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  1. When you think about it the price of two sets of Hogans is just about equal to one set of Pings or Titleists. So...it is really a BOGO type of deal. Plus, you have an extra set for visitors. Seems like a no brainer to me.
  2. I will second everything you said. I do have BH equalizer wedges in black finish and i will admit I was a little leery about getting it in black as i have seen pics of blacked out clubs fading and getting the finish worn away. I am pleasantly surprised with how well they are holding up. There is obviously little bit wear on the face from normal use but most of the wear being on the bottom of the club from hitting out of sand traps and being a condition of where i play most...the desert. Lots of course will substitute grass rough for desert dirt and small pebbles/rocks. So if I learned anything its stay out of the sand traps and desert rough to keep clubs looking like new. ...if it were only that easy.
  3. This ball raised my eyebrows when it came out, I have yet to try it. Couple questions I have: 1) Do you line use the aide to line up tee shots as well, I cant see a reason why you wouldn't. 2) When the ball is laying in between tee and green the alignment aid will almost never alight with your next shot, does this cause a distraction on approach shots? It may be different for everyone and maybe just takes getting use to. But if you use it to align your puts and tee box shots, i could see it giving an odd visual on approach shots with its aligned at weird angle to where you are aiming.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CdEdPu8tkKc/ Good luck!!
  5. thanks for updated list. please update my handle - @blind_boy_grunt_ 4th from the bottom on right column. Thanks!
  6. I came down the PXG 7w and Ping as well, tested Titleist Tsi2 too and that club and I did not get along. Distance with the PXG and Ping were about the same as was dispersion of the shots I took. The PXG just gave me more confidence behind the ball...not sure why that was because the numbers where basically even. I went on that feeling and never looked back. Love my PXG 7w. Both were great clubs for me based on my testing so IMO you cant go wrong with either.
  7. Looking forward to you thoughts after getting a chance to play some rounds with them, especially the 0311 sugar daddy wedges as that is most likely next upgrade to my bag. PXG are definitely on my radar when I decide to replace my wedges and irons so it is good to hear about positive fitting experiences with them. Plus, living 30 minutes from Scottsdale showroom/fitting rm/assembly warehouse helps.
  8. This is the closest I have gotten. Hole 16 on the now torn down Karsten Golf Course at ASU. Was playing in a best ball tournament. 5 iron into the hole and it landed short of the pin and was rolling right at it, then took a left turn, guys that just finished the hole waited for us to get there to tell me that the damn thing lipped out. Hole was playing 205 yards that day IIRC. I have had many in the 3-4 ft range, but this is the one that got away.
  9. Very cool. I think the hill silhouette is the perfect touch to the graphic. Simple and meaningful.
  10. Nice snag on the SWAG Handsome1. I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts on it.
  11. Enjoy your new driver and looking forward to write up on it. Hopefully the weather cooperates for you. I sure do not miss Midwestern winters. Next time you order a club from PXG consider skipping the shipping and say in store pick up. Book a quick trip down here to Scottsdale, pick up the club then drive the 2 miles to TPC Scottsdale to give it a proper christening.
  12. I did not realize that it had a club prompt post shot. Must be a setting I have off, I will have to look into it. I have been doing the hard way and going in post round and editing to get club distances, averages, etc. Thanks for the tip!
  13. I have the Gen 4 0811XF and absolutely love it, got it at the $299 price point this past summer. I know two people that pulled the trigger on the 0211 driver and swear by it. Not as adjustable as the 0811 series but I agree at that price it should be a driver everyone takes for test drive.
  14. Went again last night during son's football practice. Got a solid 90+ minutes working 1/2, 3/4 and full wedges. Starting to see more consistency in my 1/2 and 3/4 swings. Finished up with about 60 chips and flops onto the practice green from about 30-40 ft away. Came to a realization last night. the more consistent i get the my PW and 56* the less I find myself wanting to use my 60* for any shot longer than 50 yards.. it seems to be the wedge that gives me the most problems. sticking with this schedule, starting to like dedicating a Wednesday evening to working on my short game.
  15. Compared to the Shotscope and Arcos forum page, Garmin is far, far distant third... . If I didn't use my Garmin watch as my everyday time keeper / activity tracker I would think if put my eggs in the wrong basket.
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