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  1. I played it twice in 2020, have not played it this year. I will agree with cidgar. The course is fun to play and was in great shape both times. The facilities and service were amazing as well. You will definitely have a good time with the stay-and-play package with Ak-chin Casino.
  2. KC Golf, great write ups with good detail. I have a question for you regarding Arcos vs Garmin. I too have Garmin w/ CT sensors and after all is said in done I would be curious what your opinion is on if it is worth switching to Arcos if already invested in Garmin? Are the pros/cons worth the re-investment?
  3. That is interesting...the recent experience I had was that the new map had more detail (only one course to compare so far) I will pay closer attention on future courses bc that will be annoying.
  4. Looks great. Amazing work!
  5. You're welcome? That is why I posted a screenshot of the head covers and not the main picture. Lol.
  6. Instagram contest to win the entire set of SWAG head covers that team USA was gifted by the Captain Stricker. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUSnXlyp_Kr/?utm_medium=copy_link
  7. I will concur on durability, although I too have only played 4 rounds with them. These clubs do draw attention, I get asked about them all the time. In my limited time with the PTXPros I will say I am very happy. Looking forward for the heat to break here in Phoenix and get out there more.
  8. I think SWAG head covers are starting to pull ahead of SC. They have some awesome series head covers that they put out (garbage pale kids, street fighter, Masters tournament, etc) I have been trying to get their king of spades head cover for a while but as stated above I am not willing to pay the huge secondary market up charge. I see people post pictures of the SWAG and they have 8-10 head covers...I always wonder what kind of disposable income they have or if they just have a knack of getting lucky on original release. I don't know if I would ever collect them but I would like to someday have one...life goals.
  9. Overall are you happy with CT10 sensors? Obviously they pair nicely with your S60, but I was curious if you know anyone that uses arccos and have compared? Been looking to get some club sensors and I bounce back and forth.
  10. I have the Fenix 5 and I will concur it works great and over a 4+ hour round of golf maybe uses 20-25% of the battery, not bad for GPS being on the entire time. i have run in to similar issues with downloading courses and transfering data from my phone. For me I usually need to restart my watch then for whatever reason when it connects and syncs it will get the course I need. I can force sync as much as i want but it only works when I reset the watch. If i had one complaint it would be that it misses shots when I go into the golf app on my phone to review my round. its not too big a deal as I can typically recall what I did on that particular hole and manually input it. Granted, there are better options out there to do this (Arccos), but it one item that I think could be maybe be addressed with a software update.
  11. SWAG IG giveaway...been trying to win one of these forever. Feel free to tag me if you enter.
  12. Moved out the KC area about 12 years ago. Iron Horse and Dubbs are both excellent courses. A little hidden gem that I always enjoyed playing when I lived there was Swope Memorial GC. Awesome views of downtown KC and the course is near the zoo on a couple of the holes you can hear the animals. Course is is very hilly and (unless they changed it) the greens are original size to when it was built, I think back in the 1920s. They have some very small greens compared to modern golf courses. Target golf at its max if you want to hit greens in regulation at Swope. Where ever you end up playing, enjoy your trip and I recommend you make time to see the Negro Leagues Baseball hall of fame. Baseball fan or not you will not be disappointed.
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