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  1. Sure, happy to talk about shoes. Really, unless you are gifted with helicopter speed they are more of a hindrance than help. More perplexing is the BOA system. Just what sport is it that you must have your shoes tightly affixed to your feet? Actually more than a few, ice hockey, soccer or basketball come to mind. None use the BOA system. What is it? Golfers can’t tie their shoes. Most golfers I know are shilled at shoe tying—no problem. Enjoy the game. Thanks
  2. Sure, having played golf for many years, I believe my ideal height is right at one inch. I check this with my thumb when placing the ball on the tee. Thanks
  3. Way to go Jon! That last put was something to see. However, I and others were more than underwhelmed by the feeble commentary of Jimmy Roberts and Steve Sands. Things like which way does the put break or up or down hill or left or right are left for one to wonder. This Forest Gump announcing style “Golly gee, he made that put.” is weak and sounds babyish. You can do better, you can improve. Paint us a better picture. Thanks
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