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  1. I haven't been on a golf course in about 4 weeks now, and I hit balls for the first time in about 6 weeks yesterday. I struggle with 2 things. Pull hook misses, and hitting just before the ball on my irons. Yesterday, I focused on trying to hit the ball first. I had some really bad shots, and it gets frustrating. I placed a tee about 2 inches past my ball and made that my focus. It felt different, but when I hit it right, it really made a difference. i'm thinking of taking another 2-3 weeks off before playing a few late fall or early winter golf.
  2. Congrats testers. I like the CG Tour X and can't wait to see these results. I also like the packaging.
  3. This packaging is so much nicer than the gold and white.
  4. Played the Tour only on Saturday. The ball striking, distance, spin were all really good. At times, I hit my driver better/farther than I normally do, and that could be attributable to the ball, but may just be better striking on my part. Score was 78 with 3 doubles, so overall, I didn't feel like I screwed up because of the ball. One double was a shank out of bounds. I did lose a ball early on, and kept one ball the remainder of the round, and it really held up. no noticeable marks and I may play it again next weekend.
  5. Work surprised us and let us out at 2 so I just played a quick 90 minute 9 hole that felt like 3 hours. My goal was to focus on the Tour. It was my main ball today. I occasionally dropped the Tour X to see how it matched. I played well and was impressed by the spin of the Tour. I honestly didn’t like it initially compared to the Tour X but I’m feeling more at ease with it. on the first photo I teed off both balls and while the Tour went further, it was hit better. Picture two is the approach on hole 3 from about 150 that had some backspin (The closer ball was a chip) picture 3 is actually the approach on hole 1 Picture 4 is the approach on hole 5 both from about 75 yards the closer ball is the Tour the last picture is from 200 into number 8 with a 4 iron. I was happy with the spin i was happy with my score. Greens actually rolled even with the obvious holes or damage.
  6. Yesterday, I played CCNC, where the US Junior Amateur was just played, so the conditions were amazing. I played mostly the Tour, and surprisingly a wedge into the green rolled a lot further than I expected. The greens roll faster than I'm used to, but I didn't expect what I was seeing. Their range balls are Pro V1's and they were spinning on the practice green. I know these balls aren't necessarily in the same league as the ProV1, but I was still surprised at the lack of sticking, especially compared to what I have been seeing with the Tour X.
  7. I played 18 at Country Club of Whispering Pines in the saturday morning men's league. Started iffy, and was 3 over through 4. I started thinking I would be hitting it bad. Shot 85 there 3 weeks ago. Turned it around well. had back to back birdies, lipped out on a 3rd. had some good runs, and finished rough, but ended up with a 75. I feel I'm close. Handicap broke through the 5 barrier to a 4.8. Playing Country Club of North Carolina tomorrow. Not sure if it's our own balls or a scramble. Either way, looking forward to the day off.
  8. Played 18 yesterday. Plan was to play 9 with the Tour, and 9 with the Tour X. After blowing the Tour in the water on a hole, I reached in my bag and grabbed what I thought was another Tour, but turned out to be a Tour X. I seemed to play better once it was in my hands. Finished 3 over, and was 1 over through 16, but finished bogey bogey. Either way, the ball felt good. This Tour X has seen 22 holes at this point, and honestly the spin is great for what I'm looking for. First image is the spin on a 240 yard 3 Wood. It held quite nicely. Image 2 is the spin on a slight mishit from 195 with a 4 iron. it was into a slight slope, but still went a little backwards. I mentioned in a prior post about the sound off the putter. I didn't notice that much this time. Likely because I'm used to the balls. Tomorrow I will be playing 18 at a course with much faster greens. It'll be interesting to see how I do. It is the Country Club of North Carolina, so I expect the greens to hold well since this course is nicer than what I usually play.
  9. Played Foxfire Red Fox course this past saturday. Hit ball better than I had in a while. 78% of greens. Had several birdie putts, made 2. Also dropped a Triple, Double, bogey, and 13 Pars for a 75. helped our team win some cash. I enjoy playing the course. It's kind of wide, and fits my 250 yard drives perfectly. I played it well a couple weeks ago, and felt confident when i started. Also won 2 pins and our team won 3 skins. It was a fun day even though it was 95 degrees.
  10. I would rather play in better conditions. primarily, I mean good greens and good rough, since I don't hit the fairway. I think it's about having fun, and trying to score good for me. Sometimes seeing subpar conditions really affect how I play, since I get irritated from the get go.
  11. I played Saturday. Scored well. The ball spun relatively well for me, rolled about 2 feet on an uphill par 3 with a 5 iron. These greens are pretty firm bermuda grass where the ball marks are shallow. I think it helped that I was playing well. Best I struck the ball in weeks. Played front 9 with Tour X back nine with regular Tour. Initial thoughts are that I'm a bigger fan of the Tour X. I also went out putting later in the day on Pinehurst's Thistle Dhu. I will say that, when putting, both balls sounded different, even compared to my Pinnacle Soft or Titleist Tour Soft. A strong positive is that these balls seem very durable to me.
  12. received mine yesterday, and putting them into play Saturday morning. I may play the Tour for 9 holes and the TourX for 9, or may randomly pick one and see how many holes I can play and what the damage is. Luckily I've played this course before so I'm a little familiar with it.
  13. congrats! I cant wait to see the results
  14. I could go so many ways. A second putter for when my first stinks. Maybe putting my hybrid back in, or my 2 iron.
  15. What an absolute crapshow yesterday was. A course I shot 77 on last week, I shot 84 on yesterday. It was almost 100% due to driving. Putting wasn't great, but only one 3 putt. If I was trying to hook, it started right and kept going. If i wanted to slice, it started left and kept going (I'm left handed). It's made me want to take a few weeks off.
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