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  1. Spieth is a good pick since he's already won once in Texas. It'll be interesting to see how Koepka reads greens. Not sure he even needs to play this week leading into the PGA if his knee is still iffy. Rickie, what can I say, needs to figure it out. I'm one to talk since I can't figure out my own personal miniscule issues and I only play 9 holes every 1-2 weeks. I'd love a strong showing form Camillo Villegas.
  2. Currently I get in my car and immediately after the round and start watching videos on Lag, early release, and anything to fix my pull hook. After watching 3-4 videos I head home and take half swings with a wedge in my office. Then I tell my wife I am quitting for a while. 3 days later I set a tee time for when our daughter naps and start the cycle over Again.
  3. My old local muni had some chart based on Driver distance matching the USGA's Tee it forward program. It's a good starting point. Following this, I should've played the back tees at that course, but I didn't because I was just happy to get out and play, so I played the next tee up. If you aren't too keen on a score for handicap, you could just play different tees based on the hole, as I'm not sure how ratings change when the tees aren't consistent.
  4. He is now what Sergio used to be with is 51 waggles
  5. should the pats have tried to trade up for fields? I'm not sure. Even four slots and the bears could've asked for too much. I'm happy Bill didn't trade his first 7 picks for fourth rounders in the next 5 years and an undersized LB
  6. We just moved to town about 6 months ago and love all the reviews. I'll definitely be playing all to most of these through the years.
  7. My experience is lacking compared to most of the courses here, but I once played a private course in Maine call the Woodlands. Course and slope are 73.9/145 from the back tees, which is where we played from. I was 17, so I can't remember that far back, but I believe my 9 handicap at the time shot a 90 or higher.
  8. I'm guessing my longest hole out would be my first hole in one. It was about 165. No albatross yet for me, but hopefully some day. They are few and far between, so I'd love one. I've had other hole outs, but I think they were all within a hundred yards or so.
  9. wedges. I play a course with my 11 year old driver because, in my case, distance isn't required, but I'm finding that 100 yds in really makes a difference. Plus I believer you could get 3 wedges at a reasonable price compared to a new driver, unless you found something used at a ridiculously good price
  10. I'd like the Hole in one and Lefty tag. Thanks!
  11. GPS for me. I've found it provides the bare minimum I need when playing for distance. I'm too cheap to pay extra for slopes, etc. I tried a range finder that my brother in law had and I couldn't figure it out. his numbers were way different than mine, and while his may have taken slope into account, I wasn't comfortable.
  12. I once worked with a guy who, when I met him the first time, offered me a drink off of a bottle of Crown. I said no and he responded it wasn't a question. So I drank. Played golf with him a couple days later. His golf bag was a cooler. An actual cooler that looked like Mary Poppins' magic purse, as he kept pulling out whiskeys, beers, vodkas, mixers, and another thermos filled with bloody mary mix. On every hole was also left 4 jello shots. This was a fun crew. As for my personal preferences, I love a good Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, or any other wheat type beer. I'm not quite ready to ju
  13. I honestly don't understand this. I think winning is more important, and I wonder if some of the better players that don't care about winning would be happy earning money here. I can see them trying to promote Ricky, and he isn't winning, but he probably has a lot of social media "points". Maybe let a winner take over the PGA social media site for a couple of days, and pay them for that. I'd much rather watch people like Collin McCarthy, or GM_Golf, or golf trick shots, or even Rick Shiels on social media. DJ (without Paulina) doesn't get my interest.
  14. I feel you. I've been jacking with my swing so much trying to improve rotation, that I feel it's gotten worse.
  15. Unless I'm playing in some type of stroke play tournament, I almost always hit driver, unless driver may reach water, or other hazard. Also, I've played so long without a fairway wood, until recently, I would rather choke down, half swing a driver than a full 3W. I pull hook both, and would rather pull hook 30 yards further with a driver.
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