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  1. I picked up a mint set of Wilson V6's 3-GW a couple of weeks ago. Can't tell you how impressed I am with them. First time in 15 years I've carried a 3 and 4 iron that I can hit.
  2. They're probably fine. I just like to support real golf business's .
  3. I just can't get excited about buying golf clubs from a place like Costco. Especially something like wedges. Wonder when Second Swing is gonna start selling Pork Chops and Toilet paper?
  4. I sell industrial supplies in the maintenance sector. Been with the same company for almost 34 years. Also played in Rock bands for 45 years. Damn, I'm old.
  5. So the I59 talk is just that. Talk. Bummer!
  6. I kind of wonder if the V6 replacement will take on the looks of the new Utility iron Wilson put out ?
  7. I can wait for the release. I need the winter to replenish my stash for a few new purchases in the spring.
  8. The V6 replacement will have to be a hell of a iron to beat the V6's which might be the most underrated iron of all time.
  9. Rick Shiels tested them and his only complaint was that they didn't feel soft at all. Said they felt hard. You can take that for what it's worth. They sure look nice.
  10. Have you tried to set it to a upright setting like A-3 to help with the slice? As CG2 said, lower lofts = Fades or slice prone.
  11. You can't ever go wrong with any G series from Ping.
  12. Dave, Freeport,IL Practice all winter on outdoor carpeting in my garage. Mostly work on putts dying at the hole. Medium speed would work best. Thanks for the contest!
  13. No worries Chisag. I took no offence at anything you posted. And I agree with much of what you say. I can only speak of my own experience so I hope I didn't come across a a know it all because that certainly wasn't my intention.
  14. I've always respected your opinions Chisag so help me out. Why do I ( at 68 years old)score just as well with blades as I do with any other type of iron ? No one was more surprised than me when I came to that conclusion 20 years ago. And I'm not being a smart a$$. I'm being serious. I still contend the amount of time you spend playing golf is the main key to playing well regardless of the hunk of metal you're holding on to.
  15. I hope they improved the feel with the new release of the 425 irons. It wasn't a terrible feel in the 410's but it wasn't great.
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