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  1. We’ve had threads about this - the most recent one was a couple of years ago when one the golf publications published an article about the differences between a scratch golfer and Joe average touring pro. Differences started with the course - scratch average course was around a 72 course rating and pro 76.5. So that -4 at your home course is unlikely to net a sub par round on an average tour course. I recall that a stunning finding from the study was that the biggest difference between the average scratch golfer and touring pro was driving distance. That’s the case at almost every handicap gap BTW. I’m a member at a club in Florida that has a player development membership offer (for pros). We have a number of them. One just made it to the second layer of Korn Ferry qualifying - he’s a plus 5 - his coach told me he’s a long shot to make that tour - he said you normally have to be a plus 6 before you’re at that level. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Penny had surgery at the Shriners hospital in Tampa once! I actually had a question about the new cut rules. Under the old rules there would be a second it after the Saturday round of too many guys qualified. Is that still the case. There are still 76 in the field despite the cut coming at low 60’s and ties. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. It’s better to hear something twice than not at all! Thanks Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. First of all, great to hear from you!!!! I see your point but would like you to look at it a bit differently for a moment - it's a golf course and the object is to complete it in the fewest number of strokes possible - the tee shot is going to cover well more than half of that course over 18 holes - if you had to play all holes with just your wedges you would shoot a much higher score - sounds ridiculous but it is a point that never gets made - Statistically the tee ball is an extremely important shot. The better that I hit my tee ball however that might be defined - for a shorter player like me that might mean doing things to acquire more length or things to be sure that I'm more accurate - the more greens I'm going to hit, the lower scores that I'm going to shoot. I will take additional greens hit over up and downs any day because the up and downs aren't as sustainable as putting is - it's easier to get down and 2 from 30 feet on a uniform surface with putter than from 40 feet out of light rough with a wedge. I would maintain that anything better than 50 percent on up and downs is about the limit for most people. I can obtain that number with 3 wedges just as easily as with 4 - what I can't obtain with 4 wedges in my bag in Florida in the summer is a 210 yard tee shot and I have any number of holes on the courses that I play that require a tee shot of 195-210. 215 is where the hazards start to come into play on three holes and that risk of penalty is not worth it. Laying back further means an 8 iron into well guarded greens - that's not a shot that I want to expose myself too for the sake of an additional wedge in my bag - one that might be used every other round, perhaps even less frequently than that. The real point of this thread though is for each player to carefully analyze his or her own bag to determine what the best set up would be for him. GSwag it may make perfect sense for you to carry 5 wedges and for me to carry 3. What ever we carry needs to make sense for our individual game. At Kenny I do have the Genius 7's in my 48/52 - they are heavier than the shafts in my irons which weigh 56 grams - I have a KBS tour wedge flex in my 58 (and 60) which of course is significantly heavier than the Genius 7.
  5. All I’ve done is a modified form of this sprinkled with moderate exercise and fish (I live where you can take a poll spend an hour in the water and bring dinner home). Lost 45 in 9 months and have kept it off for a year with no hiccups. I keep seeing stuff lake fasting or fad type things pop up. It reminds me of our golf threads where without professional advice we cut our clubs, change our swing, buy a 700 driver because it works for Rory or whatever else. My advice here is the same as for golf - consult your doctor and ask him to recommend a fitness expert - like a trainer - there are even golf specific trainers if you’d like to double up. As an added bonus your health insurance may cover your fitness program. If you are struggling to keep the weight off it’s because you need a lifestyle change. The dads don’t work. 165.7 today - less than I weighed in college. I ate fish twice yesterday - it was delicious Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. I read that same article and was put off by it a bit. I can agree with this additional definition - BTW I’ve learned that people play golf for a wide variety of reasons from MGS forum members. I used to be all about shooting the lowest score possible and couldn’t understand why anyone would choose to do something that seemed contrary to that thought - refuse to take lessons, make equipment choices apart from professional advice, play a non tour level ball or a variety of balls, not practice regularly, all sorts of things not conducive to wringing out that last stroke. For me golf is rewarding when I shoot a good score - but I see nothing wrong with someone playing golf because it’s plain old fun the way they are playing it - so long as they aren’t adversely impacting the people whom they are playing with. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I use a 2 iron frequently.... as a grilling utensil. For me it’s the 7,9 wood combo - Fitter recommenced and Shot Scope verified - they fit that gap between 165 and 195 perfectly for me, fly high and land soft - they aren’t ideal in the wind but Florida is breezy not necessarily windy - the issue here is much more swirling or direction changing with the tides during play than velocity. Carry in wet conditions and high and soft when dry is important here. Those clubs work. They are in and 22,25 degree hybrids are out. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Well this gets more interesting - I was watching Morning Drive this morning and they posited that Bryson plays better in top events because the entire field plays slower and so he doesn't stand out. But they didn't give us the statistics to prove that they play slower. I honestly think that the rounds do take longer in majors and there is a reason for it that's the obvious one - each one of those events has a number of players in them that are not accustomed to tour level course conditions - of course the pace of play will be slower. Honestly I don't see why what is happening on the PGA tour or any tour should impact us - slow play is an issue for many of us - we don't play golf for a living - it will impact how often, how many and when people play if a round of golf takes over a certain amount of time. At some point we have to recognize that there is a difference between how golf is played at the highest of levels and how we play it - it's still golf there's just a difference - I'd quit if I had to play golf from 7,300 yards long with 30 yard wide fairways, greens like cement that ran at 12.5 and three inches of Bermuda rough - so there's already a difference - I'd love to see some changes to professional events that make the game that they play more similar to the one that I do - let's see them not able to reach some par 4's in regulation or have to play most par 5's in 3 shots or have traps that aren't properly and perfectly raked or tees that aren't level - I'm all for that. If however the USGA decides to roll back equipment for all golfers I'll just stop playing by their rules altogether - right now I have leagues that play by their rules with allowable local rule exceptions - I'd stop playing in those leagues if they followed suit and just play for fun. Sorry for the rant - Back on point the numbers say that Rory is wrong and that the scores at European events are very similar to those at PGA events - right now those guys have figured out how to shoot low scores on tough courses. Just like MLB players have figured out that its better to hit HRs to score runs than try and fight all the various shifts employed against them - I still saw an exciting 4-3 playoff game last night - I don't really care how the runs scored it was as exciting as ever.
  9. They are discussing this on Morning Drive. You would have to hope he had a history that included significant violations that merited this. According to Robert Dameron this would only be a fineable offense in a PGA Tour event. Effectively this sent the guy into exile - he will have to move to another country to play. It sure doesn’t seem on the surface that the punishment fit the crime even if the guy is habitually a jerk. I’d need to know a lot more to agree with this decision. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. With that additional info I’d say go back to the 1 lengths and enjoy the game. All of us play for fun and you were having fun before - fun comes to us differently, for some it’s winning the club or city championship for others it’s the joy of some laughs with friends. It just sounds to me as if your current swing fits single length and they have to be a great conversation piece. Put you old friends back in the bag and enjoy! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. I figured I’d come back here and stir the pot. I was listening to Fred Couples on Sirius radio and he fully agreed with the opinion above. IHO Rory’s numbers cam e on easier courses against less competitive fields. In fact he said, “I normally prefer to sit on the fence but there’s no doubt in my mind that Brook’s had the better season and should have been voted player of the year.” Put me on the list of guys who would like to know what criteria the players used for their vote. I don’t need to know who voted how just the whys. It would be interesting to see what tournaments the players value or even if they said, “Tie goes to the guy I like better.” Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Hit 40 balls on my lunch break - really striped them - I am definitely on to something - I haven’t hit the ball this solidly in a long time, different sound, different feel, different ball flight. Now I need to shower and change back into my work clothes. It’s 90 out. :) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Oh boy - that’s a loaded question - my wedge shafts are heavier than my iron shafts. I guess I’ve always preferred it that way so it’s what I do. In general I’m not going after my wedges like I might a full iron shot. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Yes - I had a similar experience when I played a couple of weeks ago. We were right behind the process on the front nine - the greens that were exceedingly firm. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Wow I’m going to make it a trifecta here - you couldn’t have made a more radical change - I will also answer your original question - yes - I was bitten by a fitter insisting that I would be better off with steel in my irons - I honestly still haven’t recovered from that move which was 7 years ago although there were other factors like health issues that impacted my game before I could get it back. Ironically given that scenario you should consult a professional, yes - one length irons benefit a certain swing type you need to know if yours is it before proceeding - Good luck Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. This is an interesting conversation - glad I popped in - There is a very different theory in COG placement between Callaway and Ping - for that reason I would expect exactly what I'm reading here - Guys who hit Ping drivers well off the rack are not likely to have similar results from Callaway off the rack - a good fitting could take care of that if for some reason you really wanted to game Callaway or vis a versa.
  17. Oh and Im happy the Giants went to Jones, early Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. There needs to be a rule where if a guy gets hurt from what’s deemed to be an intentional hit that player gets s proportional penalty Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. Happy St Michael and All Angels Day! I canceled my post church round because I want last weeks lesson to sink in. Really hit it good, good in a way that I haven’t hit it in five years. We shall see but this is promising. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. I remember it too although I usually played Ram Tour balls at that time. Watson was 5’9” 165, I was 5’9” 165, Watson hit high draws, I hit high draws, for some reason it made sense to me to use the same equipment (even though I was a huge Jack fan). Thanks MGS for letting me in on this one. Looking forward to it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. With all due respect the Masters was most certainly considered a major when Sam Snead won it in 1949, well before Arnie. No argument that it is respected by the golf world - my point simply is that it has a weaker field than a number of "regular" events and is therefore easier to win so long as you are one of the insiders - you essentially have a permanent invite to a tournament on a familiar course where at least 1/3 of a short field has no chance of winning. I'm also not advocating for the Players as a major - four is plenty and the four that we have are as good as anything else that we'd be likely to come up with. Back on point at the top of the Golf World its far more about the Majors than anything else. I realize there's a different thread for this but its gone dormant - I was watching Morning Drive this week and the contributor seemed pretty convinced that Brook's not being selected as Player of the Year was of a matter of personalities. I don't know, I don't really care, its not unreasonable to have voted for Rory IMO, but it is important to note that someone on the inside (this guy was a player) thinks that's the case.
  22. I rarely loose a ball - I buy four dozen per season and take way more of them out of play than loose them - last year I gave a full dozen of the ones that I bought away at Christmas as a gift, then gave away a sleeve to another Pastor whose name is Kevin and still have close to a dozen in my bag. I have over 2 dozen of this year's balls either unopened or in my bag as well.
  23. Had a lesson - found a couple of alignment/set up faults to work on - so no changes with the swing but big changes if you know what I mean - doing the same thing with a different set up felt really weird. I’ve been having trouble getting the ball to go at the target except with driver - I hit a lot of balls at the target after the lesson today Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  24. I would agree with edingc - you should expect a smaller platform, lower launch and spin rate with the "pro" version of that club - in fact there could be some higher caps who hit the "pro" better than the regular and similarly there might be some very good players who would be better off in the regular one - It's really about your particular swing characteristics. The other question is are you dead set on a hybrid? If you hit the i700's well would you be a candidate for a crossover? How about a fairway wood - the G410 7 wood is the bomb. Just some thoughts
  25. Really nice write up - thanks for starting this thread and sharing with us.
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