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  1. It is such a fun course...lots of character. I'm not sure if this is still the case, but they used to run some pretty good deals on Groupon. My folks love Bedford as well, and that is how we first discovered it.
  2. That sounds like a blast! It's a beautiful drive between here, Harrisburg, and MD. I'd be great to meet you guys and play some golf.
  3. Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster! How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've played for fun for around 12 years (Just turned 25). While I've always loved it, hockey was my main focus through college. My handicap is 13.x at the moment, and I typically shoot mid/upper 80's. What do you love about golf? Relative to hockey, it's a much more sustainable sport to play competitively, through both handicaps and the level to which we compete with ourselves...not to mention it's much easier on the body as well. It
  4. Alex Feyche / Pittsburgh, PA iPhone X, latest iOS I will use both indoors and outdoors If indoors, I have limited access to a screen with Trackman and would happy to compare the two in various aspects (albeit with consideration to the ~$20k price discrepancy)
  5. Alex, Pittsburgh PA iPhone X, iOS 14.2. Will update as needed. I’d use it both indoors and out. No net outdoors, and a screen indoors. The indoor screen that I have limited access to has Trackman, and I would be happy to compare the two on top of a review (given their 5-figure price gap).
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