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  1. I stay with my ball until it's lost or seems to underperform. At the end of the round, it goes in my bag for another random day.
  2. I have been fitted by Titleist and Taylormade reps. And I have been gifted and found just about all makes and brands. I carry a 10 handicap, and I can tell a good ball from a cheap ball, but that's about it. Some days, one brand works better for me than others. As a recreational golfer mostly (some events, not many), I swap out an unlucky ball at will and replace with something else. That's not recommended I know, but it works for me.
  3. dlm

    Maxfli Tour

    I have tried them and I like them. I like lot's of the new balls tho: Vice, Snell, ProV, AVX, Taylormade has some too.
  4. Not me, too much rain, mud, and dirt on my courses. I don't own any white pants, maybe some light brown or gray.
  5. Look sweet, too bad I'm all set for drivers and 3 woods! Maybe soon?
  6. How about a Florida option, NE too far to go. Hope it will work out and have fun!
  7. Put me in, just read they put a lot of tech into their products.
  8. Not me, I prefer about 3 degrees. Have a 46, a 49, a 52, and a SW with more bounce. Just me, I prefer a full swing when possible.
  9. Florida courses, winter time, very tight lies. I went with 3,4, 5 hybrids a few years ago and find then much easier to play. Now carry the Big Bertha's, adjustable.
  10. dlm

    Maxfli Tour

    I played the Maxfli today, very impressed. Helped me shoot a 77 and I'm a 10 handicap!
  11. I'm on my second C130 cart bag. The first blew out a side zipper after maybe 3 years of constant use (I play 3 times a week). That pocket was were I kept my valuables, so I searched for a new one. Gave the old one to a friend 2 years ago, and he is still using it. My new one is starting a little hole in one of the two large side compartments, but it's otherwise in good shape. Like I said, this goes in and out of the car trunk and onto the cart some 12-15 times a month. It's a hefty bag, so I don't take it on travel trips as I worry it will simple weigh too much. I can hold anything tho.
  12. I play the Tampa, FL local courses. All of them. Great fun with friends and can always find a course in good shape, since we move around.
  13. Just upgraded a few clubs, but I could use some new wedges!
  14. Hey, in flat Florida, my spike-less shoes have been great. Can wear anywhere and they are comfy. For those wet days tho, or after storms, the spikes come in handy and I have some Footjoys which are adequate. When the wear out, I want to try the Sketchers or Adidas, so thanks for the tips.
  15. I don't walk now, most of the Florida courses I play want you to rent a cart. If and when I join a private course with walking available, I'm certain to purchase an electric trolley as walking is best.
  16. Dave Tampa, FL Titleist Velocity and Calloway Chromesoft Have used the former Gamer, and liked it.
  17. Dave Tampa, FL 8.5 wide I have three pairs of ECCO's I switch around Comfort and waterproof (morning dew). Thanks, the shoe looks great.
  18. Dave/ Tampa FL Right handed First choice, the hybrid: 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular Second choice, the fairway wood: 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Regular Currently a 10.5 index I play Callaway xhot2 3, 4, and 5 hybrids
  19. Dave Tampa, FL Rogue, with an Evenflow 65 shaft, 9 degree set at 10 10 Probably 95 - 100 Did a little research, think the TSi2 would be better for my game. Maybe with the Tensi AV Blue 55 shaft. 9.5 loft
  20. David, Tampa, FL 10.9 Callaway Mack Daddy Stopping power!
  21. Dave, FL 11.4 Callaway Mack Spin and lack of sun blast! Thanks!
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