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  1. Yeah, I was interested to see what they would offer. Seeing it now at $40 a box I'm not really interested anymore. There is a multitude of Premium DTC balls that can be had for this price or less. Oncore Vero X1 and X2 come in around this price (X1 less if you buy two boxes, X2 same price if you buy 2 boxes). I've really thought these Oncore balls were the best for me but I'm not really purchasing too often as I find the price creeps too close to Pro V1's. I bought a bunch when they had Black Friday sale (ended up at $27/box), and hoping it makes me through the season. Snell and Vice balls come in less than this as well. At $40 for this PXG ball I'm not jumping to get any. Might try it at some point, but the price point to me significantly lowers my interest level.
  2. Ordered and received a PXG Bat Attack Battle Ready Putter. I've had my Spider putter since the beginning in 2008 and I haven't looked back. I'm just finding it a bit too heavy for me these days and wanted to try something a little different, but still face balanced and such. Had it for one round and I like it. But next year I will really get into it and sort it out proper.
  3. Either a Sim2 5 wood, or a PXG putter. Or maybe even a new 60° wedge. But on my Christmas wish list is the Alphard Club Booster V2!
  4. Played hockey all my life (still playing 2 - 3 times a week in winter). I can agree that it makes the transition easier, but I wonder (just my own thoughts) if the slapshot also contributes to the "over the top" style golf swing. I've noticed it in my swing and when I watch my 14 year old play golf, I can also see how he hits the ball like a slap shot and in turn creates a slice. My other 12 year old who doesn't play hockey though hits a nice straight through shot and almost dead straight. No data to go off of though, just my observations. Plus, lots of hockey players have nothing do during the spring and summer months (especially if you play for the Leafs!!)
  5. Last year I tried the Elixr and didn't like it. I'm just across the border from Buffalo (love that they have the Bills Mafia ball) and thought same thing. I'd give them a go. Hated the Elixr and wrote off OnCore as crap ball. Lost distance off my driver as well, quite noticeably. But for some reason I decided to give it another shot this year with the Vero X1. Big difference for me. I love the feel of the Vero and no loss in driver distance for me. I've only used it twice so far, but gonna use it a couple more times. Now that the Vero X2 is coming out, I might give that a go next year. Also, the game ball that I have been using mostly is either Vice Tour or Vice Pro. I find that both of them work very well for me, with a price point that is great!
  6. But.......Everyone in Canada knows that friend Bob in Vancouver, or Steve in Toronto
  7. Currently 3 brands. Taylormade for Driver, Fairways, and hybrid. Also Taylormade putter. Iron set is Cobra, but Cleveland for wedges. However, I might be going to 4 as I'm looking at a PXG putter this offseason.
  8. Like it says, selling my Cobra putter. It's the Grandsport 35. Right Handed, 35" Barely used. Used for 5 rounds before I said that's enough. I just can't make the switch to blade and going back to mallets. SOLD
  9. Played this weekend at a course that I have yet to play. Shot of the day was hole 10. Tee box is low in the valley so you have to hit up about 40 feet to the fairway. It was into the wind, but still got a hold of it and put it middle left fairway. 3 wood over the bunker and onto the right of the green for a 48' Eagle putt that almost went in. Would've been nice to drain that, but still very happy with the birdie on that hole.
  10. Follow up to this one. I have kept the shaft that came with it and it's working wonders for me now. Most shots are straight, sometimes a slight fade. But they are going where I want them. Really, really liking the feel of this driver now.
  11. Picked up a used Stealth Plus Driver today. I decided I just wanted my woods to all match the same brand. Was a good decision? We will see. Hit it on the range and one round and had a massive hook left almost every time (normally I have a fade/slice). But I think I'm going to put my old shaft from my Cobra on there and see as I was fitted to that shaft.
  12. I'm a bit confused, the above link doesn't have anything on Forged Tec Irons. It had Rad Speed, King Tour MIM, and then King Tour MIM again but in copper. So nothing on Forged Tec. So I will weigh in here as I have these irons, just no in copper. I'm about the same as you @Plowedge81, shooting mid 90's. Last year I upgraded from cavity back GI irons (Callaway X20's) to these King Forged Tec 2020 irons. I find that the consistency on hitting these to be better than my old set. Distance is better overall, but more importantly not losing massive yardage on off center hits. In short answer, I have found forgiveness to be better on these and my shots to be purer. However, I was fitted for these and I'm certain that a shaft fitted for my swing also makes a big difference on being able to get consistent shots compared to my old "off the shelf" clubs. I can say this though, I am very pleased with my Forged Tec irons.
  13. I've been fighting this year with a torn rotator cuff that I did pre COVID while playing keeper in soccer. Thankfully it's an annoyance only and not affecting my activities too much. Doesn't seem to be a problem when golfing, thank goodness. I'm still playing keeper for my premier team, but I really should think about stopping that. At 43 playing keeper against a bunch of 18 - 20 year olds......my body is starting to tell me it isn't the happiest about that decision. Maybe time to slow down and put more focus on less jarring type of body activities (like golf!). I'm just hoping that it doesn't get worse, it's been a while and it's still an annoyance, but live able. Just don't want to have to go for surgery.
  14. I can agree here. I am using series 5 Apple watch. I use the GPS on the watch too and can't get thru a full round without the battery dying. Even when it's fully charged and I put in on theatre mode and clear out all the other apps from background, etc. I've gone to using the phone GPS instead.
  15. After a week of hot summer weather of around 33 Celsius (91 F), but feeling like 39C (102F) with Humidex we have turned the corner into late summer/fall weather it seems. Highs are around 23C (74F) so actually really nice to play golf in. Sun is still shining nice. The long weekend looks good for my golf game on Saturday and holiday Monday, so looking forward to getting out in some nice weather. I'm sure we still have a week or two of weather jumping back up but I'll take the break in the weather for now. Really looking forward to playing golf late Sept, early October. Really like playing with the leaves changing colour as the backdrop to a drive!
  16. Snell is a good bet, but you could also try VICE golf balls. Pro Soft and Pro Plus if you are really looking for something comparable. But the the TOUR plays really good too.
  17. I see from the Golftown website: "Cobra’s Speedzone-S Complete Set utilizes the same game-changing technologies as the in-line Speedzone clubs" So it makes me think that they are almost the same, but a slightly cheaper "set" version. I mean after all, it a complete set (driver, 3 wood, 4 hybrid, 5-PW and a bag) all for CAD $1450 at regular price (that's about US $1200). It's on sale now because that would be last years model. But still, the price is less than what it should be for the entire set. Figure iron set at full price is $1000. Driver is $450, 3 wood is $280, bag is $100 (don't really know). So really should be about $1850 or more if bought separately. So basically I think your set is legit, could be exactly the same and just has a different style to it, or could be slightly different (made a little cheaper for the set). I'm thinking the latter, based on the description I gave above. But I'm certain it is legit.
  18. I'm in Sales, but more specifically sales to greenhouses (I deal mostly with vegetable greenhouses). It gets me traveling (although haven't traveled since COVID). I travel a lot to the Vancouver area, Southern California and Arizona. The years leading up to COVID had me going to Europe once or twice a year (UK, and middle Europe).
  19. Played yesterday afternoon and did OK. Shot of the round was after hitting my driver into the bunker on a par 5, I decided to gamble and go for it. Played a 4 Hybrid from the bunker and it worked out. Hit it solid, 200yds right in front of the green. Wish my chip was better as I ended leaving a longer first putt than wanted, so two putted. But happy with par since I was in the bunker early on.
  20. I don't often, but have either played as a single or in a twosome with others. Basically, be respectful and don't push your way onto others. If they are serious and want to manage all rules of who's away first, putting order, etc. Then you should too. If they are relaxed and want to have fun, then you should enjoy it too and don't be a stickler for the rules. Unfortunately, you are always going to find some idiot like you described, there is no way around that. You will just have to learn to get through the round and avoid him like the plague.
  21. On to the next course...... I played Royal Niagara Golf course yesterday. This is located in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario. This is a 27 hole course, so I enjoy the ability to go back regularly and mix up the course a bit. Makes you feel like you've gone somewhere different, but still has the familiarity to it. I played Escarpment and Old Canal courses. So this would make it a Par 72 course with 6,515 yds from the Blue Tees. Years ago I found this course to be one of the best value courses around. It was inexpensive to play, but still a pretty good course with nice fairways, but wheat grass style long rough all around. This makes it easy to lose your ball even when slightly off the fairway and you are lucky enough to find the patches of these long roughs. I enjoy that the course management that is offered here. It isn't just grip it and rip it from the tee. Playing this weekend, the back nine took until hole 13 before I could pull out my driver (Hole 10 = Par 4, Hole 11 = Par 5, Hole 12 = Par 4). The course has the Bruce Trail hiking path that goes through and beside the course (although hidden in trees mostly, so not really an issue) so there is the possibility to see hikers/joggers while playing. Yesterday on hole 12 we had a group stop to take our picture while were putting. Makes you feel like you are on Tour, lol. I will say that in recent years I feel that the maintanence of the course has gone down. The greens are kept in great shape, so that's good they focus there. The fairways are good, but not lush and kept up perfectly, but OK. The paths and tee boxes thought are getting rough and out of shape. Courses get older and I get it, but it was hard to swallow this year that they increased Prime time tee times by 50% but course conditions go down. But I should point out that it's still a value course price at $60 Weekend Prime time. So I must say for the price you pay, it still is a good value. What's really nice too (especially for travelers) is that across the street is the Outlet Mall. So you can drop the kids/wife (unless they are golfers) at the mall and go play golf! First hole (On Escarpment course) is wide open and has the old farmhouse behind the green. It's an open course, trees typically along outer edge of the course, so not a lot of shade when waiting at tees (and can get pretty windy). Lots of geese mulling around, but they usually aren't too bad and move for you. It's just the little gifts they leave all over the place that are bothersome. Here you see that trees don't really come into play too much. Trees in the background hide the Bruce Trail. Behind this green is a hole for the 3rd course named Iron Bridge, of which you can see the top of the iron bridge which crosses part of the old Welland Canal. Coming down the home stretch you see part of the Niagara Escarpment in the background.
  22. I've been curios about the one length clubs as well, so I'll be interested to follow your adventure.
  23. Was thinking about new irons early this spring, went ahead and got those. But I'm thinking it's finally time to get a loft wedge. Thinking a 54 degree and eyeing the CBX2 wedge for that.
  24. Shot of the day was on the first Par 5. Hit a clean drive 310 yards dead down the center. I was so thrilled. Unfortunately it didn't last long as I put my next shot over the green, chipped on, 2 putted......ARGHHH!!!! From 100 - 0 in a matter of minutes. Think I got into my own head and got ahead of myself thinking about an Eagle putt.
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