers are AP 2's but I sometimes play with MP 14s. Come to think of it, are they even vintage?
  11. I'm with the majority on this one. If I say "that's good" and the person I'm playing still putts it, I'm under the assumption he's practicing. I'm cool with that. Sounds like player B has a bit of a beef with A.
  12. Brad, Temecula California Cameron Newport 2 Anser 2 Head preferred. Slight Arc.
  13. Not at all, other than the occasional custom up on a hill. 10 degrees cooler and in great shape as well.
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