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  1. I applaud the effort as that can be a fairly difficult task without the right tools. Can’t get better at something until you try. My feedback is don’t get discouraged and keep trying. You can’t learn until you try.
  2. Continuing to work on my game. There are definitely some bright encouraging things: Shot 2 over for 9 holes during league match. Ball striking and distance off the tee were both really good played a 2 over front nine before totally falling apart on the back. short game shots have definitely improved. Need to focus on distance control by better understanding ball release. Pitch shots are now going past the hole instead of short due to poor contact. hitting the ball the best I have in a long time during my most wanted testing sessions. Have even struggled with hit
  3. Fantasy golf is so frustrating. I really thought I had a good core of players and do good weekly substitutions but can manage to get many weekly wins. I just don’t have the vision that some of our trade geniuses have to think three trades down the road. I look at my players and where they stand but I just can’t figure out the right strategy. I know, it isn’t supposed to be easy but it needs to be easier
  4. You can do this! Hopefully it will inspire me to get back to working out. I know I should and I need to lose the COVID/work from home 15 but am lacking the motivation.
  5. What @Tom the Golf Nut says is the way handicaps work. Playing within 3 strokes of your handicap is playing really good golf; you are not supposed to shoot your handicap every round as it measures potential. Sometimes handicaps don’t travel because peoples misses are less penal on a course they normally play; which sounds like your scenario. The caps are in place to prevent people from tanking a few rounds to increase their handicaps significantly before a match. you post indicates you are a very competitive person; my advice would be to try and enjoy the course, time with your
  6. You can always enter after you play
  7. I know it doesn’t help now, but this is why external backups are so important for things you cannot lose. Hopefully this isn’t too costly of a learning experience.
  8. The top balls in the market; like the proV line, will perform the best at any swing speed. But you may also want to consider price, how many you lose, what you are looking for in a ball, etc. what confused you about the reviews? id look at ProV1, Snell, Kirkland.
  9. Interesting question. My guess is that it is because in sports that have hated teams the team is “built” while golf is individual. Owners of pro teams spend money to attract the best players and build the wining team. Colleges are paid based on TV exposure and boosters build the best facilities to attract the best players. Golfers can come from anywhere and their success is largely driven by individual talent and desire. fundamentally i think it comes down to team vs individual sports.
  10. Look good, the bigger question is how do the work?
  11. Don't need to go back to the tee. My group plays the local rule that was added regarding OB; we drop and take a two stroke penalty. My golf league does the same thing.
  12. To me the decision was logical based on sound reasoning. Your opinion is that it isn't logical. The belief that something is overly harsh is also an opinion. Everyday people make decisions by applying logic to a situation and there isn't a requirement for 100% agreement. I can name things in today's world that I believe are overly harsh. My opinion is that you could have approached this thread a whole different way and gotten the type of feedback you were looking for. My opinion is that you just like to create controversy and I say that because I have asked if you agree with potential
  13. What is valid logic??? Logic is looking at the various arguments and making a determination based on the information. Explain why the rule is unfair; using the ball at the bottom of a lake isn't a valid reason as it is simply a penalty area and if conditions allow it can be played. Why is it illogical to treat areas of a golf course differently and have different penalties. Stroke and distance is an option for a penalty area. If the local rule that allowed the player to drop at the point it crossed OB was made an official rule you would be fine with the 2 stroke penalty? If
  14. hoping for a quick recovery. Wives should definitely listen to husbands....occasionally.
  15. And I don't think anyone in this thread would complain if the rule was changed. As we know there was a local rule added to help speed up play associated with stroke and distance penalties. I think was a good change and wouldn't be opposed if it was added to the official rules. You chose the terms better and fair to describe the opposite position associate with S&D for OB. Why would reducing the penalty to one stroke be better and fair? Help explain why the rule is wrong and needs to be changed. What is your concept; how would you write the rule. If it is simply to make OB a pena
  16. How does changing the penalty make the game "better" and more "fair"? Why is treating an areas of the course differently a bad thing? Is the problem that there is only one option for relief? Would making the new drop rule an official rule make it better?
  17. It is don't question the people that question the rules
  18. why is the USGA's document on this specific topic not valid and logical reasoning? Logic is about comparing various options and choosing the one that is considered the best based on the presented information. Essentially the analysis of arguments. In the document they identified the various points of view and the reasoning why they didn't chose those option. Your choosing not to accept the decision does not make it unfair, illogical, or not valid. As I have stated several times, I understand your perspective but I believe that rule changes should be made with the intention of i
  19. If you read that tread, the winners and criteria were posted.
  20. I disagree with you a little bit on your statement. I can properly read the green and still not make the putt. Putting involves multiple skills which include green reading, pace control, and stroke. Stroke involves path and face control. I can even have all those right and miss the putt. What a player needs to focus on is dependent on their skill. Green reading skills are somewhat dependent on stroke and face control. Meaning if you struggle with face control and start putts on a variety of lines, how do you know if the problem is with the stroke or read? As a player you have to Pract
  21. Take a break, enjoy the wedding. Golf will be there when you get back. I am in the Same position as you. Game just falls apart during the round. got a lesson scheduled with my instructor for Saturday. Hoping to find out why I keep hitting it in the toe. I am Probably just over swinging and it will be a 5 minute adjustment. Hopefully you issue will be an easy fix.
  22. That is pretty much the argument he uses over and over again and then complains when we say that it is an area that is simply considered different and treated differently.
  23. We have to make our own decisions, but I still don’t think your adjustment would have moved you back that far as you target was still the right distance from the front of the green.
  24. Ironically I think he won the driver and then joined/posted on the forum. Either way, hope he enjoys the driver and contributes to the forum discussions.
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