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  1. It is interesting that when you just look at numbers from a week to week basis it is easy to discouraged that this week is down from the past couple of weeks and think the program isn't working. I decided to graph each club since the beginning and while I have up and down weeks, the trend of the speeds is definitely upward. Keep the long term in mind and realize that you will not increase speeds each week.
  2. The putter is my favorite club to experiment with and therefore I probably pay more attention to the putter tests compared to all the others. I don't know all the fancy math that goes into the computations so I am speaking my own personal thoughts and feedback I have gotten from talking with Sam, Harry, and Phillip. When you are actually comparing putters in this manner you really start to see and feel how different putters work with your stroke. The human factor also really takes over when you miss a putt you start making adjustments. This is part of the reason for human testing. So based on strokes gained numbers you should get in the hole from 5' in 1.245 strokes, from 10' in 1.625 strokes, and 20' in 1.874 strokes. We continue putting until we hole out. Over the past several years I have had 1 3 putt each year with some putter; from my discussions, I understand others struggle a bit more and make quite a few 3 putts. We report how many putts we make and how many 3 putts. so you do a stroke gained number based on the groups results. Roll these putters and you start to see how a putter performs. Some putters I group to the left of the hole, some to the right, some long, some short, and some with all; you do start to notice patterns. I was talking about the mallet testing the other day and was told a story of about one tester that generally made 5 of the 5' putts with each putter, but there was one putter than he made 2. He tried the putter again after the test and had the same results. Some putters just don't look right and are difficult to control and there usually are a couple that fit into this pattern. With this test, the key skills being checked are startline and speed control. At the end of the day, the two ball alignment and the speed off the putters face were consistent enough to make the most putts. While many people disagree, when you putt with this many putters you see patters with each of the putters and how the design impacts how the putter feels in your hands. Given enough time, I could learn to putt with any of these putters, but some just fit me better. I would have to ask Harry what my most wanted mallet was. I will try to ask him tomorrow when I go back for iron testing. Been a long time since I wrapped up testing so I didn't have an opportunity to play with some of the models. Putters that stood out for me were the Sik, Spider S, Inovai, Operator, and Ten.
  3. [mention=55774]blackngold_blood[/mention] should be sending out his proposed trades for Rory any minute [emoji3]
  4. People play mixed bags because they like the specific club or because those particular models work best for them. Clubs are intended to help you achieve specific results; put the club in the bag that enables you to do that. No, there isn’t anything special about clubs that requires a transition.
  5. What stands out for me is how differently each putter feels and rolls the ball. Design really influences how well a putter works or doesn’t work for a player.
  6. This will depend on how you utilize your wedges. I was talking with Harry; MGS headquarters, who went to a fitting last week. The basic feedback from the fitter was if you are primarily hitting full swings, match iron specs. If you are hitting partial shots going a degree or two flatter than your iron specs would be better. This will be dictated by how you setup for those partial shots.
  7. Working on full swing to correct fat and toe strikes. Comes down to back swing length and spine tilt/pressure. Have some at home drills to uses but took advantage of the pouring rain that started as I was wrapping up some testing and hit some 7 irons. If I can manage the backswing the contact significantly improves. Still have something going on with the swing as the toe hits were still happening fairly regularly. Swing tweaks that I started incorporating this weekend and associated drills seem to be a good fit and will definitely help dispersion and even add a little distance.
  8. Here is a video of Tiger; head moves quite a bit in my opinion
  9. I hit the TR20 P 7 iron today and it was pretty nice. Still like my 765s better [emoji3]. Hope you enjoy them.
  10. You seem to understand what is being said. No one is questioning the quality of the shafts. Made for shafts are great and use less costly materials to make the shaft cheaper to make and cost effective for OEMs to package as part of their clubs. You are also correct they work great for lots of players. The biggest problem is when the made for shaft has the exact same paint scheme as a high dollar aftermarket shaft. The Ventus is the latest example; Both are high quality shafts but they are constructed differently with the only visible difference being the word velocore not being on the made for. It is kind of like buying a kit car that looks like a Ferrari, but has a VW chassis and engine. Unless you look beneath the paint you think you have the Ferrari but in reality you have a serviceable automobile with quality parts that gets you from point A to point B.
  11. Did you hit your driver on their launch monitor? Comparisons need to be made head to head. Launch monitors are great tools but unless you know exactly how they are setup you really can’t compare clubs.
  12. 4w is a great option over a 3w. A little more loft and shorter shaft make it easier to hit and get airborne. Sounds like a 4w would be a more versatile club to put in your bag.
  13. 4w is a great option over a 3w. A little more loft and shorter shaft make it easier to hit and get airborne. Sounds like a 4w would be a more versatile club to put in your bag.
  14. Ping makes them https://www.tgw.com/ping-dylawedge-golf-grip
  15. Don’t know what your instructor is trying to do or how much your head is moving, but speaking in general terms keeping the head down or keeping the head still is bad advice. If you are taking lessons, ask the instructor; that is why you are paying him.
  16. As long as the clubs allow you to hit your desired distances and you are effective with those clubs it sounds great.
  17. As long as the clubs allow you to hit your desired distances and you are effective with those clubs it sounds great.
  18. Humid day today and I considered putting on a glove for the first time this year. Played pretty well and shot 40-39 with one birdie. 7 fairways, 5 greens, and 25 putts. Swing is a work in progress; did a swing assessment yesterday and changed some things with my swing. Was hitting the ball well on the range but it really didn't carry over to the course. While I had a few fat shots and pull hooks my short game really saved my round. I was hitting pitch and chip shots better than I have in probably a year; had no fat pitches and chips and those swings just felt so comfortable. The putter was on fire and if the putt didn't go in, it was burning the edges and leaving tap ins. Need to work on the practice plan that we established yesterday to work on sequencing, weight shift, and backswing position to hopefully improve ball striking and GIRs.
  19. I definitely have a "killer" move. better golfers are able to work around that issue and don't have it all the time. The result of my mistakes can be fat or a toed pull hook. I just didn't/don't know what is causing. I did a swing assessment yesterday and got some things to work on to try and improve some of those items but we are also tweaking the swing which should help correct the fat.
  20. You really want Rory don't you. Jut to high of a ceiling to even consider trading him.
  21. Depends on you, the fitter, and what you want to accomplish. It measures the characteristics of your stroke; it does not fix your stroke, but identifies a putter that may help you achieve the ability to start the ball online and make better contact that could result in better speed control. I assume your golf galaxy fitting was simply setup to the putter to find the right length, and bend the lie to get it to sole correctly.....that isn't a putter fitting.
  22. My answer is that it is irrelevant to playing golf. As a golfer I need to hit clubs specific distances and I pick the clubs that let me have about a 15 yard gap between clubs. I don't care about the lofts or the degrees between lofts because individual clubs may need to be tweaked to find the right distance.
  23. No equipment purchases....did a swing assessment done and started developing a plan to improve me game. Was interesting stuff and based on body mechanics and how your body works. Best description of the style of swing I should be using: stack and tilt. Lots of details on how we came to that assessment but I think it will be a road to improvement in my game.
  24. Yes to those. Each person is different. Watch the video below: https://www.philkenyonputting.com/vids/2.mp4
  25. Golf swings are built on a stable foundation. This is what Bryson built. The Happy Gilmore swing requires the player to have perfect timing and hope that he can land in the same spot and not slip if the ground is wet or muddy. Too many things that can go wrong for it to become mainstream.
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