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  1. Welcome to the forum! I live up in Ellijay and play Bradshaw, Bridgemill, or Towne Lake Hills a decent amount when I'm down your way.
  2. Huge price drop to help with family medical bills! Not getting much interest on Facebook or eBay.
  3. Three of the teams he's rostered on aren't active so he's been there since the draft.
  4. Going to eBay or Facebook marketplace this evening if nobody here wants it!
  5. Well, I've got 4 in the cut line and 4 way out. Hopefully the 4 that are in play well again tomorrow or this could turn bad in a hurry.
  6. I'm in! Thanks for the invite!
  7. I was thinking Hunter Mahan too, haha. Ever since the terrible shot at the 2010 Ryder Cup he's gone downhill.
  8. I saw that. It beat the driver I ended up with but to be fair I felt exactly like Matt. I had a few sneaky long ones with the C721 but the Cobra repeatedly split the middle of the fairway. I got the PTC version which has the new Speeder shaft and it's unreal.
  9. Bumping this so new eyes can see it!
  10. Great opportunity for everyone here! I'm in love with my putter and don't want any reason to start doubting it so I'm out, haha.
  11. Love these contests! Gotta figure out who I'm gonna take, there's a couple guys I like in each tier!
  12. Smith is the only guy on your roster that I would want considering it's Bryson. Anything else would be hurting my team. Harris English isn't bad but I don't like rooting for the guy, I traded him off my team as fast as I could earlier in the year, haha.
  13. Well the two teams I traded with this past week were the highest scoring in the league. Anybody else want in on that action? Looking to move FedEx #1 Bryson for a different top piece. Will add one or two people with him to make a deal depending on the return. Interested in Cam Smith, Hovland, Justin Thomas, Rahm, Schauffele.
  14. Experienced a medical issue last night and I need this gone quick. Dropped price way low to move it quickly. This is probably the best driver I've ever personally hit until I tried the Radspeed XB PTC recently. Honestly they were really close but I love the look of that PTC edition so I have to find a way to get it in my bag! This is a slightly used Tour Edge EXS 220 driver. This was the best value driver of 2020 according the the Most Wanted test and it scored really well across the board. I find it to be plenty long and super forgiving. Loft: 9.5° Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 6.0 (Stiff) Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Headcover included, tool not included. Price: $205 $160 shipped to lower 48. Recent eBay sales on this driver are around $220 shipped with various different shafts.
  15. I personally haven't noticed this, but to be honest I haven't really struck it anywhere else other than a couple times here and there so I'm not the best person to ask. When I was doing my initial testing I hit some on the heel and toe just to see what happened but they didn't seem to go any further than well struck putts.
  16. Only need three more golfers to move from -5 to -6 and the cut changes. Not looking good for the guys at 5 under.
  17. I hope somehow, some way it stays at -5 but not looking likely. Unless Munoz and Bryson go the wrong way I should have 3 in. Crazy!
  18. I'm thinking about selling my favorite driver that matches this hybrid. How are you liking the C721? Sorry to be a little off-topic but it's a free bump, haha.
  19. @juspooleI have seen your offer and I'm thinking really hard about it! This week is nuts, I'm probably only gonna have 1 or 2 make it through and they're all shooting under par!
  20. I just can't help but think we missed out this year. The top QBs this year are better than anyone coming out next year.
  21. I'm doing my best @blackngold_blood impersonation with all these trades, haha. Hopefully I didn't screw up my team but I'm happy with how it turned out. I feel like we're getting late enough into the season that a lot of these guys will pretty much have the same schedule because they're trying to move up or hold their position in the FedEx Cup and they can't do that by not playing.
  22. A lot of people in Atlanta are ready for Ryan to be on his way out honestly. Pitts was a great pick but you're right, the time to get the QB of the future was this year.
  23. Being from Georgia I've always cheered for the Falcons (nobody say 28-3, please) but after being an athlete at Georgia Southern and getting really involved with the Athletic Department I find myself cheering for friends of mine or just GS guys in general more than I do the Falcons. Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo played when I was at GS as did Jerick McKinnon and Matt Breida. I'll be following the Bills big time this year with Breida going there to join Tyler Bass.
  24. Happy to have stayed in 8th after my worst week since The Players. Now I have to make a decision on this week as I only have two guys going.
  25. Definitely my worst week in a while. Still have a leader and two other decent ones so maybe I can salvage the week a little bit.
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