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What's your golf ball for 2021?

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On 5/12/2021 at 6:41 PM, jaskanski said:

After much deliberation (and almost a lifetime of Titleist use) I've put my faith in the Bridgestone Tour B RXS for this year (as a minimum). It ticks a lot of boxes and now that I don't get any leveraged deals on Titleist balls either, it makes an even easier choice at the price point. An outstanding ball by anyones standards.

Actually, scrap that idea. The Titleist AVX has been more consistent across the board of late. The Bridgestone has it's attributes, but the AVX simply beats it - hands down. Not what I expected, but it goes some way to show why Titleist dominates the ball market by some margin. Worth paying the extra bucks? There's a totally different discussion...

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Was using the Bridgestone Tour B X and was generally happy with it. After the ball test on here I tried a box of Titleist Tour Speed and have been very impressed. Distance seems similar, although a couple of times I have noticed I have been playing my second shot from further down the fairway than I am used to, not sure if its me putting a good swing on it, the weather or the ball but I am defo happy with the distance. 

The big difference has been around the green, my putting feels better. With the Bridgestone I was struggling to get the pace right, with the Tour speed its much better, again could just be me, but I am happy. Where I know the improvement is not me though is control with the wedges. The Bridgestone just didn't want to stop, but with the tour speed I have a lot more control.


:callaway-small:, Driver, Mavrik Max 10.5*, Aldila rouge white 60, XS flex

:mizuno-small:, 3 Wood, MX-700, S flex

:callaway-small:, 4 Hybrid, Mavrik Max, S flex

 :Sub70: , 5-PW 699 Pro, KBS Tour S flex

:titelist-small:, Wedges, Vokey, 52*, 56*, 60*

:odyssey-small:, Putter, Stroke Lab Black #7

:titleist-small:, Pro V1

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