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  1. You can't ever go wrong with any G series from Ping.
  2. Dave, Freeport,IL Practice all winter on outdoor carpeting in my garage. Mostly work on putts dying at the hole. Medium speed would work best. Thanks for the contest!
  3. No worries Chisag. I took no offence at anything you posted. And I agree with much of what you say. I can only speak of my own experience so I hope I didn't come across a a know it all because that certainly wasn't my intention.
  4. I've always respected your opinions Chisag so help me out. Why do I ( at 68 years old)score just as well with blades as I do with any other type of iron ? No one was more surprised than me when I came to that conclusion 20 years ago. And I'm not being a smart a$$. I'm being serious. I still contend the amount of time you spend playing golf is the main key to playing well regardless of the hunk of metal you're holding on to.
  5. braincramp

    PING G425

    I hope they improved the feel with the new release of the 425 irons. It wasn't a terrible feel in the 410's but it wasn't great.
  6. There are some that will tell you that what you're doing doesn't work. I honestly have no idea if they're right or not. It still comes down to effort. How much effort a person puts into anything be it work,marriage, or golf or anything else determines the end result. Holy crap! I'm gettin' pretty deep here. What I'm trying to say is that if there was a set of irons I could go out and buy and they would make me shoot par or better rather I played once a month or 15 times a month, I'd buy them no matter what they felt like or looked like. Unfortunately , they don't exist.
  7. Because a bad shot is still a bad shot. If I hit my G410 off the toe I still lost yardage. Maybe 5 yards instead of 10 but it was still a miss. If I flush my blade the results are the same as a flushed G410. Now, if I HAD to play long irons there is no question I'd play the 410's. There just isn't the enormous difference that some make it out to be especially from the 6 iron on down. My handicap went down 2 points from a 10 to a 8 this year. If SGI irons really made that much of a difference my handicap shouldn't have gone down. Did the blades make the difference? I don't think so. My handicap went down because I played more golf. Do blades take more effort to play? Sure they do. For me it's worth it. Just my opinion. How much golf you play has a lot more to do with playing well than the tool you use to play it.
  8. I still spend most of my time at WRX but there is quite a bit more insults thrown around than there used to be 7 or 8 years ago. I've come here a lot to read the club testing articles but I've never spent a lot of time in the forums because for a long time there just didn't seem to be a lot of activity in them. I definitely am starting to see a change in that regard and have started to frequent this place a lot more which is something my wife is very happy about. I'm just glad we have both places to enjoy.
  9. Playing Ping G410's all of 2019 and Wilson Staff blades all of 2020 I still contend that "forgiveness" is highly overrated. Not that it doesn't exsist. Just overrated. Flame away!
  10. I played the 400's and 410's each for a season. There was no difference in the performance as far as holding greens. The G410's look better at address but the performance between the two irons is negligible.
  11. Bestgrips Leather MicroPerf.
  12. I would never spend money on a new set of irons without being fit by a competent fitter. It just removes a lot of doubt about your purchase. I know all my specs pretty well now after years of being fit and I would say it probably dropped my handicap about 3 points.
  13. Any G series from G2 are good. If you want something a little less chunky find yourself a nice old set of I5's.
  14. I know it's my own fault but when I go to a SGI iron my game from a 100 yards in goes down the toilet.
  15. This is SO true! At 43 1/2" I feel like I can just take as hard of a swing as I feel comfortable with and not lose control.
  16. I have honestly never seen a club lose distance from wearing out. Guess I don't keep mine long enough.
  17. I played Bass and sang in a ton of Classic Rock bands for 45 years. Retired from it in 09. Not much fun carrying equipment at 1:30 in the morning when it's 10 below 0 temps.
  18. I'll talk as much as the people I'm playing with want to talk. I don't really care to play with people who don't know when to shut up though.
  19. Bestgrips Leather is my favorite of all time.
  20. I have to be one of the dumbest people on the face of the earth. I have bought Super Stroke putter grips 5 times and each time I've cut them off after a couple of weeks. This is not a bashing of Super Stroke. I know they make excellent grips used by players on tour and all over the world. It's just the fact I keep buying them KNOWING damn well I hate them. For me they suck the feel right out of a putter. They always say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. It's definitely true about me and SS putter grips. Is there anything you guys have bought multiple times and ended up with the same bad results?
  21. I've played all my drivers for the 30 years at 43 1/2". I play with lead tape until I get the feel and performance I'm used to. Keeps me in the fairway and that's all I care about because I ain't gonna win no long drive contests ever!
  22. Snell has 40 patents to his name and several more are pending. He is still considered "the man" when it comes to design. You're way off base with your assumptions in my opinion. Video below is worth the watch
  23. I don't think there is a better ball on the market than Snell. Having said that, if you lose 2-3 balls a round then I'd say play the cheapest ball you can buy that performs the way you want it to.
  24. But golf isn't as much fun if you play the same stuff all the time!
  25. I don't know Slim Shady but I'm pretty sure I don't like him.
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