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  1. I thought the G/I 10 line was the last line to be cast in the USA.
  2. Sorry but this place has become unreadable on my phone. It's never been like this.
  3. I've never noticed any measurable difference between any balls on the market other than durability and spin off wedges. As a 8 handicap I'm not consistent enough to know if one ball is longer than another.
  4. I try a lot of different balls but I always come back to the Snell MTB. It does everything well and feels great off my putter.
  5. I'm usually not a big fan of mallets but I bought the Ten S with the single line and initial results are it may be a game changer. Easiest putter to line up I've ever seen.
  6. Dave Freeport,IL Walk about 25 rounds a season. I'd walk more with a electric trolley Use a Bagboy Quad now.
  7. If a course tried to ban jeans around here in the spring and fall they would have a empty course.
  8. I'm 68 and I don't know if I'll ever fully retire. I'm in sales and I love my job. No one tells me when to work and I basically go out and visit my buddies and they buy stuff. I make good money (never be rich) take days off when I want, play golf when I want. I can't ask for more than that.
  9. I was really surprised at just how forgiving the ZX5's played. I honestly did not expect it.
  10. I hit both but I was looking for distance and forgiveness in a forged iron and the ZX5 has both in aces. 7 iron spin was between 6500 -6900.
  11. Golf Shack in Rockford IL. I would think there would be tons of places in Houston.
  12. I just got fitted today for the ZX5's. Ordered 5-PW with Rifle 5.5's. First Srixons I've ever owned. To me, they seemed unbelievably forgiving and as soft as any Mizuno I've hit.
  13. I'll admit I haven't read every page on this topic. But on a lighter note, the USGA and R&A can do anything they want but I don't have to adhere to their rules. There will always be clubs and balls that don't conform to their rules and specifications too. I'm going to play the game to where it's the most fun for me regardless of what they do.
  14. I've been playing the Snell ball for about 5 years and have never noticed any difference in ball flight.
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