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  1. Weather is turning for almost all of us! Still available!
  2. I have one, and admittedly haven't used the app/features much. But as a range finder in general...I LOVE IT! I will update the thread once I attempt to use the features within the app more. The one time I attempted, the battery really only lasted around 27 holes. Without the app connected, 36 easy with no worries on the battery.
  3. Man, I don't know how I missed this thread....I've been a little MIA from the forums here and there, but still! I hate that I can't make this as it's in my backyard practically. I have a week long conference that begins the 16th and I have to arrive on Sunday the 15th Enjoy everyone!
  4. Selling my Blue Tee's Series 3 Max. Its only been used once or twice and is like new. I received a Precision Pro R1 for Christmas and I am going to stick with it for now. Asking $225 shipped.
  5. Wow! I haven't attempted picking anyone up on waivers, have looked at a few and had zero idea what to bid! Those are crazy spends IMO, but what do I know! This is my first go around with fantasy golf and any fantasy sport in years. Having fun so far but definitely feel at a disadvantage because of my lack of experience / time / and forgetfulness LOL
  6. Any thoughts / discussion on the new Range Finder and tracker? It appears us V3 users could just buy the magnet mount or range finder? I am intrigued because I really don't care to wear the watch for stat tracking and would rather wear my Apple watch or other fitness tracker (thinking about a Whoop) Anyhow, surprised with the new from PGA Show of the new product that there hasn't been any other discussion in here.
  7. I don’t pause when making the turn for this reason specifically. I’m not usually in the clubhouse that long and if my round says 4:15…. I really know it was closer to 4hrs. The pause is a pain but I’m now only using it before the round and praying I don’t forget on the first tee Also I’ve noticed lately when I do go in the clubhouse I’ll lose gps signal. I don’t want to mess with anything the could jeopardize my pro like stats
  8. I'll take it if it's still available and once you confirm which design it is. Thanks!
  9. My problem with going through the putt screens is sometimes it will show "Pick up" The only way to get back to approach is to walk away from green at that point. It's one reason I am still flirting with the idea of manual putting. I don't think the putt screen occurs until I activate it and can see distance of last shot etc while on the green ??
  10. Well I was excited to give manual putting a try, however after watching @MattF yesterday forget / miss several putts and pin locations. More so marking the putts, going to pin collect then realizing he forgot to mark the first putt.
  11. At least someone can say that! I don't have a game (yet) but I am getting there. Just excited to meet all of my fellow Spy's
  12. So some of my buddies from another fire department just invited me to this play and stay package. Might be a good not so far out of state deal for us Ohio guys. I’ll let everyone know how it is when I come to CIC https://www.lakeviewwvgolf.com/stay-play-packages/
  13. after looking at that picture and hearing about the rough....I am considering bailing In all honesty I may not keep score, ask Matt to drive and get drunk
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