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  1. Golf balls are not waterproof. If submerged they will absorb water.
  2. Yes. Some people feel like they move the putter head, some feel like they move their hands. Some power with shoulders, some with just an arm or both arms. Everything we do influences the stroke and ultimately the putter configuration we need. The key is to match them all up to be able to control speed and line.
  3. We are all a little weird. I’d have him verify the lie angle since any bending has the chance to be off a little since it is hard to move the shaft in a perfectly straight line.
  4. Most likely it is the stock shaft; especially due to the nuances of one length clubs, which was a 109 gram “Made For” True Temper KING F7 shaft
  5. Loft changes shouldn’t impact lie angle or toe hang.
  6. from what I have learned loft is what controls how the ball is launched. Our swing creates dynamic loft with a putter just like a full swing club. Ball position and swing influence the loft you deliver. Too little loft at impact and you hit the ball into the ground which causes it to bounce. Too much loft and it launches the ball too high and probably with some backspin. Both of these can impact distance control. With the right arm lock like Kuchar uses, the club leans back at address which adds loft to the club so the club needs lower actual loft to offset the backwards shaft lean. The needed loft will go back to how the club is delivered at impact. Sounds like an exercise club and not a putter
  7. All Putters can be bent to some degree. This is the challenge of putters and finding one that works for you. Keep in mind that putter it’s the same toe hang may not perform the same. Weight also influences how a putter rotates through the stroke; a little more weight slows down rotation and a little less may speed it up. Like full swing clubs the looks and feel influence how we swing the putter and ultimately how they perform.
  8. While we all seem to agree that there are physical/health related benefits, it still needs to be stressed that graphite shafts come in a wide variety of flexes, profiles, and weights and aren’t just for senior golfers. Switching to graphite does not mean there will be a decrease in performance compared to steel.
  9. Bending a putter will slightly influence the to hang. Generalizing, Toe hang is influenced by where the shaft would intersect the face of you drew a line straight down the shaft and into the head. See the upper left image in the picture below. The closer to the heel the more the toe drops, center would be face balanced, and closer to the toe would decrease toe hang. If you change the lie angle by a few degrees is moves that intersection point closer or farther from the center which will change the toe hang by a few degrees. So in your example, if the stock lie angle is 70 and you make it 72, the intersection moves toward the heel so to hang would increase by a few degrees.
  10. I’ll say that we are also disappointed that you won’t be joining us. These get together are a great way to meet fellow forum members. Wish it was simple for people to just drop everything and do something like this. Drive safe and I’ll see you tomorrow. GM and happy Thursday. Typical Thursday: work day started and PGA tour on the TV. Supposed to be league night but as of last night we only had 3 of the 6 players for the round. Hoping a couple of more have availability as the league require 5 players to not forfeit. Rain last night seems to have cleared the smoke a little bit. While not as bad as the north east, it was definitely noticeable in southern VA.
  11. Right or wrong, Callaway hasn't provided wrenches with their drivers for at least a couple of years.
  12. Maybe not. Based on where Rob indicated the Villa is located, it looks like the driving range is just out the back door. Friday night fun???
  13. I am a putter junkie so ask away. I learned a lot about putter and putting from Bruce Rearick of Burnt Edges Consulting. I have also reviews lots of stuff from David Orr and Phil Kenyon. What questions do you have? I'll see if I can provide some answers.
  14. Needed a little break after hitting utility irons so I figured I would say hi. I did peek through the window to see who was on the call and since I knew most everyone I figured it would be okay.
  15. Personal Opinion with a little input from HQ. I think things are still being worked out with the new website and the data you are looking for will be incorporated into the head to head comparisons. I'm with you though, I like the table of data and being able to sort through it.
  16. Disappointed that I missed most of the call; other than my annoying cameo's. Will have to catch the replay.
  17. This is a good start. My suggestions 1. ask questions. What do you want to know; lots of thoughts and opinions here. 2. try stuff. The more you try the more you learn. See what works and doesn’t work
  18. I have always used spiked and have never tried spikeless. Really depends on what you want, spiked have a little stability and spikeless offer more comfort. .
  19. I’ve been mostly staying out of that thread. Too much negative bantering and speculation. Maybe once things settle down and actual decisions are made/known I may go back into the thread. anyway GM everyone been busy morning here, lawn guys came to the door to let us know that a rock hit and shattered car window. Can’t get it fixed until Friday and supposed to have some rain the next couple of days. Window covered but car is unusable….good thing we have multiple cars. More most wanted testing today. Hitting utility irons better than I thought but still wouldn’t get a spot in my bag. Ping crossover appears to be the leader of this category although I hit a DTC that was pretty good and VEGA was low launching but very straight and forgiving. I think tonight is last session so I may peek over Phillips shoulder during the call tonight. Getting organized for the NC MGS outing; lots to do before I hit the road on Friday afternoon.
  20. MGS typically doesnt test 2 piece type balls. I didn’t realize the survey was released to day and for those that didn’t know r don’t get the emails, here is a link to the article: https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/2023-mygolfspy-ball-test-survey/
  21. I understand your perception and frustration. Your first statement s probably the biggest drawback to these systems and all the new functionality. People want GPS, scorekeeping, watch functionality, club selector/caddie features, step counters, handicap service, and syncing all this stuff up. I understand These companies have to keep adding features to generate new sales. For me it is a GPS and a tool to tag the club I used for each shot and then it is a post round assessment tool. I don’t want shot tracking to become this complex thing I need to do. The h4 fits into what I think a shot tracking system should do. I’ve said it before, for the average golfer, myself included, these systems may be too much and creates a lack of focus
  22. Interesting question. I think that is bigger than just a Sub70 question and would require an understanding of why people try something and don’t purchase in any market. You indicated that you did the same thing; why didn’t you purchase? Does it get back to brand perception? Resale value? Just curiosity to try what people are talking about?
  23. Now you can and ask their customer service if the new model can have increased headweight, since that seems to be what you want. Additional headweight can be detrimental and cause your hands to droop which would move the putter offline. The other areas are stroke related and probably wouldn’t be impacted by the different putter
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