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  1. Good morning MGS! Nothung big planned for today here. Going to watch my oldest play FF VII Rebirth for a bit and hang out with him but slow Saturday and I am okay with that! @sirchunksalotthat meatloaf sounds amazing! @Rob Person good luck potty putting practice setup . Have a great day all!
  2. @Javs also interested in this shaft test. I have the HZRDUS Black in my BRNR Mini and love it, but have had the RDX Smoke Blue in my Radspeed and now LTDx driver and love that thing! But definitely interested in how the Denali performs for you compared the the yellow
  3. Round results below. If I played a bit smarter instead of trying hero shots I probably could’ve shaved 5 to 7 strokes. But I had a 296, 299, 300, and 306 total drive distance out of the LTDx with smash factors between 1.47 and 1.49. Super pleased with that addition. Had some iffy swings with the irons but all in all I’m happy with where I’m at on the 1st day of March!
  4. Good afternoon MGS! Ended up having to go into the office for a few hours today so I didn’t get out to an actual course, but I did go to a local indoor place with track man. The LTDx in the upright shaft setting is killer! The King Tec 3H I picked up also performed exceptionally! Have a great weekend all!
  5. I’ll 2nd checking Dicks/Golf Galaxy. Found a mint LTDx 105. That I lowered to 9* there last weekend in mint condition for $139. Global Golf and other stores have them at $190 still. Some of the demo clubs are priced a bit high but trade ins there you can really score some solid deals on
  6. Used to watch it on PBS every Saturday with my dad when I was a kid! His nephew Harold always cracked me up. Just remember keep your stick on the ice all
  7. Puma has a 29% off coupon today only LY29OFF code works for sale priced items as well. I just snagged this bag
  8. Good morning MGS! Office again but the sun is out snowing here in Warren OH but not at the house an hour away (shrugs) weird. Working from home tomorrow and am going to break out the old Cobra 2’s for 9 holes and see how they work. Always have loved them and if they do the trick probably gonna throw them back in the bag for this year. I get incredible distances out of my Radspeed but looking down at them just bothers me. If everything works out my the 2 of my 3 boys that play will love that they get mint Radspeeds to hit so hopefully for their sake all goes well tomorrow. Have a great day all!
  9. Good morning MGS! Today started slow but I ended up climbing a ladder with a hard hat and safety harness to fix a fiber optic line that was plugged in to the terminal backwards. The crew was shocked I knew what I was doing which was pretty damn funny. Light levels fixed services working all is good. Still on the hunt for new to me irons. Haven’t found anything yet but so the hunt continues.
  10. How’s the LTDx testing go? I’ve only tested mine on a few balls at the GG when I picked it up and liked it more than the Radspeed it replaced.
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